The Best Paid Crypto Signals Telegram Channels

Top 9 Best Paid Crypto Signals in 2021 + Vital Tips to Follow

The best paid crypto signals are predictions made by pro traders for crypto coin price increasing or decreasing. Still, far from all of them are good enough to opt for a paid subscription.
Today’s article will shed some light on the following topics:
  • List of the best paid crypto signals
  • Crucial components of a crypto signal
  • Basic types of paid crypto signals
  • Tips for choosing the best crypto signal in 2021

Let’s skip through the list of the most promising ones in 2021 and find a close to perfect formula on how to choose the best of the best on your own.

The Best Paid Cryptocurrency Signals Telegram Providers 2021

elite crypto signals

Sagetrading experts analyzed tons of paid crypto signals and prepared a list of trustworthy ones to try in 2021. If you are new to the crypto world, you can also check out our guides on copy trading - the feature allows beginners to follow professional investors’ signals to make a profit 24/7.
Safetrading team estimates:

Let's check each of the elite crypto signals providers and see why they stay in the lead.

AltSignals Trade Calls

  • Exchanges: Binance, BitMEX
  • Number of users: 80000
  • Profit: +90%

AltSignals is one of the most experienced and trusted providers of best paid crypto signals. The elite crypto signals channel was founded at the end of 2017 by a team of successful entrepreneurs and trade analysts.
Since its inception, the best paid crypto signals provider has made many efforts to develop the channel and attract virtual users worldwide.
AltSignals currently uses technical and fundamental analysis to generate highly accurate predictions that enable crypto enthusiasts to make money 24/7.
The best paid crypto signals provider also educates online users and helps them post profitable deals for the most popular coins. It is worth noting that the brand trades on exchanges such as Binance and Bitmex exclusively.
Judging by the trading statistics, the best paid crypto signals provider has quickly adapted to highly volatile market conditions and continues to conquer new peaks.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Crypto trading signals (real-time updates)
  • Educational content (crypto-related news and educational stuff)
  • Leverage trading
  • AltSignals indicator (when to buy and sell the coin)

Crypto Classics

  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Number of users: 12000
  • Profit: +162%

Crypto Classics is an incumbent of paid crypto signals channels market with over 15 years of trading experience under the belt. Today, the best paid crypto signals operator provides clear crypto signals and also offers trust money management services.
It is one of the few best paid crypto signals providers for which a high level of service and responsibility are mandatory attributes. The elite crypto signals brand always puts users first and provides them with updated information on the most profitable Binance signals.
We are currently preparing a detailed overview of their best paid crypto signals for the three last months. Later you can get information by clicking on this link. Do not forget that successful trading indicators are the first thing you should pay attention to before buying paid crypto signals.
If the results suit you, then you can feel free to join the Telegram Crypto Classics channel.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Crypto trading signals (real-time updates)
  • Cornix bot trading signals
  • Educational content (crypto-related news and educational content)
  • Leverage trading
  • AltSignals indicator (when to buy and sell the coin)

Chart Kitchen

  • Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex
  • Number of users: 561
  • Profit: +150%

Chart Kitchen was founded in March 2012. Initially, the elite crypto signals channel offered free signals that proved their worth among virtual users.
The most important advantage of this provider is the astounding number of updated signals. Forget about the fact that alerts can be updated no more than once every few weeks.
This best paid crypto signals channel will make you box the compass of elite crypto signals, as well as their quality.
Many seasoned traders point out that Chart Kitchen crypto signals' primary value is the information's detailed treatment. It includes the entry price, targets, SL (stop loss), TP (take profit) tips, and an explanation of each trade.
Our service has already analyzed signals from the provider for April, May, and June 2020. Imagine that the brand was able to increase traders' capital by 150% over three months.
According to the operator's terms and conditions (T&Cs), traders must invest no less than 10% of their capital in each trade. However, if you plan to invest a significant amount, then the profit will be much higher.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • User-friendly website containing tons of helpful information for traders of all levels
  • Profitable and analyzed elite crypto signals with real-time updates
  • Quick to respond support service
  • Affordable membership packs for any taste and budget

Fat Pig Signals 

  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Number of users: 7580
  • Profit: +80% 

