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Dear users, this trader provided all the important info and we checked him. He is approved and recommended. Attention! Auto-Trading is limited - ask admins about the available slots and pricing.
Step-By-Step Guide On Fat Pig Signals And Their Services 
fat pig signals review


Fat Pig Signals is a crypto trading Telegram group with big experience in trading.
If you don’t trust newbies or yesterday’s trading course graduates, these guys are definitely worth your attention. 
How is it possible to stay on top for so long? 
We will solve this mystery further in our Fat Pig Signals review and will tell you how they manage to provide the most accurate cryptocurrency predictions and signals even under the most challenging market conditions.


According to our experience, this provider doesn’t have a lot of problems with communication. The admin usually replies within 24 hours. 
In the Fat Pig Signals Telegram free chat it is very hard to find the info you need because of a lot of unnecessary messages, but this aspect we will discuss later. 
Provided Services
Let’s continue our Fat Pig Signals review with the most important information - the cryptocurrency signals they provide. 
Click the link to Fat Pig Signals Telegram and get information on their trading results for each month, some free BitMEX signals from the paid channel, and of course the latest crypto news.


fat pig signals results


If you are more of a paid crypto telegram group fan or have realized that a free channel is not enough, then you can join the Fat Pig Signals Telegram VIP. 
Over three hundred traders have already joined this closed community.
This channel also provides its subscribers with altcoin signals, fresh news, technical analysis, and jokes, of course. 
Crypto Signals
fat pig signals crypto signals example


Another thing that I would like to highlight in this Fat Pig Signals review is the Technical Analysis (further TA) that comes along with all of the crypto calls they provide. 
There are two types of signals that are shared through the VIP Service channel - Altcoin signals and Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, BCash, and BTC signals. 
For both of the categories, you get a detailed analysis of what positions they occupy and why and are able to get the necessary information without any additional research. 
The Best Signals from the Last Review Period
Our Fat Pig Signals review would mean nothing without an independent report on this provider. We have conducted our own audit of their signals for the November - January 2019/2020 period.
The profit result of their Telegram trading signals is estimated to be almost 50%, which is a great indicator considering the quantity of signals they published.
The biggest BTC profit was made when selling the POLY coin, which gained 34%.
fat pig signals POLY coin


Good results were also obtained when trading the HC coin, which improved by 33%.


fat pig signals HC coin


There hasn’t been a signal that failed to bring profit to the user. 
And now it’s time to talk about their chat. There are more than 2000 users, so of course, it is impossible to read every message they post.
So this chat is mostly for users to chat about world news and to share their favorite memes. 
Last time when we checked those guys and wrote the audit, their website was still in development. 
Now the website is active, but it doesn’t contain any important info - you can’t even find the subscription plans. Still, I hope they will manage to change it. 
Final Thoughts 
At Safetrading, we have checked Fat Pig Signals for the period of November - January 2019/2020, have carefully followed their activity, and are able to share an objective opinion with you. 
Their BTC signals are actually profitable, but there are some drawbacks - public chat and website. 
Keep in mind that we check providers using specific calculation instruments and the results of our audits never depend on the expectations or wishes of providers. 
All of the reviews are constantly updated, so it will be easy for you to get only the most relevant information. 
If you have never traded before or are only getting started, reading our guidelines is the best solution.
Click the link and get all the basic information on our platform and services, on crypto telegram groups and their differences, as well as on different signals and crypto calls.
Remember - he who owns the information, owns the world!



 2020-09-08 02:34:54


 2020-09-08 02:34:54
I am part of the group for over 1 year and without a doubt is the best group of signals in the market. In addition to a large community in which I made many friends, learning is constant.


 2020-09-08 23:39:58


 2020-09-08 23:39:58
Fatpigsignals basically chance my view on what to think of signals providers, after losing a lot of money with others providers that promise you infinite gains, this guys really delivers. This is the real deal even for someone like me that know basically nothing about technical analysis. Just follow the signals and you are in for a great profit. And a plus, the telegram channel is one of the funniest I have ever been. 1000% recommended
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