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Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot [Review 2022]

Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot Review 2020

Zignaly is a trading bot platform, which allows trading automatically even when you are not around.
With this Zignaly review you will forget about lost profits and opportunities, and become a trading guru with Zignaly trading bot today!
Do you remember the stress of losing money and missing great deals only because you were asleep or away?
We’ve all been there.
But after reading today’s Zignaly review you’ll learn how to trade even when you are not involved, and how to make profits without any efforts.
Take a look at the best signals on Zignaly, get familiar with their functionality, and you’ll have an additional viable tool in your trading arsenal.

Zignaly Crypto Signals

We list this bot not for a long time, but we have a lot of users asking us if they can work with providers that Zignaly lists.
We decided to make our own review using our own calculation rules to see if the stats provided by Zignaly is really fair and users can trust it.
We chose the provider with the best results (according to Zignaly stats) and reviewed his signals. The results you can find here and, as you can see, there are some differences between their stats and ours, but in general, everything is quite reliable.
The only thing we want to tell is that we found some scam channels there - Palm Beach Signals, for example. Of course, it is mentioned that they have bad results, but let's imagine the situation when this scam channel will somehow be in profit and users will begin to subscribe!
Som, anyway, even if you see the best stats, please, check this provider - read reviews, feedback before subscribing.
So, we can guarantee that Zignaly stats are fair and you can trade with their providers after checking them!

What Services Do They Offer?

Services of Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot

Here are only some of the services this platform offers:
1)Manual trading;
2) Creating crypto trading signals for other users;
3) A chance to connect a third-party signal source via API;
4) Connecting other users to your signals;
5) A chance to manage the positions, which are open through the exchange or another platform;
6) Lots of other position management tools (stop-loss trading, buy-stop, etc.)
If the above sounds too wordy and unfamiliar, don’t worry and relax.
That’s what we are here for: to tell you how to use Zignaly and to make millions of dollars cash.
Well, not millions and not cash, but a stable income without much effort.
Below I am going to provide you the most important features of crypto trading bot and see if Zignaly provides it as well.
Features Of Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot
Features Of Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot

Service Navigation Bar

Service Navigation Bar Of Zignaly Trading Bot

Are you asking yourself when Lambo?
We all want to earn money without doing anything but to become a guru of trading it is important to find the most viable and effective instrument.
Let’s start with the basics and have a closer look at the platform’s navigation bar that will make you a rich person:


Contains information on funds and positions.

Trading Terminal

i.e. the system of sending orders. It can boast an implemented Tradingview chart and a panel for creating and managing orders.


Information on positions or received signals from connected providers.


Analytics of the trading results and of connected providers’ signals.


Signal providers on the platform. Information about copy trading and your connected providers.


Displays the cryptocurrency portfolio you invested in through the platform. Also includes the history of orders' completion.


Which include account parameters, two-factor authentication, alerts, and subscriptions.

Discord Group

Entering the Zignaly service Discord group.

Public Roadmap

Project development roadmap in the Trello app.

Help Docs

Documentation on the use of platform functionality.

Contact Support

Communication with the support team through Windows Outlook.

Affiliate Program

A program to receive bonuses for attracting new customers to the platform through a referral link.


Leaving the system.


The basic version of the navigation menu bar.

Turn Lights

Turning on the dark background.
Now you can breathe out and take a minute to digest what you have just read.
Trust us, when the crypto will be going to the moon, the last thing you’d want is being confused with a massive navigation bar of this trading bot.
Familiarize with it in advance. Right now. Go ahead, we’ll wait.


Dashbord Of Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot

Now, when you are no longer scared away by the menu and have enough coffee to navigate the platform, let’s continue our review with enumerating the elements of its dashboard.
They include:
1) The total number of assets - the amount is displayed in BTC and USD.
2) The total amount of investments - the amount is displayed in BTC and USD.
3) Average profit per trade - the amount is displayed in BTC and USD.
4) The cost of open positions - the amount is displayed in BTC and USD.
5) Open positions - the ability to choose multiple columns that display useful and interesting data.
6) Open orders - a chance to select many columns that display useful and interesting data.
If you are a Bitcoin Maximalist (and we don’t doubt it) than exploring this platform from A to Z will be of a great plus.
And you don’t need to bother reading other Zignaly reviews because no one else can compare to us.

Trading Terminal

Trading Terminal Of Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot

As you already know, Zignaly is the latest crypto trading robot with a variety of perks and features.
However, the whole magic takes place in a trading terminal, which is a system of creating and sending orders.
Terminal’s order types are:

Take profit or the profit coverage system

It is possible to set multiple take profits at the same time. There is also a distribution of the position by percentage available.

