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Check, compare, and choose from the top Crypto Trading Bots list to turn your trading techniques on autopilot and increase your profits.

Crypto trading bots are computer programs that do specified activities autonomously, with minimum human interaction. In crypto trading, bots automatically trade one or more cryptos on behalf of an owner or user.
“Simply put, automated trading bots are employed to improve trading techniques and maximize trading earnings.”

Today’s guide assists individuals who have heard a few words about crypto trading bots and those who wonder what trading bots are best for buying/selling crypto on autopilot.

Review of Crypto Trading Bots

Tips by Pro Traders:
The most effective crypto trading bots are both lucrative and highly customizable. It is crucial to choose a bot that matches your trading goals. Bots are perfect if you plan to: 
  • Test automated trading strategies
  • Run social trading 
  • Receive & use crypto signals
  • The most effective bots mix automatic and manual monitoring and trading tactics

Fact Check:
In essence, a bot automates a customized or third-party trading strategy. They utilize intelligent and automated technology such as AI, machine learning, etc. According to the trading tactics, bots may be categorized as: 
  • Coin lending bots
  • Market maker bots
  • Arbitrage bots
  • Margin trading or leverage bots
Although just 38% of crypto users use bots, this figure jumps to 86% when the volume of money traded is included. Most money transactions are conducted by institutional traders and are consequently performed by robots. Trading bots are tried and proven in trading stocks, forex, and other digital assets. Thus, utilizing a trading bot can help you compete with other traders more efficiently.

Which Are The Top Cryptocurrency Trading Bots?

Based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other intelligent technologies, modern crypto trading bots can acquire vast amounts of data on crypto market information in real time utilizing APIs. Next, they produce trade signals using specified trading techniques, which are meaningful and actionable measurements or conclusions.

The purpose of the study is to estimate future crypto values, such as Bitcoin and other currencies, and the accuracy or precision of the prediction is what matters. The closer the price is to the forecast, the more profitable bot and crypto bot trading become since this increases earnings.

After predicting the possible future price, bots put “Buy| and “Sell” orders on cryptocurrency marketplaces. Most bots automatically fulfill limit and other types of orders. Thus, they generate a profit or a loss.

The most effective crypto trading bots get data from social networks, news websites, crypto market makers, and other sources. They apply AI and machine learning to determine which news has a social impact and will likely significantly affect market pricing. Bots can be purchased as standalone software or incorporated into cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite costing up to millions of dollars, there is no perfect cryptocurrency trading bot. Although the objective is to reduce losses, they continue to incur them. Moreover, the greatest crypto trading bots are utilized in conjunction with human interaction.

Are Crypto Trading Bots Profitable?

Cryptocurrency trading bots can help you make better-informed decisions and eliminate some emotional factors that often contribute to more considerable losses. However, it is essential to note that crypto trading bots are merely bits of software. They cannot guarantee a profit for any investor, and they may quickly lose their use during extreme market volatility.


Are Crypto Trading Bots Legal?

  • Answer: Yes, automated crypto trading bots are 100% legal. 

Do crypto trading bots work?

  • Answer: “Yes” and “No. Crypto trading with automated software is viable until bots are used to conduct routine tasks at a crypto exchange. It’s not about getting a 100% accurate price for a coin. It’s more about buying and selling a crypto asset once the price reaches a particular level.

Can I Generate Income Using a Crypto Trading Bot?

  • Answer: Yes; however, it is also possible to lose money utilizing a bot. Before investing heavily in any trading technology, it is crucial to understand how it operates. 

Should I Utilize a Crypto Trading Bot?

  • Answer: Bot trading cryptocurrency is advised to improve trading profitability and efficiency. Additionally, it removes the chance of human mistakes and accelerates trade. With the top crypto trading bots, you may capitalize on the volatility of cryptocurrencies since the bots can benefit from even the tiniest price fluctuations. The best crypto trading bots help you to monitor markets effectively and remain competitive.

Are Trading Bots Profitable?

  • Answer: Traders that wish to profit from crypto markets without being there 24 hours a day employ bots seven days a week. The most significant benefit of using the best crypto trading bots is that traders may take advantage of automated transactions and never miss a chance to yield.

