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The review was last updated in: February 2022
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Mike's Premium Signals Review 2022: Top Profitable Calls

Mike Premium Signals

Mike's Premium Signals is the top-level channel and one of the most successful and tech-savvy traders who have been sharing crypto signals with online users.
Mike's Premium Signals review will be helpful for both beginners and pro-level traders looking for a reliable marketplace offering accurate crypto signals.
Many of you will probably agree that it is not so easy to find a truly reliable provider of trading signals.
That is why Safetrading experts decided to update the premium signals review of one of the top providers and prove that it remains one of the leaders in the crypto signals market.

What Is Mike's Premium Signals Service?

Mike's Premium Signals is a Telegram channel that specializes in analyzing and predicting the price of altcoins. If this is your first time hearing the term altcoin, know that we are talking about any crypto coin other than BTC.
Even though Bitcoin remains the top coin in capitalization, some altcoins look much more attractive from an investment perspective.
However, don't assume that Mike Crypto Signals Telegram channel never pays attention to bitcoin. The thing is that any large price fluctuations of this coin can trigger a wave of positive or negative changes for the rest of the crypto assets.
Mike's Premium Signals review is a great chance to learn more about the provider you can trust with your hard-earned funds. Moreover, the Safetrading team will prove it to you, not in words but deeds.

Mike's Premium Signals Review: Communication Level

Timely responses to user questions are among the primary indicators of a reliable crypto signals provider. This is why professional support is an integral part of Mike's Premium Signals.
Safetrading ran a series of anonymous tests to ensure that the channel admin was quickly engaging with subscribers.
In some cases, Mike's Premium Signals take a long time to respond to user requests. This is most likely due to the constant growth in subscribers who join the channel almost daily.
However, none of the questions remains unanswered. More importantly, the channel owner responded calmly and professionally to each of our inquiries.
It looks like the premium signals crypto channel is doing well with its customer support level. If you are a beginner and want your channel administrator to respond calmly to your questions, then Mike's Premium Signals is the way to go.

Mike's Premium Signals Review: Services

If you want to learn more about crypto trading, then you have the chance to join Mike's Premium Signals free channel. Today, this resource has over 23,500 subscribers. More importantly, users communicate with each other and discuss the market situation and the results of trading operations.
By joining the free channel, you get a treasure trove of information without paying a cent! However, if you would like to get even more accurate crypto signals, you should try the paid subscription.
In any case, Safetrading professionals advise every newbie to sign up for the free channel first and make sure the trading signals are profitable. In the next step, you can subscribe to a paid channel if you think investing in crypto with Mike's Premium Signals is worthwhile.
Some users believe that premium signals crypto provider covers too little news about the crypto market. Another part of subscribers indicates that this allows traders to focus on trading transactions and not be distracted by a large amount of irrelevant data.
Keep in mind that Mike's Premium Signals offer minimal information in their trading signals. Therefore, if you were planning to find a channel showing a lot of additional information, tutorials, or detailed explanations of each signal, then you better look elsewhere.
The free crypto signals Telegram channel also has a trust investment management service. Simply put, the service can manage clients' funds and invest in the most profitable deals.

Mike's Premium Signals Review: Features of Trading Signals

If you already know what trading crypto signals look like and have experience with other Telegram channels, then Mike's Premium Signals will seem simple and straightforward to you.
These signals do not contain unnecessary information or any additional options. This allows you to carefully study the information received and not miss even the slightest detail.
It is noteworthy that each of the signals is a product of precise technical analysis. In other words, you do not have to sit and analyze possible price movements by yourself – professional traders have got you covered. This is especially important for newbies who have no experience in analyzing crypto assets.
As for the frequency of receiving information, the free crypto signals Telegram channel sends data to its users no more than once a day. It seems that the channel experts devote a vast amount of time to thorough technical and fundamental analysis.
Mike's Premium Signals always cares about the accuracy of their signals. The service offers its subscribers only the most reliable predictions and avoids publishing dubious information that can suffer colossal losses.

