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Haasbot Review 2022 | Features and Functions

Haasbot review safetrading 2021

Haasbot is a legit trading robot that automates your trading strategy, optimizes your Haasbot profit and provides you the help you need.
This bot is popular, but there are not so many helpful Haasbot reviews that can show you all the sides of it.
And today, I have something to make you feel like you have crypto superpowers - short steps to discover how having this magical formula makes a difference.


Haasbot Features

You may be wondering what exactly makes Haasbot stand out.
Here’s the deal - so many things do.
However, to give an answer to your curiosity, I will list 5 features to look out for.

Ease of Use

The great thing about HaasOnline is that the platform considers all user skill levels — it’s both beginner and user-friendly.
Trying out a bot with an intuitive interface and customizable dashboard helps first-timers advance at a good pace and helps all other users find their way around effortlessly.
With Haasbot free, starting is as straight-forward as installing the software on your PC or laptop.
There’s equally provision coined out for Windows and Linux OS support, and traders can set up bots to automatically make trades throughout the day.
These bots then select a wide range of technical indicators for you to work with.

High-Performance Tools

You can access up to 50 technical indicators, as well as a good amount of testing tools.
Together, these help with historical and real-time backtesting.
Another specialty is trade protection.
Do you see how ideal this is?
You’re looking at owning 13 different types of insurance that secure your trades, and 21 safeties that initiate sales or purchases.
A word of caution, however — be sure to meet the licensing requirements so as to buy and sell exchanges.


Haasbot supported exchanges

Aside from Binance, Bifinex, and BitMEX, the platform provides compatibility for 17 other top list exchanges including Bitstamp, Bittrex, CCEx, CEX.io, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, Nova Exchange, OKCoin, OKEx, OKEx Futures, and Poloniex.


It’s possible to link the bot with accounts that run on compatible exchanges just by configuring HTS.
For example, there are currently 16 pre-built bot types such as interexchange arbitrage, flash crash, and accumulations bots.
Haasbot bots

You can connect your trade bot to any of these and still operate smoothly.
Moreso, skilled Haasonline users may seek to customize personal crypto bots with the help of completely programmable systems — so-called script bots.

Customer Support

Support tickets are available in the support section for users who want to contact the team.
Even better, they can interact with the team’s social media accounts.
The best part of the customer care is that an active Twitter account, Telegram group, Discord Haasbot server, Facebook page, and YouTube channel have been created by the team — this means that answers to clients’ common questions have been addressed in the FAQ section, and also part of their Wiki resource page.
To get the hang of Haasbot reviews on profits, losses, and trade information, traders can integrate the software directly into their Telegram.

Cutting Edge Benefits

Haasbot advantages

Fun fact: Trading bots aren’t for everyone - but, roughly anyone can find their way around one.
As long as the User Interface (UI) is friendly, newbies can take home some great advantages from the time-freeing aspects of trading.
Advanced users, likewise, do the same, particularly when the platform provides advanced trading strategies.
For starters, let’s take a look at how Haasonline stacks up:

Non-Selective Compatibility

Haasbot, like Cryptohopper of Gemini trading bot, is based on compatibility — it needs to be able to work with multiple exchanges.
However, not all exchanges will necessarily be compatible with your own bot.

Security Guarantee

A bot like Haasbot or Gdax trading bot, in this case, needs to keep you safe from flash crashes and other surprising market events.
Haasonline affords you granular control of your crypto bots.
They get to set them up as they deem fit, and protect your investment from market crashes.


Haasbot disadvantages

What’s the bottom line?
There’s no perfect trading bot system out there.
Each and every one of them will have their pitfalls and drawbacks.
Crazy, isn’t it?
Yes, but what I do in the face of challenges is make lemonade from my lemons, and you too can.
So, briefly, these two bugs are the most common on Haasbot free. Let’s go through them:

No Common Ground

Striking a good balance between crypto old-timers and amateurs via a user interface would be amazing.
However, Haasonline’s software seems to stick to the middle ground here.
We can’t configure our bots without knowing what the markets are up to.
Novices have a learning curve ahead of them, while vets could use a few more features.
Overall, however, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Single Language Interface

When I checked out a similar Haasbot review, I tried to weigh in factors like uptime and customer service.
Can I be honest with my findings?
Both factors met global standards, but Haasonline’s setback is that it doesn’t offer customer care in more languages.
Hopefully, with future considerations and upgrades, this feature will come on board.

Is Haasbot Beginner-Friendly?

is haasbot beginner-friendly?

We’ve all been there: beginners who sucked at using crypto trading bots.
And let me guess: it was annoying, discouraging, and you hated it.
The good news is that it only gets better!
Haasonline takes a bit of time to get used to as opposed to a few of its competitors. What should you do in this case?
It's necessary to install and configure HTS and download bots onto your computer.
This process is tricky at first, but as newcomers take on more Haasbot tutorials they will be able to eventually pull it off.
Think about it another way - what makes the bot special for beginners?
As soon as the HTS is up and running, new traders can access some pre-built bots that are easy to use.
Some examples are the Order bot — works according to predefined orders, or the Accumulation bot — accumulates a particular currency through randomized ordering, and the Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot — takes advantage of price differentials on different exchanges.
Lastly, Haasonline’s insurance provides an additional layer of protection.
Let me explain — losses are possible not only in trading but also in not having insurance. Insurance like Stay Profitable, Never Sell Cheaper and Overcome Fees, comply with safeties to trigger the buying or selling of certain assets at any point where special conditions are fulfilled.

Subscription Plans

Becoming a part of Haasonline is a no brainer.

3 months

Haasbot three months subscription

6 months

Haasbot six months subscription

12 months

Haasbot twelve months subscription

You will find all the Haasbot plans on their profile.
For further info on subscriptions and pricing, you can visit the website.

Let’s Round Off!

Haasonline is a comprehensive automated trading platform that requires users to do the following:
  1. Sign up on the website.
  2. Install and configure HTS.
  3. Subscribe to a license and then begin to use different bots.

This platform combines numerous leading exchanges and holds up over 500 currency pairs.
Aside from that, a wide range of technical analyses and tools such as backtesting options, insurance, and safeties make up the pluses users may access while using Haasbot.
There’s no leaving out new traders — the company offers a range of licenses to benefit beginners. But beware, in general, Haasonline takes some getting used to, and at the same time, the need to download and install might put off some users.
Consequently, newer traders are encouraged to join the Telegram group to gain greater insight on how Haasbot works and in order to be able to know the type of license they would prefer to purchase — whether on a 3-month basis or longer, during the span of time they’ll spend getting acquainted with the HTS system.
New users can also look to make use of some of the easier to use pre-built bots and be sure to protect their funds by making use of the insurance and safeties.
If you read this review carefully, you could make much money with the bot!
Do you want to go through 3Commas or Cryptohopper review? Visit Safetrading and find everything you want to know!
See you soon!
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