Safetrading's List of the 10 Best Trading Bots 2023

The best crypto trading bots for 2023 are mentioned below:
  1. Cryptohopper (Approved)
  2. ProfitTrailer (Approved)
  3. ProfitTradingApp (Approved)
  4. Gunbot (Approved)
  5. WunderbitTrading (Approved)
  6. Zignaly (Approved)
  7. Cornix (Approved)
  8. Wealth Square (Approved)   
  9. 3Commas (Approved)
  10. Haasbot (Approved)

Comparison of Crypto Bot Trading Apps 2023


CryptoHopper is an automatic investment tool for crypto trading. Users must subscribe to a plan to use CryptoHopper's primary features. However, they may begin exploring the crypto trading bot platform without providing credit card information until they are confident they wish to subscribe.

  • Advanced analysis tools to run at a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Access to strategy designer tools
  • Top-level customer service
  • Unique resources for learning more about investing and the cryptocurrency market
  • All of their cryptocurrency brokerage accounts from a single platform
  • Automated bitcoin investing

Price: FREE - $99.00 (monthly plan)


ProfitTrailer automates your crypto trading routine tasks and identifies successful trading opportunities on several cryptocurrency exchanges. The automated crypto trading bot comes in free and paid versions, enabling netizens to profit from crypto trading on autopilot. 

  • 40+ trading indicators
  • ProfitTrailer’s GUI – helps keep track of your investments and the assets being traded.
  • A dedicated community of crypto enthusiasts

Price: FREE - $49.00/mo - $799.00 (lifetime)


ProfitTradingApp mobile application is designed for both novices and pro-level traders looking for the best trading bots. Note trading may be conducted using the mobile application only. It looks perfect for trading on the go. The crypto trading platform works great with most Tier-1 exchanges and has various beneficial features under its belt.
  • Broker mode trading
  • Copy Experts – replicate the strategies and methods of top experts
  • ProfitTradingApp for Binance Trading (FREE)
  • Complete Wallet report
  • Market characteristic – assess your long-term holdings and monitor their performance (FREE)
  • TradingBot - bots will continually monitor prices to execute your orders at the specified price conditions

Prices: range from Free to $3.99 - $79.99 (one-time payment)


GunBot is a well-known crypto trading bot that enables automatic trading on various exchanges. The good news is that you may organize your trading strategy or utilize one of the established ones. Moreover, one can join a robust community of traders that continually test and share crypto trading methods.

  • Confirming Indicators
  • Reversal Trading
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)
  • Balance Options
  • Buy and sell strategies
  • Additional Trailing
  • 15 different methods for executing orders with the best crypto trading bots

Prices: range from 0.05 BTC (standard pack) to 0.1 BTC (diamond pack)


WunderbitTrading is a Tier-1 crypto trading platform. The platform is great for newly-minted traders due to its ease of use and for experienced traders due to its extensive feature set.

  • Social Trading
  • Trading Bots
  • Spread Trading Terminal
  • Multiple Account Management
  • Buy crypto with a credit card

Prices: Free/$9.95 (standard bundle) - $44.95 (premium pack)


Zignaly is a relatively young and robust automated trading platform that has sprung into the scene of crypto trading bots. The cloud-based platform offers a great selection of crypto bots  with varying degrees of automation to accommodate customers of different skill levels. Users can entirely automate transactions, combine their trading techniques, or construct and automate their best crypto trading bots from scratch.

  • Trading Terminal
  • Tier-1 trading Bot
  • Copy Trading

Prices: Free - $20/mo


Cornix is a Telegram-based cryptocurrency trading bot that handles your transactions and runs portfolio management. It was introduced in 2019 and is considered by some to be one of the greatest signal suppliers due to its user-friendly interface and the best crypto trading bots' accuracy.

  • Order Management
  • Help manage open and closed trades across different exchanges
  • Cornix alerts
  • TradingView Scripts
  • Track the historical timeline of each trade
  • Detailed market data about coins, exchanges, and accounts

Prices: Free (14 days) - $19.90/mo (basic) - $38.40/mo (pro)

Wealth Square

Wealth Square is a centralized platform for automated crypto trading. This best crypto trading bot adviser is great when it comes to auto trading, managing funds, creating portfolios, making automated withdrawals, and more. Actually, it is one of a few top-level free trading bots available today.

