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ProfitTrailer [Crypto Trading Bot Review 2022]

profittrailer review safetrading

Profittrailer is a crypto trading bot with multiple trading strategies, a friendly community and the possibility to trail crypto trends.
I know some of you might be experts already and don’t really need a trading bot.
However, if you’re just starting out with cryptocurrency trading and not sure which bandwagon to hop on, then this Profittrailer review is for you.
As a trader that has had a fair share of both sides — as a beginner and now an expert, I recommend you read through every section of this article as this will set you in the right direction and also help you make major profits off trades and download latest Profittrailer.
Having said that, let me walk you through the whole process.
Let’s go!

What Can This Bot Do for You?

what can ProfitTrailer do for users

Let me start by telling you about this bot.
First, it’s been around for a bit, since 2017.
ProfitTrailer is a powerful tool and a great player on the cryptocurrency market.
The creator and mastermind is Elroy, who has apparently built a good reputation using this bot. He regularly updates the platform and makes Profittrailer releases, so from time to time, you’re going to run into new tweaks and features to add to your PT account.
Enough about the surface details and back to what I was saying — what it does for you.
If not make trades for you, then at least it shows you how to.
Follow me into the next section as I unravel the trading weapons - its features. Take a look.


profittrailer features

I must confess that the features of this bot are some of the most impressive you can stumble upon.
Without further ado, let’s get to what they are.

ProfitTrailer Feeder

This feature helps you do 2 important things — watch over multiple buy and sell strategies and customize your settings in real-time. The latter actually depends on certain market conditions like market volatility and how much value a particular coin holds within a 24 hours period.
In essence, you can move between the different Profittrailer strategies and choose what works best for you.
You will also come across it as an add on which you’ll have to include into your profile.
Basically, the feeder is what stands in and makes trades for you. Otherwise, it makes up for those loopholes you don’t quite fill up.
The current version of ProfitTrailer Feeder compared to the previous contains a ton of buy and sell strategies.
You can also combine multiple strategies while trading.

Intuitive Dashboard

I think simplicity is the most inviting aspect of trading with this bot for beginners.
A greater part of the dashboard is completely easy to navigate.
All the functional categories are well laid out and visible.
Users will be able to spot tools icons as soon as they land the website.

Volume Filter

Usually, there will be times you’re going to be indecisive about what strategies to pick.
Using a volume filter will come handy in such events. Rather than manually blacklist coins and block this bot from trading, you can simply tap the filter volume button.
A good instance where this works would be when your portfolio has become saturated with coins of little or no value.
What you can do is write them off.
But you must filter with caution!
Higher volume coins are less volatile than lower coins, which easily vanish.
Definitely, applying discretion in selecting volumes helps a great deal.


Pairing is much like filtering. Other than that you combine strategies in this case whilst blocking out the rest.
Pairing keeps you abreast of how much coins you have purchased.
By doing so, you’ll know how much coins you can sell and how much profit you can make in turn.


Dollar Cost Averages is described on the website as a very special feature.
And I’m guessing it’s because the praise matches the essence of this tool.
You can literally slash out all your excesses — those stupid, worthless coins.
Alternatively, you can set limits on buy times — can fall within the max (4 or 5)  or min (-4) extremes.
But the thing is you both ends have their pitfalls.
That is why waiting till coins tank or purchasing coins at excessively low rates will perhaps work better.

Price Trailer

This is a buy feature that fishes out the lowest possible coin rates.
You can either use it or the trailing stop feature which looks out for the highest possible sell.
Fair enough, both are integrated into most buy and sell strategies.


Here are some of the reasons this bot is very good for trading.
Check out these advantages.

Multiple Buy and Sell Modes

PT incorporates a good number of buy/sell strategies.
Among them are BB, EMA, SMA, DCA, RSI, STOCH, MACD and others.
The significance of having different strategies can’t be overemphasized — they are the heart of all automatic trades made for you while you’re away.

