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5 Accurate Bitcoin Price Predictions: Complete Guide + Tips

bitcoin price prediction 2021

It is no secret that bitcoin price surges continue to excite many global players' hearts and minds. Bitcoin price prediction is a very relevant topic that remains a household word for a reasonably long period.
The whole catch is that experts still cannot agree on how much bitcoin will cost in a given period. As of January 20, 2022, the price of the coin has already exceeded $41,500. This is a level that only a few experts could predict.
Then how can a beginner predict the price of bitcoin, you may ask?
No worries!
First of all, you can use top accurate crypto signals. Secondly, we have prepared a stunning bitcoin price prediction guide, which is equally useful for financial tycoons and regular guys who plan to get rich quick.
Today’s article contains:
  • Widespread bitcoin price prediction methods
  • Evolution of bitcoin trading
  • Core principles of bitcoin trading market
  • Experts’ predictions for 2022 (we’ll check if they were really accurate ones)
  • Bitcoin price predictions for 2022
  • 3 steps for beginners to start earning straight away

All this and even more is jam-packed in this article and will definitely come in handy in 2022!

Top Methods of Bitcoin Price Predictions

updated bitcoin price prediction 2021

There is no doubt that BTC will remain one of the most popular crypto coins. Due to the colossal volatility, the tool opens up tremendous opportunities for both newbies and leading figures.
Financial markets currently boast a vast number of different methods to predict asset prices. The bitcoin price prediction market is no exception. It also shows particular market signals that trigger further price swings.
If you are looking to invest in the most popular coin, then bitcoin price prediction 2025 is the way to go. By following a prediction, you can quickly understand how profitable it is to buy and store the asset, as well as your potential profit.
All this and even more is jam-packed in this article and will definitely come in handy in 2022!
Today, you will learn about the most effective methods that big BTC names use to make the most realistic bitcoin price predictions.

Using Statistical Methods for Bitcoin Price Prediction

Many of you have probably heard that the statistical method is one of the most popular ways to predict the price of Bitcoin in USD. Let's go over the basics of it in layman's terms.
A trader or advanced software (top-level trading bots) collects the maximum number of market indicators, structures them, and finds interrelations between them.
This bitcoin gold price prediction method also implies using a statistical component that directly affects the distribution of system parameters. If all the data was collected correctly, then the bitcoin price prediction efficiency can be calculated using accurate mathematical models.
It makes your head reel, right? No worries, we'll spoon-feed it in plain English.
Simply put, the program collects statistical data and then automatically generates the most promising bitcoin price prediction models. Each such model is systematized, taking into account specific features, and is used by trade experts in their daily activities.
This universal approach allows you to make a more or less accurate Bitcoin forecast for 2025 and take the right decision regarding further actions.

Bitcoin Price Prediction via Systematic Analysis Methods

Almost all methods of forecasting the price of Bitcoin for 2022 are systematic. Each of them is based on a specific trading system and can wear a famous systematic name method.
It was not by chance that this method appeared in our review since it has a critical feature. Besides the systematic forecasting, the bitcoin price prediction 2040 trading model also considers risk management and the user's budget.
The systematic method for bitcoin cash price prediction has long been the archetype of a helpful tool among traders using manual asset management.
Specialists prefer to predict Bitcoin prices for 2025 using various trading models and managing asset positions day in and day out. Apart from this, traders also pay attention to the general trading situation.
A quintessential example:
A trader can use a symmetrical triangle breakdown to open a new position and gain the upper hand in time. Symmetrical triangle chart pattern corresponds to a period of strengthening before the price is forced to show new “Ups” or “Downs.”
“What is the main difference between statistical bitcoin price prediction 2040 and the systematic method?” It's pretty simple!
Today, the bitcoin price prediction systematic method makes more accurate calculations considering the trading account's specifics, market situation, and coin peculiarities.
This approach provides a user with an overall market pattern in predicting bitcoin's price, taking into account several vital variables.