  • Backtesting
  • Portfolio Builder

Prices: Free


3Commas service offers multiple top crypto trading bots and analysis tools. The crypto traders team behind the project developed Tier-1 trading instruments that would assist traders (of all levels) in minimizing risks and boosting earnings.

  • Customizable trading bots
  • Automated Bots
  • Trailing Order
  • Trading Signals Marketplace
  • SmartTrade
  • Short Sells
  • Smart Sell

Prices: Free - $75/mo


HaasBot is a robust automated trading bot that allows crypto traders to customize trading bots using the HaasScript feature. Here, you may select from 100+ crypto trading bots or create your own using your own trading approach.

  • A portfolio of 600+ commands (signal handling, chart plotting, calculations, etc.)
  • 100+ crypto trade bot options
  • HaasScript – uses complex automated trading algorithms

Prices: 0.018 BTC (beginner) – 0.052 BTC (Advanced)

Benefits of Crypto Bots

A crypto trading bot may assist you in improving your trades if you're the sort of trader who prefers to make market moves based on your emotions rather than a tested trading strategy. The benefits of utilizing a crypto trading bot are as follows:
  • From panic selling to fear-of-missing-out purchasing, there are innumerable reasons why a person can choose to execute a deal that results in a financial loss. When you rely on automated crypto trading bot platforms, none of these variables will be relevant.
  • Quicker speeds and more effectiveness. Individual traders may require minutes or even hours to scour the market for chances. By the time you identify a future opportunity, the market may have already reversed course.
  • Crypto trading bots may scan tons of market opportunities in seconds. Additionally, a crypto bot can execute orders much faster than any human being. Utilizing a crypto trading bot may be the way to go if you want to add an additional layer of speed and efficiency to your trade.
  • Nonstop trading. In contrast to the stock and foreign exchange markets, the cryptocurrency market is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is not practical for investors to trade nonstop. Automated crypto trading bots extend your exposure without needing you to monitor your positions manually.

“Misses” of Crypto Bots

Even our crypto trading bots review should emphasize that trading bots are not a silver bullet. Among the downsides of employing these features are the following:
  • Prior experience: Although many trading bots come with tested trading settings, you must understand how to customize these settings according to your trading style. If this is your first time trading cryptocurrency, modifying your trading bot's parameters might result in rapid losses.
  • Bots must be checked once in a while. Cryptocurrency trading bots are not a "set it and forget it" solution. The crypto market is erratic, and trading bots may incur losses during moments of significant volatility. If you lack the expertise or abilities to watch the market, a trading bot may not be your best option.
  • No assurance of profit. Frequently, crypto trading bots cost money, but their profitability is never guaranteed. Instead, you must determine whether the trade indications an AI crypto trading bot employs will be gainful.
  • Crypto bots may also be exceedingly difficult to construct from scratch because you must code the smart contracts (if they are on-chain), but the aforementioned crypto bot platforms take care of everything. You only need to instruct it on what to perform.

Should You Purchase a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

If you are unsure whether cryptocurrency trading is suited for you, you may choose to observe the market's price fluctuations to have a better understanding. Tracking the movement of some of the top cryptocurrencies and experimenting with a paper trading account will assist you in entering the market more efficiently. 
Once you have a greater understanding of the market, you will likely be able to utilize the best bots for crypto trading more effectively. Therefore, the best trading bots for crypto enable you to test the market's waters while offering excellent advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Trading Bots Work Crypto?
    • Yes, absolutely. Today, the vast majority of novice traders use trading bots to explore the possibilities of the crypto market and test trading strategies. Using bots allows traders not to worry about any delays. A bot works with various trading algorithms and significantly increases your chances of making a profit.

  • Are Crypto Trading Bots Profitable?
    • Yes, bots can be profitable. However, not every program can demonstrate successful trading day in and day out. Even the 5-star software products cannot trade with 100% accuracy. Therefore, you should not rely solely on trading software. Better to use bots as one of the alternative ways to make money with crypto.

  • Are Trading Bots Legal?
    • Using trading bots is absolutely legal. Therefore, please choose one of the bots listed in our rating and make your daily trading even more profitable.