Added: 02.05.2018
Edited: 01.06.2022

Mission, Values, Basic Principles of the Project

Safetrading was created by two beginner traders, Andreas and Sam, after an utterly disastrous trading experience, because of the Palm Beach and Cryptoland Elite channel signals.
Safetrading is a marketplace for crypto trader-consultants.
It is oriented toward both crypto beginners and professional crypto investors.
At Safetrading, you can get detailed information about crypto providers, bots, wallets, exchanges, etc. You can see the independent audits of their activity as well.

Mission, Values and Principles 

Mission, values and principles of Safetrading

Our mission is to make crypto trading accessible and transparent for everyone.
The principal values of the platform are:
  • investor’s profit and provider’s success
  • permanent and truthful content
  • real stats according to the signals over the financial reference period of profit and loss
  • we do not change our reports if the changes are not justified or supported by arguments and facts
  • we provide only objective audits

Any crypto trader-consultant has the opportunity to be listed on the platform. To do so, they need to provide the required information.
As soon as a trader-consultant is listed on the platform, they automatically receive the status “not checked.
To get an objective rating, a trader-consultant needs to undergo an independent audit by the expert team at the Safetrading team and provide access to the VIP channel to check his signals.
The signals are checked every three months.
Upon the audit’s completion, the channel receives a corresponding status.
The Safetrading team does not change, fabricate, or alter in any other way the stats and information about the signals and the ratings.
The only changes we make concern the mistakes in the reports provided by the Safetrading team or minor discrepancies in the reports from trader-consultants.
Heads up! Dear trader-consultants, please do not offer illegal rewards for making changes in the report data. If you do, the administrators of the project can delete the channel from the listing or put a “declined” or “scammers” status next to your channel.


statuses on Safetrading


This means that the channel provided access and all the required information.
Safetrading team checked all of the data and can be sure that users can trade with “approved” channels.

Not checked

This means that the channel did not provide all of the required information or that the Safetrading team has not yet checked all of the data.
These channels are not recommended for trading.


This means that the admin:
  1. Gave access to the VIP channel but signals were unprofitable or stolen;
  2. Didn’t provide access, but we found a lot of bad feedback, cross-promotions, etc.
Such channels are definitely not recommended to work with!


ratings on Safetrading


This is the common name for the profitability of a trader-consultant over the last financial reference period.
If the Safetrading team does not have precise data regarding the signals of a given trader-consultant, the rating is shown with stars from one to five (one being the lowest rating and five being the highest).
If the Safetrading team has precise data regarding the signals of a given trader-consultant, the data is shown in the percentage of profit and loss over the last financial reference period.


The conventional name for the rating from one to five (one being the lowest rating and five being the highest), which shows the level of the communication with the user, responsiveness, validity of the provided information, support period, and speed of response


The conventional name for the rating from one to five (one being the lowest rating and five being the highest), which shows the correspondence of the subscription cost to the level and quality of the provided service

Minimal Listing on Safetrading Requirements

listing requirements on safetrading
  • Title of the channel
  • Link to the channel, website, etc
  • Description (a few words about trader-consultant and how they differ from others)
  • Support contact details
  • Experience of the trading-consultant team
  • The country that trader or trader-consultants represent
  • List of supported exchanges, what exchanges the trader consultant provides information on
  • Supported languages
  • Team size
  • Availability of an open chat for the users (does the trader have an open conversation where all subscribers can share ideas?)
  • Type of subscription (free, monthly, lifetime)
  • Paid subscription cost
  • Number of users in the channel
  • Terms of the signals mid/short/long
  • Amount of monthly signals that trader-consultant provide

How to Get “Approved” Status?

how to get approved status Safetrading

There are many details we pay attention to.
Among them are:
  • Profit according to the signals provided by the trader over the financial reference period.
  • A high level of support. Rapid response, 24/7 support, the reliability of the provided information, high-quality consulting, etc.
  • High-quality, unique, and useful content in the channel, TA.
  • Readiness to provide additional information to the Safetrading team.

Final Thoughts

The only and unchanging goal of Safetrading is to help people NOT TO lose their money.
We have much experience working with different types of channels, which is why we can distinguish them quickly.
If you don’t know which channel to choose, contact us!
Safetrading - don’t trade with scammers, earn with traders.