The system of additional purchase in an existing position - Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)

This tool allows buying back the position at a lower investment volume and recalculating the average position price of the purchased cryptocurrency. The number of added orders is limitless.

Stop loss

Setting the price at which the minus position will be covered.

Trailing stop

In the settings, you can indicate the difference between the maximum price after opening a position to the current price and the price, when the trailing stop loss will be activated. The trailing stop loss activation price is given in percentage from the opening position price.

Time of purchase order execution

If you have set a purchase order and it wasn’t executed, after the set time the platform will cancel it.

Position auto closure

When the indicated time expires and the take profit or stop loss doesn’t work, the position will be covered automatically.
Do you need some time to read this section of our Zignaly review once again? Don’t worry, everything sounds more complicated compared to how it actually is in reality.
Just take a glance at the trading terminal features and be ready to act when moon.
The rest will be done by the platform because it exchanges currencies at the most suitable moment.
And the best part is that you don’t need to do a thing!

Platform Peculiarities

Zignaly Crypto Trading Bot Pecularities

There are a huge number of trading platforms online. So how to find the one, which will bring great results and will leave a positive aftertaste?
We’d like to continue our Zignaly review by telling you more about the features this platform has.
Even if it’s difficult to surprise you we are sure that pretty soon your jaw will drop.
So, here we go:
1) Automatic trade Zignaly bot setup, which follows trading recommendations. There are multiple flexible settings for executing a provider’s trades.
2) It is possible to configure automatic signal execution based on your opportunities and needs.
There is also lots of analytical functionality on platform providers, which allows choosing a reliable provider.
The reliability of this data is solely the platform’s responsibility.
3) A chance to configure trade reception through API via any device.
For example, you can create your own algorithm based on the Cryptohopper and using API to transmit the signal to the platform.
And then configure any feature on processing the signal and executing the trade.
There is also a chance to select auto-follow: the signal will come from a different trading terminal but will be executed here by the copyists based on the settings you have selected.
4) Tradingview and 3Commas bots can also be connected via API.
5) There is a demo version, which allows testing the functionality;
6) Two-factor authentication and improved account security.
Sounds super fun, right?
Well, another advantage that we wanted to include in the Zignaly review is that the signal distribution system for copyists is a thought-through instrument and can operate not only as market orders but also adjusting to the market or even to a certain coin.
Such functionality allows avoiding market orders and illiquid crypto that may result in a pump purchase at a low price.
And no one wants to get rekt, right?


Let’s tell you more about the flaws and imperfections that we have noticed.
So no one would blame us in providing a subjective Zignaly review that is filled solely with shiny unicorns and ponies.
Here are the things that the platform should work on:
1) Simple solutions seem rather complex, while the competitors have everything much easier.
Many things are simply hidden and there are no guidelines to explain them.
2) Absence of day-trading interface.
The trading space is not organic. The service of managing the trading portfolio and demo for portfolio management is absent.
3) The cryptocurrency quotes and the second level (the field for purchasing and selling) are absent.
You can’t see the liquidity, which may have dangerous consequences.
For example, a trader wants to purchase coins on $10,000 but the liquidity is too low and the order won’t be executed or, if the order is on the market, the buyer will initiate a drastic increase of the price.
4) There are not many connected exchanges. However, Zignaly owners claim that the list will soon be updated.
5) No visible button for reaching the support team.
If you need to contact them, you’ll have to use the prehistoric Windows Outlook.
When having an urgent question traders will hardly get a timely reply.
6) Multiple slight mistakes even though the platform has been operating for a while. The beta version is still not updated to the working one.
7) The separation between the demo and real accounts is absent. So if attentiveness is not your virtue it’s easy to mix things up.
8) To pay for subscription users need to go to the Settings page. It’s rather inconvenient and hard to understand where everything is located (even I found this option by accident).
9) The platform was created with advanced traders in mind. Beginners will find it difficult to manage such a big amount of functions and settings on receiving and processing signals from multiple traders.
10) The system of sending signals is not thought out. Some methods will be clear only to programmers, which makes it easier to climb Everest than to send a signal through the platform.

Final Thoughts

You have just finished reading the latest and the most informative Zignaly review on the web.
If you notice the slightest symptoms of Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder or just want to make money without even getting close to the computer – pay attention to this bot.
But you should definitely have profound knowledge and technical background at first because this platform is a rather tough nut for beginners.
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