ProfitTrailer Wiki

profittrailer wiki

This is the guide room of PT.
Here you are introduced to various features to get started with, manage settings, catch up on the first steps to buy and sell, and gain support from both ProfitTrailer Discord and open ticket.

A Very Helpful Community

ProfitTrailer is home to thousands of crypto traders and botters.
Trading while staying in a connected nest will help the newbies to soar higher on the market.
Likewise in this space, some great ideas can be shared, opinions could be exchanged and conversations about settings and strategies may hold.

Non-stop Monitoring — Bots Don’t Sleep!

They don’t take vacations.
Humans do.
One of the prominent edges you will have over non-hands-off traders is making trades when no one is watching.
Sometimes, even the most lucrative sales take place in most ungodly hours of the day.
Surprising, isn’t it?
You could wake up to some great sales!

Demo Live

Although I never ran a demo account, I’m almost hopeful you’d learn a thing or more if you did.
Between, not many trading media offer trial accounts for free, so you can well enjoy the generosity.

Customer Support

The live support team is available and responsive.
All your questions and challenges will be addressed on this side.
You will also be supported with PT Discord and open ticket, and a Discord guide to set up a Discord account.


Guys, let me say this right now: no bot is an Island!
I repeat: no bot is an Island!
The most we traders can do is make the best out of what we have.

A Very Cliche ‘About Us Page’

On their site, ProfitTrailer hardly set light on the company, the exact time it was launched ( was it 2017 or 2018) and the full services they provide.
 felt at loss of reading their home page.
In my opinion, it’s somewhat unethical.

A Potential Scam Bot? 

Yes, the bot proclaims itself (in retrospect) as the cryptocurrency storm.
However, there are a few worries as to how real this trading platform is.
A ProfitTrailer review has also accused this site of perpetuating scam bot activities.
P.S.: these are only hearsays without any real evidence.
The only problem is that due to this kind of Profittrailer review, I’d advise beginners to strictly scrutinize every aspect of PT’s services before fully signing up.

No Free Trial

I know they offer demo accounts.
But then, is it an efficient test trade environment before starting the real thing?
No one can answer yes or no to this until they really get on board.
Nonetheless, I still think it will be great creating short trials for potential clients….just saying.

Can Beginners Use This Bot?

Quick Question: What inspires you to trade crypto?
I know what you’re thinking — to get rich.
And what if you don’t get rich?
Do you quit?
Let’s admit it guys, we’ve all been there.
In that trance where we ask things like, what if I fail, what if I lose my money, what if I don't earn as much as I expect?
You see, such ‘what if’ moments are what I refer to as the ‘beginners dilemma’.
Here’s why: Truly, without having an exclusive knowledge about a particular process, you’re likely going to fail the first time.
But it is OKAY.
Taking little baby steps at a time is really what has molded the most seasoned and successful traders. Most importantly, having a positive mindset and attitude will help on rainy days.
Again, ask yourself: would I rather take the easy way out and fail or do I stick to steady growth till success?
The answer is obvious.
Overall, the bot is a premium among the many you will find along your cryptocurrency trading experience.
After all, it’s your call to choose what works best for you.

Profittrailer Price

profittrailer price

Here, prices continuously vary depending on how much goodies that are in store in one plan.
At the moment, there are five subscription plans for users.
Let’s briefly go through the list.
  1. Signal Editorial (25£/month)
  2. Basic (39£/month)
  3. Basic + VPS (54£/month)
  4. Advanced (59£/month)
  5. Advanced + VPS (99£/month)

Each of the plans is unique and has one or more features that may attract users.
The best plans are of course those that come with a VPS.
ProfitTrailer Wiki further explains these plans, how they work and their features.

Final Thoughts 

Despite having some serious scam scares, I still believe and recommend this bot as a must-have crypto investment, particularly if you are keen on doing well from the start.
Furthermore, I hope my ProfitTrailer review helps you understand the key concepts to set you on the right track.
On this note, for more crypto bot reviews, updates from Profittrailer Wiki, stay glued to our website.
We promise very detailed and appealing doses of reviews.
See you again.
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