Bitcoin Price Prediction via Software Analysis Method

If there are traders among you who are versed in software development, consider yourself dashed lucky!
This bitcoin price prediction 2030 method is based on software models. The method is effectively used by traders and software developers capable of generating mathematical trading models. In turn, they can control the trading software run in manual and automatic modes.
The main difference between the bitcoin price prediction software analysis and the two previous ones is that its functionality is based on software exclusively. For this reason, you can easily find a wide variety of bitcoin SV price prediction programs that generate forecast models based on market data.
These programs for bitcoin cash price prediction include two of the most extensive subgroups:
  • Trading robots
  • Algorithms

The advanced software for bitcoin price prediction 2022 uses a wide range of optimizers and tools to collect statistics. The data is based on relevant parameters, trading patterns, and trading results.
Here's a good example:
To optimize the trading process, a bitcoin halving price prediction system may recommend avoiding trading at a particular time. The software considers the periods where you suffered previous losses and protects you from further ones.

Bitcoin Price Prediction via Financial Indicators

Some experts rightly assume that the bitcoin price prediction 2022 method is nothing more than fundamental analysis.
The method's primary feature is that it thoroughly identifies multiple price movements and chooses the right strategy to achieve a positive result. Meanwhile, bitcoin price prediction 2022 decisions are made solely based on financial data and exclude visual price fluctuations.
This is super simple:
A trader can open a position at the price that the financial model considers the most optimal one for each specific case. The same applies to the selling price, which is calculated considering the analysis of vital financial indicators:
  • Trend - shows the direction where the market price moves.
  • Momentum -  tells investors how strong the trend is.
  • Volume - demonstrates how BTC volume is changing over time.
  • Volatility - indicates how much the price is changing in a given period.

Financial performance analysis for bitcoin price prediction 2022 can be incredibly accurate but not 100% accurate. The bitcoin cash price prediction market can turn out to be merely unpredictable.

How About Neural Networks Predictions?

bitcoin cash price prediction 2021

Neural networks are the most promising bitcoin price prediction tools in 2022. Some crypto influencers who share bitcoin price prediction news believe that the neural network has terrific potential.
It is believed that some large developers and IT companies are actively testing this approach for making bitcoin cash price predictions. Sadly, but the bitcoin price prediction 2019 results are kept far from pryung eyes.
If we cut the formalities, neural networks can be divided into trader-trained and self-taught machines. But, more importantly, they can be divided into two main classes, depending on the functionality.
Let's conventionally call them "product "A" and product "B."
So, product "A" can make predictions about the possible direction of the price. In turn, product "B" automatically manages the account and adjusts the number of positions, taking into account the bitcoin price prediction obtained from product "A."
Here's the truth:
We will not dwell on neural networks in detail because the real results that they demonstrate regarding the bitcoin cash price prediction are shrouded in mystery.

The Evolutionary Development of Bitcoin Trading

Since the inception of Bitcoin, the market environment has begun to show gradual changes. This has led to the fact that the coin has brought together millions of beginners and seasoned investors.
At the initial stages, large and clumsy financial institutions, including notorious banks, convinced us that BTC is nothing more than garbage.
Now, most of them show diametrically opposed views - Yeah, Right!
Well, let's get back to the origins of bitcoin. "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ..."
Actually, it was back in 2009, and the coin was not at all as popular as it is now. Online investors could carry out purchase and sale transactions on several exchanges (Coinbase and Bittrex) that demonstrated minimal liquidity.
However, the current situation looks much more promising. Plus, the price of BTC is showing dizzying fluctuations from day to day - good news for any bitcoin private price prediction.
A short tweet from the billionaire about the prospects for the coin and the price skyrocketed. Several bitcoin cash price predictions by Microsoft's top crypto skeptic and the price slowly rolled back.
Be that as it may, the price of the coin has never approached zero. The asset has shown enviable growth rates and continues to beat the new all-time peak.
And here's the kicker:
The crypto market is continuously filled up with new players looking for a bitcoin cash price prediction 2022 to make profitable investments.
Some of them are miners - raising coins day and night. Others are represented by users who consider BTC a profitable anonymous investment for long-term storage or other purposes.
It is noteworthy that until 2017, the bulk of investors who put cash in a coin purchase did not even have minimal trading knowledge. Sad but true ...
However, after 2017, the world of crypto has turned upside down. Since then, many financial experts, large investors, and ordinary lucky ones have appeared – most of them considered BTC as one in a lifetime opportunity.
According to preliminary estimates, about 70% of online traders are professional experts and have become skilled hands at crypto trading.
How in The World Can the Newcomers Succeed Here? You need to understand how the market works and find a good entry point, or follow a bitcoin cash price prediction 2022.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Core Principles of Market Mechanisms

bitcoin price prediction 2021

The law of supply and demand is a fundamental one till now. This applies not only to financial and commodity markets. If you visit an exchange, you will witness a wide variety of online sellers' prices for buying and selling various crypto coins.
Here are some basic price fluctuation principles you may notice:
  • If the demand for the coin persists, then the price rises proportionally.
  • If the market daily receives disappointing news regarding bitcoin price prediction, it may show a colossal drawdown.
  • If the market shows a balance between supply and demand, then the price can shudder to a halt.