Mike's Premium Signals Review: Channel Drawbacks

This Telegram channel is just gaining momentum. It may not be as popular as the rest of the top providers on our list. Therefore, a few shortcomings in its work are pretty typical.
Despite the high professionalism and accuracy of trading signals, the channel should improve the speed of answering the customers' messages.
Some subscribers pay attention to the low number of signals during the day and the almost complete absence of alerts about important events in the crypto market.
Otherwise, Mike's Premium Signals looks like a fantastic service. Also, do not forget that the profitability and accuracy of crypto signals are much more important than reading the news for most investors.


Well, perhaps it's time to take stock. The Safetrading team of experts conducted a detailed analysis of Mike's Premium Signals and were pleasantly surprised by the results.
We analyzed not only the quantity but also the quality of trading signals. It is worth noting that the bulk of trade transactions became successful for investors and most likely brought them considerable profits.
However, keep in mind that this channel is not a place where you will receive dozens of crypto signals every day. The channel owner carefully weighs the pros and cons and carries out a detailed technical analysis before offering even one crypto signal. On the other hand, the accuracy of these signals looks simply outrageous.
Although several shortcomings, including the lack of constant updates on cryptocurrency market news and long responses to user inquiries, Mike's Premium Signals is an advanced Telegram channel among the top 10 best providers in 2022.


This is a Telegram channel, in which you can find accurate crypto signals. Why do we think they are accurate?
Mike Crypto Signals is one of our trusted providers according to the last signals’ review, which was made with the help of special calculation rules.


He is a  technical trader who has been running this service and sharing his crypto altcoins signals since 2017.


Mike offers two premium subscription channels with highly accurate signals.

Spot Trading (Binance):

  • Mostly based on 4h/1d/1w Timeframes
  • Technical analysis , Chart Patterns, Technical indicators, Trend & Swing Trades
  • No leverage, less risk/reward
  • Setups : Buy range, Target and Stop losses

Futures Trading (Binance)

  • Based on 5m/15m/30m/1h/4h Timeframes
  • Trend & swing fast trades
  • Using leverage x20
  • Setups : Buy range, Target and Stop loss


His shared signals are based mostly on technical analysis, market psychology and news in this order. As technical trader, he uses differents indicators to forecast his charts, specially Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, RSI, MACD , CCI, Stoch RSI, TD Sequential , Fibs , Sar and CMF. He always provide Buy range, Stop loss and Fixed targets to sell, trying to make everything easier and trackable.
Most of shared signals are altcoins trades but he always looks on Bitcoin and entire cryptomarket. He does not edit/delete any message. Real trading is risky and you can't win every single trade.
He is  not supporting or focusing any kind of pump and dump on any of his trades.


  1. Exclusive full & early access to my market analysis and trading signals.
  2. Spot channel - > 25-30 trades per month (when altseason)//Futures Channel - > 50-60 trades per month (minimum).
  3. Now, you can auto-follow his trades in spot and futures by Cornix Bot.
  4. Updates and Tracking market environment and situation.
  5. Consulting and support in private chat 24/7.
  6. No ads and cross-promo.
  7. Supported languages - English and Spanish.

If you still have questions about his activity, write him and he will answer you immediately.
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 2021-11-07 14:27:24

[email protected]

 2021-11-07 14:27:24
Mike\'s crypto trades are incredibly good! I\'m just using the futures trading and not his spot trades but I can confirm that both profit well. Yet alone in October I did around 3000% in futures trading which is insane! The pictures in the free group are legit and he also shares lost trades in the group.
The only downside is that we usually don\'t have a SL in the trade (they are mostly manually canceled by him) which can result in huge loses if the market crashes.
Still, looking at the yearly result we are above 10,000% profit in just 2021.

Also, he will help you out if you have any question regarding trades. He\'s a nice guy in general!Add answer
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