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The review was last updated in: February 2022

10/10 Review: Young and Future Proven Channel

10/10 channel audit

10/10 is one of the top Telegram groups providing accurate signals for Binance, Binance Futures, Huobi, and KuCoin platforms. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced professional or a beginner – this service really deserves your attention in 2021.
The 10/10 is confidently standing in the top list of the best telegram channels that appeared in 2021. Safetrading experts have thoroughly analyzed the 10/10 services and are ready to provide you with a detailed and unbiased report.

Team of Professionals

The 10/10 team includes a top-level trader and two market analysts. The leading trader has excellent experience in the finance field. In 2016 he started to bring his banking experience into use while studying crypto market opportunities. After mastering TA tools and trading fundamentals, the founder began to make money on crypto investment using his own hard-earned funds.
Later on, he invited his two friends (also traders) to join him and run a joint crypto project – 10/10. This is where the success story of the 10/10 Telegram group gained traction.

Communication with Clients

According to registered users, the provider demonstrates an outstanding level of customer support. In our experience, the group administrator responds to user questions within a couple of hours.
These figures are more than satisfactory. Note, the number of users has long passed the mark of 120 people, and the service seems to gain traction.

10/10: Types of Service

Before proceeding with an overview of the services offered by 10/10, it is worth noting one crucial fact. The channel provided the Safetrading team with a complete report of all trading sessions over the past few months in a matter of minutes.
Therefore, if you decide to invest your hard-earned funds in crypto assets, check their paid Telegram group. 10/10 community brings together over 100 experienced and novice traders so far. Anyway, the paid channel is perfect for those focused on getting the most out of their cryptocurrency investment.
Today, 10/10 offers the following services:
  • Crypto signals for BTC, ETH, and other top gainful altcoins
  • Top news and hot information on the most critical events in the crypto market
  • Educating materials
  • Advice and help for traders of all levels
  • Tips and tricks on how to trade on Binance with maximum gain and so on

10/10 trading data results

The Safetrading team analyzed the tools that 10/10 use to generate highly accurate crypto signals. The team of pro traders applies advanced technical analysis (TA) and considers the most important news of the crypto market.
10/10 trading session results

Now you no longer need to spend a colossal amount of time on your own analysis – 10/10 has got you covered.
FACT! The chief distinction between the 10/10 and other Telegram groups is that guys never hide their bad results. The leading analyst of the 10/10 channel (a pro level crypto investor/trader) insist that he aims to show and explain why this or that step was necessary at a certain point of time.
10/10 paid crypro signal

We've noticed that all paid crypto signals involve detailed information about:
  1. Best entry price
  2. Take profit points
  3. Stop-Loss orders

More than enough data to decide on the purchase or sale of an asset in time.

Best Results Over the Last Several Months

The 10/10 review would most likely not be complete without the results of the service's trading sessions over the past few months.
Safetrading professionals conducted an independent audit of their trading operations and came to the following conclusions:
  • The average profit from trading signals is estimated at 60%
  • The 10/10 team also showed promising results trading FIO/BTC

10/10 channel results in 2021

Price Tags

As we already understood, the paid VIP Telegram 10/10 channel is the most valuable one. The service currently offers the following paid subscription packs:
  • 1 month for $70
  • 3 months for $200
  • 6 months for $400
  • 1 year for $750

Obviously, the annual payment option is the most profitable. However, the $750 amount may be overwhelming for a beginner who wants to invest in a professional crypto signal service.
On the other hand, you can try to subscribe for three months, see how gainful this service is, and then issue an annual package.
Some newbies are even more pragmatic. They join the 10/10 Telegram channel with a 1-month subscription, check how accurate the signals are, and make the appropriate decisions.
In the meantime, the ever-growing number of subscribers in the paid group suggests that the 10/10 is genuinely a great place to get the most out of your crypto asset investment.
If you check the testimonials of registered users, many of them consider the paid group one of the most reliable sources in 2021.


This is not the first audit that Safetrading has done about 10/10. Yet whenever Safetrading conducts an independent assessment, our experts are convinced of this channel's high level of service and professionalism.
Safetrading experts closely monitor the activity of this platform and are well aware of how profitable their crypto signals can be.
Of course, many of you may argue that the company has no website. Still, the group administrator assured us the channel is only gaining momentum. In other words, we'll witness more beneficial services, various communication channels, a user-friendly website, and other features soon.
As for the profitability of their crypto signals, the service has been demonstrating exceptional accuracy for several months in a row. If you have no prior experience investing in crypto assets, we recommend that you check 10/10 as a reliable crypto signal provider.
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