Do you want to sell or buy a cryptocurrency for maximum profit? Nopraw! Try a bitcoin price prediction, and that's it. However, before hitting on the "Sell" or "Buy," you must analyze what trend prevails in the market and how the price will change in the foreseeable future.
There three most common trend types:
A bullish trend or uptrend - means the price grows
A bearish trend or downtrend - means the price falls
A flat or sideways trend (ranging) - means the price shifts are hardly visible
For example, if the Ethereum price prediction market shows bullish trends, it is better to take a wait-and-see attitude. This step will allow you to sell coins at a better rate, as the price will gradually move to the upper limits. If you witness a bear market, get rid of some part of a declining issue.
Warren Buffett used to say: “The key to investing is to Buy Low and Sell High.”
If you learn to read the market correctly and use all the available mechanisms to the fullest, the bitcoin cash price prediction will become quite a simple procedure for you.

Price Correction

If you plan to become a successful trader and make money buying and selling crypto, you should not lose sight of the concept of price correction.
The effect is one of the most important when it comes to market entering points. The correction can also provide important information regarding the bitcoin price prediction for the following periods.
For example, if BTC/USD breaks another historical record and reaches a new price point, it will most likely be a correction. Still, every bean has its black.
Some newbies have successfully used exchange rate corrections to purchase the coin at a low price cap.  The exchange mechanism also includes buying and selling a share of an asset at any price.
This is also a great chance to succeed if you know how to react quickly to such indicators. Be sure to pay attention to the coin's liquidity and evaluate the density of Asks and Bids. The higher the liquidity ratio, the higher the chances you will make an accurate BTC prediction.

Market Manipulation

Some people believe that the challenges with bitcoin price prediction are related to market manipulations. Does it have some basis in truth?
No stress!
It's nothing but a popular myth born somewhere at the Reddit back seat. Imagine that an investor or group of traders decides to manipulate the market. Such movements will not be ignored by other players, who will react in no time flat.
If you are trying to make bitcoin price prediction 2022, you should skip such a factor as market manipulation.


Indicators play one of the most critical roles in bitcoin price prediction.
For example, learning how to effectively track long and short positions can play into your hands. A large number of short positions means in bitcoin price prediction that you should be careful as the price can change at any moment.
On the other hand, if the market is frozen in long positions, this might lead to a quick price correction (recall bitcoin price prediction 2022).
There are many bitcoin price prediction factors that can influence the change in the market situation until the end of 2022. However, hotshots focus exclusively on the essential indicators to make the bitcoin price prediction 2025.

Expert Opinion On Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

Besides tons of tools that can show bitcoin's future price, some traders prefer to listen to crypto experts' opinions. Take it slow - these predictions are not always justified! Check the support details below to make sure.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 #1

"After 2014's 60% decline, by the end of 2016, the crypto matched the 2013 peak […] after the almost 75% decline in 2018, bitcoin will approach the record high of about $20,000 this year, in our view.
Author: Bloomberg analysts
Bottom line: as you can imagine, the bitcoin price prediction 2022 was about the growth of the coin in the foreseeable future. However, Bitcoin's price record significantly surpassed the $20,000 mark at the end of 2020.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 #2

"Our view for the balance of 2020 is still high volatility with a year-end of around $7,000 [per bitcoin] with a drive higher to new highs in 2022. A short term washout [will happen] this year before the true rally takes hold [in 2021]…The markets are pulled on the one hand by the inflation hedge story driving bitcoin higher while at the same time the global economy is suffering a massive demand shock with the potential to drive bitcoin lower.
Author: Panxora
Bottom line: the bitcoin price prediction 2020 was only half correct. Yes, indeed, 2021 has shown a new all-time high. However, bitcoin's final price as of the end of 2020 was well above the $7,000 mark anyway.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021 #3