If you are looking for paid crypto signals channels, then be sure to check out Fat Pig Signals. The best paid crypto signals channel has already established itself as one of the most reliable sources of profitable crypto signals.
These guys definitely deserve your attention!
If you think that paid crypto signals groups, unlike free ones, can generate more profit, then do not pass by their crypto VIP signal Telegram channel. Currently, the number of users who have already joined the paid service has exceeded 300 people.
Frankly speaking, one of this channel's main advantages is the detailed technical analysis presented in each signal.
Today, the best paid crypto signals operator offers traders two types of signals. The first group is designed for promising altcoins, while the second one includes such popular coins as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, BCash, and BTC.
It doesn't matter which category you choose. Each of them will have a detailed analysis explaining all further actions. If you subscribe to this provider's paid channel, you won't need additional research data to succeed.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Free and paid Bitmex signals
  • The latest crypto news
  • Technical Analysis that comes along with all of the crypto calls


  • Exchanges: ByBit
  • Number of users: 163
  • Profit: +55%

OnwardBTC is a team of top-level professionals who have gained a high reputation as a reliable provider of crypto trading signals. Currently, a group of specialists from Switzerland has focused on ByBit exchange signals and demonstrates fantastic performance.
The best paid crypto signals operator does not spam its users with unnecessary information and sends no more than one or two signals per week.
This is actually good news as it confirms that the provider conducts thorough technical analysis before sending elite crypto signals to its customers.
Unlike other operators, the best paid crypto signals brand also provides its users with an updated list of results for previously offered signals.
The main feature that distinguishes this company from a vast number of competitors is live streaming. The brand broadcasts around the clock on YouTube and Twitch channels and actively discusses the latest cryptocurrency market news and paid crypto signals with its users.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Real-time trades
  • Risk management
  • Signals
  • Market Analysis

Crypto Virus

  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Number of users: 500
  • Profit: +135%

Crypto Virus is one of the newbies that has shown a fantastic growth rate of new users. Even though the channel was opened relatively recently, traders who create trading signals have vast trading experience.
This best paid crypto signals channel has achieved top results mainly due to one of the lowest loss rates. The provider sends up to 3 best paid crypto signals per day and also invites its clients to activate the Cornix trading bot for automated trading.
The operator prefers to trade with short-term and medium-term signals. The best paid crypto signals provider also helps newbies learn more about the basics of crypto trading. Crypto Virus provides customers with a considerable amount of educational articles available on the public Telegram channel.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Short and mid-term signals
  • Great support
  • Affordable subscription plans

Bob's Crypto Trades

  • Exchanges: Binance, BitMEX, ByBit
  • Number of users: 5300
  • Profit: +85%

Bob's Crypto Trades brings together a whole group of best paid crypto signals channels for BitMEX, ByBit, and Binance.
The provider uses all the accumulated experience to create elite crypto signals suitable for both novice and old hands.
Bob's channel will help you become experts in trading and teach you how to read crypto signals as professionals do. Over time, you will be able to create your own best paid crypto signals or trade at your own discretion.
Bob's BitMEX Signals also supports automatic tracking of trading signals for the Cornix Bot. The bot allows beginners and passive investors to earn profits without the need to sit in front of a PC monitor for hours.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • 3 types of signals for BitMEX, Binance, and ByBit
  • Great support service
  • Cornix bot for automated trading


  • Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex
  • Number of users: 130
  • Profit: +40%

Infocrypto is a newcomer in a crypto market. In addition to highly accurate trading signals, the paid crypto signals channel also offers its users a range of additional services, such as Signals Bot.
Today, this bot has no analogs. It uses advanced market analysis algorithms. The bot automatically sends the best paid crypto signals with detailed info so that traders are always aware of all significant changes.
In addition to automatic trading, the operator offers users a paid subscription to the Telegram channel with bitcoin trading signals. The resource covers all the most critical price changes and offers tips on when to buy or sell BTC for the most profit.
The operator sends elite crypto signals to its customers even with small price changes. This allows users to react to a changing trend in time and take profits.
All the best paid crypto signals information is published in real-time. Thus, clients receive the latest data and complete transactions on time.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Infocrypto Signals Bot - bot sends best paid crypto signals Telegram to users in private messages.
  • Bitcoin Analysis – it is a paid channel dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin trading signals.
  • Excellent level of support team – they flawlessly communicate with clients in English and Portuguese.
  • Reasonable price plans, including one month, three months, half-year, and lifetime subscriptions.


