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Universal Crypto Signals

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Month subscription
66 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin Premium
3 month subscription
171 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin Premium
6 month subscription
306 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin Premium
Year subscription
540 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin Premium
Month subscription
91 USD/Fully Automated Altcoin Premium
Year subscription
874 USD/Fully Automated Altcoin Premium
Month subscription
81 USD/Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium
3 month subscription
199 USD/Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium
6 month subscription
351 USD/Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium
Year subscription
621 USD/Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium
Month subscription
111 USD/Fully Automated Margin Premium
Year subscription
891 USD/Fully Automated Margin Premium
Month subscription
120 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium
3 month subscription
295 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium
6 month subscription
484 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium
Year subscription
900 USD/Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium
Month subscription
155 USD/Fully Automated Altcoin + Margin Premium
Year subscription
1200 USD/Fully Automated Altcoin + Margin Premium
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Support languages team has not checked the Universal Crypto Signals crypto signals group, provided on this page. Therefore, we disclaim all liability for any damage or loss resulting from the use of any information provided by the @universalcryptosignals telegram group. We advise you to pay attention to the approved providers, and Top 5 trusted premium crypto signals groups, which you can see below.

Universal Crypto Signals is a channel which provides crypto trading signals based on traders' forecasts, market analysis and cryptocurrency news as well. 

Now we are going to provide you a short Universal Crypto Signals' review. 

Actually we don’t have a full partnership with this provider, but we know it worth trying. Even after a couple of days of observation I can say that this provider is not bad, nevertheless we didn’t check Universal Crypto Signals’ accuracy, so we can not guarantee the cryptocalls’ profitability. 



This guys don’t have their own website yet, but let’s give them some time to develop it properly.

 If you want just to go through their services, crypto trading signals and so on, you can visit Universal Crypto Signals Telegram, where they share cryptocalls and TA (yes-yes) from time to time. 

Among paid channels they have Bitmex/Bittrex channel with Altcoin Signals, BitMEX Swings and BitMEX Scalps.

As we don’t have an access to those channels, we can’t tell you what can you find here, but I hope it goes without saying. 

We talk too much about the bunch of providers and trading bots, and this is an example of such a thing. You can use Universal Crypto Signals’ cryptocalls, but trade 24/7 with Cornix Trading Bot!

This is an amazing opportunity, isn’t it?



Actually I can say that the users of this channel are lucky ones, because the admin is good.

He knows his business, so consultation is on a good level. 



Universal Crypto Signals has a great amount of plans for you.

Plan A. Semi-automated Altcoin Premium:

$66/ Monthly

$171/ 3 Months

$306/ 6 Months

$540/ 12 Months

Plan B. Fully Automated Altcoin Premium:

Plan A + $234/year ($25 per month) 

Plan C. Semi-automated Margin Trading Premium 

$81/ Monthly

$207/ 3 Months 

$360/ 6 Months

$646/ 12 Months

Plan D. Fully Automated Margin Premium 

Plan C + $270/year ($30 per month) 

Plan E. Semi-automated Altcoin + Margin Premium 

$120/ Monthly

$315/ 3 Months 

$522/ 6 Months

$900/ 12 Months

Plan F. Fully Automated Altcoin + Margin Premium 

 Plan E + $300/year ($35 per month) 

So, as you see, these guys do care about their users - they want to offer you a good amount of servises and a lot of choices of subscriptions. 

Anyway, you should check every provider before choosing a subscription plan.

Remember, that cryptocurrency business is the risky one, so everything is in your hands. 


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