"The predicted market value for bitcoin after May 2020 halving is $1trn, which transfers in a bitcoin price of $55,000," further adding that "gold and silver, which are totally different markets, are in line with the bitcoin model values ​​for SF.
Author: PlanB's Stock-to-Flow
Bottom line: Unfortunately, BTC didn't hit $55,000 at the end of 2020. Nevertheless, at the beginning of 2021, the price began to show tremendous growth and broke the $50,000 mark several times, even after a series of corrections.
There is no point in discussing absolutely every bitcoin price prediction 2020. The main goal is to show you that no matter how accurate the forecast is, an author cannot foresee absolutely all that affects an asset's final price.
Street wisdom: Don't trust every guesswork that comes your way.

Experts Predictions for 2021/2022

bitcoin price prediction for beginners

Nevertheless, forecasts make sense and can become the basis for tracking other trends. Now we get to the fun part!

Bitcoin Price Prediction # 1

"It feels like we're going to consolidate a little bit here in this $50,000 area, caught (between) $42,000 to $60,000, but then the next big leg is up to $100,000, and that wouldn't surprise me at all if we crack a hundred by the end of the year.
Author: Mike Novogratz, the founder of Galaxy Digital.
Bottom line: This is a rather bold statement! It agrees with some crypto experts, who also expect bullish trends to push the price to new horizons.

Bitcoin Price Prediction #2

"I do think we will see $100,000 in this coin before year-end. It's just a supply and demand situation.
Author: Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital.
Bottom line: The prediction can be considered potentially possible. The January price has indeed renewed new all-time highs and continues to rise.

Bitcoin Price Prediction #3

"Bitcoin and its peers are, quite simply, going to be part of the mainstream financial universe sooner rather than later. I expect demand to surge and see bitcoin prices hitting at least $70,000 by the end of this year.
Author: Simon Peters, Etoro analyst
Bottom line: It looks like many experts have spotted the tremendous upside opportunity for Bitcoin in 2021. This is quite a restrained, and at the same time, optimistic forecast. However, Mastercard already announced it will support digital assets directly via its own network.
Do you need more facts?

Bitcoin Price Prediction #4

"I think bitcoin in 2022 or the beginning of 2023 will hit $250,000. I think the reason is that bitcoin will be the currency of choice.
Author: Tim Draper
Bottom line: 2022 is still ahead, and bitcoin can really surprise traders. Well, perhaps we will return to that prediction in 2022 and check whether Mr. Draper was right and our ROI in BTC increased 5X.

Bitcoin Price Prediction #5

"If you consider the supply of bitcoin relative to the supply of gold in the world and what the total value of gold is, if bitcoin were to go to those kinds of numbers, we'd be talking about $400,000 to $600,000 per bitcoin. Now, I'm not saying we'll ultimately get there, but that's an indication of what might be a fair value.
Author: Scott Minerd
Bottom line: If we evaluate the price by market indicators and large investors' sentiments, then it really should be much more than $50,000. It looks like the $50,000 is another psychological barrier that is testing the nerves of traders.
Guys, we hope you've made the "BTC investment train!" If not, then Jump Right In!

3 Vital Steps to Start Earning Right Away

Here’s the easiest way to start trading BTC and making a profit:
  1. Choose an effective trading bot of a trader who has already demonstrated excellent results
  2. Check the trading statistics
  3. Analyze how much profit a robot managed to gain within a week, month, or six months and use it to earn cash


To make a truly accurate bitcoin price prediction, you do not need to have seven spans on your forehead. It is enough to use the most useful indicators and choose the optimal forecasting method.
If you are a beginner, start by learning and creating bitcoin price prediction patterns using technical analysis. Once you master the method, go on with a statistical approach to identify current market conditions patterns.
Market indicators are also an equally important bitcoin price prediction tool. Pay attention to the graphical price changes and the number of long and short positions before choosing a market entry point.
Understanding the mechanisms of market functioning is an integral part of the analysis for every trader. Large investment companies, crypto experts, and BTC luminaries are your direct competitors. They have a lot more information.
Still, the best way to make a correct bitcoin price prediction is to develop your own analysis system and move forward, considering market trends.
Perhaps trial and error is the most rational approach at the moment.