  • Exchanges: Binance, ByBit
  • Number of users: 73000
  • Profit: +120%

Alpha Trade Zone is a channel that has been able to unite over 73,000 global users. The professionals' team offers their clients clear and profitable trading signals and provides them with exclusive training materials.
The Telegram channel was founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts who merged at the end of 2017. Thanks to well-coordinated work and a high service level, the operator's clients constantly increase their crypto assets and gain additional knowledge.
The best paid crypto signals Telegram channel is suitable not only for newcomers. Their detailed and correct predictions can impress even the most sophisticated users.
Key services of the best paid crypto signals include:
  • Automated trading
  • Live trading tips
  • Extensive knowledge database
  • Trading signals on BTC and altcoins
  • USDT and BTC pairs
  • News section
  • Algorithmic trading bot

What Does Crypto Signal Look Like?

best paid crypto signals

You can easily find many paid crypto signals now, but is it possible to distinguish between legit and scam crypto trading signals?
A legit crypto signal should contain the following components:
  • A cryptocurrency pair
  • Short/Mid/Long term
  • Entry price
  • Targets
  • Stop loss

Some of them can also include the risk percentage and amount of capital to invest.
Types of best paid crypto signals
Here’re the most commonly used crypto signals you might witness:
  • Short-term signals. These paid crypto signals are about to reach targets in 1-2 days.
  • Mid-term signals. A crypto signal usually reaches its target in 1-2 weeks.
  • Long-term signals. This is the most popular type of paid crypto signals. Such signals are going to reach targets in 1-2 months.

How To Choose The Best Crypto Signals Telegram  Provider?

There are plenty of Telegram groups that offer the best paid crypto signals now. For example, lists 265 crypto trading signals channels; only 12 of those are a scam.
Safetrading team personally knows how hard it is to review Bitcoin signals Telegram providers. That is why they shared some tips on choosing a legit provider and how to use the best paid crypto signals in 2021.
Steps to choose the best crypto signals Telegram provider:
  1. Find a crypto signal in a free channel. A lot of good providers post free signals in their public crypto trading Telegram channels.
  2. Visit and find a cryptocurrency pair and exchange you need. Check if a coin reached targets with the help of charts.
  3. Compare your results and provider's results and find out if he is honest in providing statistics
  4. See if a provider's best paid crypto signals are profitable

Most admins from scam channels don't even try to chat appropriately. Some of them don't have a good level of English language. Safetrading team advises you to pay attention to: 
  • How Bitcoin trading signals providers chat 
  • How often they respond to you etc.

The first thing we do before choosing any product is check prices. Paid crypto signals providers are not an exception. If the price is very low or very high, it will be better to avoid this provider.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing before you start crypto trading is choosing a legit provider that offers best paid crypto signals. You will be a lucky one if you find a provider who will guide you through all your crypto path.
All trusted providers on the list of best paid crypto signals will give you answers to all of your questions:
  • Where to invest?
  • What to do if you are not successful in cryptocurrency trading signals?
  • Which is better - bitcoin or ethereum, etc.

That is why remember - will help you to choose a legit provider with the best paid crypto signals!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do the Best Crypto Trading Signals Work?
    • Trading experts conduct technical, fundamental, and news analyzes to collect all the necessary information about the coin. These data allow professionals to conclude how the market price of an asset may change in the foreseeable future.

  • Where Can I Find the Best Crypto Signals Telegram Group?
    • It is far from necessary to spend a lot of time to find high-quality Telegram channels. Instead, you need to study the available materials on or pay attention to the top 9 best paid crypto signals in the 2021 list specified in this article.

  • How much do the best Telegram crypto signals cost?
    • The price of a service offering crypto signals depends on the list of services available to subscribers. If we are talking about paid or VIP channels, providers can request $50 to $150 per month. Safetrading experts recommend a monthly subscription. If a provider proves that the trading signals are profitable, you can arrange a more expensive package.

  • Are Crypto Trading Signals Telegram Legit?
    • The use of trading signals is 100% legal. However, not every provider is a reliable one. That is why the Safetrading team has prepared the list of the top 9 best paid crypto signals in 2021. Each of the proposed operators can make your investment in crypto coins more profitable.

  • Which Is Better Paid or Free Crypto Signals?
    • Paid crypto signals often offer a more comprehensive range of services. Therefore, paid signals are a more profitable investment. In addition, advanced traders prefer to use paid crypto signals to increase the efficiency of their investments in crypto assets.

      Most newbies opt for free crypto signals. This also makes sense. Especially if you plan to check how profitable trading signals are.