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Dear users, this trader provided all the important info and we checked him. He is approved and recommended.

MyCryptoParadise - Legit Traders or Cunning Scammers? [Safetrading 2021 Review]

mycryptoparadise review

MyCryptoParadise is the crypto signals Telegram channel that offers signals for Binance, ByBit, and BitMEX exchanges with an experienced team of traders. 

The crypto market is expanding, which is why we see more and more crypto channels offering crypto predictions. 
Unfortunately, we can’t recommend you to work with every one of them - every crypto service should be checked hundreds of times. 
Today we want to help you and to review one more crypto channel - MyCryptoParadise and tell you about their experience, past activity, and features.
Let’s go!

What Is MyCryptoParadise?

mycryptoparadise features
MyCryptoParadise is the Telegram crypto service that offers crypto advice and analysis for newcomers and professional traders. 
They claim to have 5 years of experience so I can assume they have been trading crypto since 2015. 
There are three main channels of MyCryptoParadise - the public one that is accessible to all the users, Binance VIP, and Margin VIP that are for subscribed users only. 
Safetrading reviewed both of the channels with crypto signals, and below I will tell you more about our results. 
Very often our users ask about the presence of a website, and I can tell you that MyCryptoParadise offers it as well. All the important information about this group of channels is present and you can feel free to check. 
On their website, you can find a lot of educational articles that describe a lot of moments that can be unclear for newcomers. 
mycryptoparadise blog

MyCryptoParadise Support 

mycryptoparadise Support
The communication and support are very important for users, especially for newcomers. 
Those guys are ready to discuss every question related to trading, as I see. 
When you subscribe, you will receive the welcome call and one of the traders will explain to you all the aspects of their channels, strategies, etc.
Also, every user has his own mentor who should be available 24/7 and guide you through all the aspects of trading that are unclear for you. 

Crypto Signals 

I promised you to talk about the results of our review and I am going to do it now.
We reviewed the VIP channel with signals for Binance for April-June 2020. According to our review, you will get 120% investing 10% of your capital in each deal if you trade for three months with MyCryptoParadise. 
Margin results are not worse. If you traded for three months with margin signals and invested 10% in each deal, you would get 175% of the profit. 

The Best Crypto Signals 

As I see from our review, these guys are not hunting for high profits. They offer a lot of signals with low risk and average profit. 
The most profitable signal from all the Binance ones was posted on 23.06.2020 and reached all the targets on 12.07.2020 with 62% of profit (or 6,2% if you invest 10% in every deal).
mycryptoparadise results
And the best margin signal was XBTUSD that reached all the targets on 29.04.2020 with 25% of profit or 12,50% with all the conditions and 5x leverage. 
my crypto paradise results

Final Thoughts

Today we talked with you about one more crypto channel - MyCryptoParadise that has the right to be the recommended one. 
They have separate channels for Binance and BitMEX signals of high accuracy. 
And these high accuracy and profitability make them set not cheap prices that you can see below. 
If you need some more info about this channel, feel free to visit their website or contact the team through their Telegram channel. 
Good luck with trading! 

Andreas ( How long do you trade in general?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)The ParadiseTeam which is managing MyCryptoParadise crypto trading signals company contains from 4 traders and we all have 7+ years experience in trading.
Andreas ( was your financial market before you started to trade cryptocurrency (USA, Europe, Russia, New York, Forex)?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Forex.
Andreas ( you work/Did you work in other trading companies? If yes - in which ones? Is it a public or private company?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)We were working for a fund management company that was taking care of money from banks and big companies.
Andreas ( you trade with your own money or with the money of your company where you did trading?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)We traded with our own and also with the companies money we were working for.
Andreas ( provide contacts (Telegram, Viber, Skype s.o.) of the person who can guarantee you did trading in that company.
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)@james23345
Andreas ( much money did you earn while trading?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Did not count it.
Andreas ( long do you trade cryptocurrency?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Around 4+ years.
Andreas ( your company legally registered?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes under one of our team members name.
Andreas ( you have your own office? Could you provide its address?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes - Národní 00/135/14, 110 00 Nové Město
Andreas ( you name real people who were the initiators of this project? Would be perfect if you could provide their contacts too.
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Simon (me), Martin, Robin, Janek.
Andreas ( crypto exchange do you use for crypto trading and why?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Binance, Bitmex, and ByBit- because of its history.
Andreas ( many people are there in your team?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)4.
Andreas ( much time do you use on preparation for trading every day?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)We have shifts, so we are able to watch the market 24/7. Before we post a trade we do proper technical and fundamental analysis. Quality above quantity.
Andreas ( much time do you trade every day?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Me personally 8 hours.
Andreas ( often do you open a deal (1 time/day, 1 time/hour)?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Depends on the market situation.
Andreas ( you trade on your own or use a bot?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)On my own.
Andreas ( your trading strategy take into account a fundamental analysis of the crypto market or assets? Please provide an example of such an analysis.
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes, we watch the news, market sentiment greed, and fear index along with the other things.
Andreas ( your trading strategy based on technical indicators? If yes - which indicators do you use?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)We use many different indicators based on the current market situation.
Andreas ( the preservation of capital or multiplication of it a priority for you?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Preservation of capital is more important when you are focusing on long-term gains.
Andreas ( is the win rate percentage of your strategy?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise): On average 85%.
Andreas ( Risk Reward do you use in trading?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Risking 1/4 sometimes less. We have a great risk/reward strategy such as it is very important to have it. If you want to be successful in a long-term run.
Andreas ( you provide a number of deals made on the cryptocurrency market?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)More then 1000+ for sure, I did not count it.
Andreas ( what Buying Power have you started?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)5% per trade.
Andreas ( Buying Power do you have now?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Same.
Andreas ( you have an experience of fiduciary management of clients’ capital?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes.
Andreas ( provide contacts of the person who can confirm your experience in fiduciary management of his/her capital?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)@ogkushhhhhs
Andreas ( much money have you earned with the crypto market?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)More than 50 000$.
Andreas ( please the cryptocurrency you earned the biggest amount of money with?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Bitcoin.
Andreas ( is your trading result as a percentage of the starting deposit at the moment?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)More than 100%.
Andreas ( you follow other crypto traders? If yes - which ones?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)No.
Andreas ( you use signals of other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? Is it BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Poloniex?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)No.
Andreas ( you use leverage? How often and which one?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes, 10x max. We are not scammers who trade with cross leverage.
Andreas ( risky is your trading?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)We have a Low-risk strategy.
Andreas ( risk percentage do you set on every deal?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)5%.
Andreas ( maximum drawdown did you have? How did you get out of it?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)We always use stop loss, it was around 20% with 5% of invested capital.
Andreas ( you have a maximum drawdown limit at which you stop trading and no longer work?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)20%.
Andreas ( your risk constant or variable?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Variable.
Andreas ( you had margin calls?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes.
Andreas ( you think it is possible to gain profit from every deal in crypto trading?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)No.
Andreas ( you think it is better to risk and earn a lot of money or to risk with small earnings?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Small earnings.
Andreas ( you listen to other people’s advice while trading?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)No.
Andreas ( you think emotional background has an influence on traders’ results? Please describe such a situation from your own experience.
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Yes. I meditate every day for 30 minutes before I start to watch the market.
Andreas ( you have a cryptocurrency market statement certified by a broker?
Simon (MyCryptoParadise)Not by a broker but our results are counted by an external company and visible on our website
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