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    Why Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a foundation of cryptocurrencies. Its share of capital has grown from 30% to 50% of the total capitalization of the market. Here are some quick facts about it:

    • 100% of the traders shape their Bitcoin trading signals strategy depending on the daily live behavior of this cryptocurrency. 
    • 90% of the Safetrading platform providers publish their forecasts regarding the behavior of this coin;
    • 80% of investors pay attention to BTC signals and prefer to keep it as a coin for long-term trading;
    • 70% of the Safetrading platform providers publish BTC signals for traders who buy and sell BTC;
    • 30% of providers refocused in favor of marginal trading, where 70% of trading is done according to the signals for this coin (analog of XBTUSD);
    • 30% of most of the investor’s portfolios consist of BTC.

    “Bitcoin signals” is the most popular search request over the last three years. “Bitcoin crypto signals” is also one of the top ten search requests of the crypto industry, even though between December 2017 and September 2018, this coin dropped in price almost three times, which caused a major interest downfall. 

    Don’t worry if you still wonder “what are Bitcoin signals?,” or don’t get how Binary actually works. Our team is always here to help you figure things out in the crypto world.

    How to find the best Bitcoin signals on Telegram?

    You’re in the right place. Get the reviews of the Bitcoin Telegram groups to trade with the best pro crypto experts.

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