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Safetrading is the first and the best platform that evaluates signals from multiple providers, creating a secure environment for crypto professionals and newcomers. 
We know how hard it is to find a legit crypto group. 
With our help, you can get access both to paid and free crypto trading signals, master the art of trading, know how you should trade cryptocurrency, and choose the most experienced providers with relevant Bitcoin signals.
Today we will tell you about the best providers of signals that were evaluated by our team of experts. 
You can be sure that the crypto calls they publish are accurate, fair, and are always published on time!


What Is a Crypto Signal?

Crypto trading signals are nothing but a forecast of market experts on the potential growth of a particular coin, which can bring users a significant profit. 
The best cryptocurrency signals are based on the market’s analysis, technical evaluation, trading volume, latest achievements, and a variety of other factors. 
However, Bitcoin signals can’t guarantee a 100% positive result. The market is extremely volatile and changes may happen in a blink of an eye. That’s why profits or losses significantly depend on how the Bitcoin behaves.
That is why any trader should understand that even though crypto telegram groups publish calls based on a detailed analysis, they are mostly a subjective opinion of a particular trading expert. But when knowing how to use them, it is possible to make crypto trading signals an additional instrument in your arsenal!


Crypto Classics

crypto classics safetrading
As you get from this provider’s name, Crypto Classics has been on the market for quite a while: a team of experts has been working on the New York Stock exchange and other platforms for more than 15 years earning 12,000% of the initial deposit! 
So it’s not surprising why their cryptocurrency signals are so popular.
These guys know how to approach subscribers and all the data they post is written in a clear and simple language, so even if you’re new to the game, you will easily understand how to work with signals.
They post both paid and free signals, and they all contain necessary details and thorough analysis. Every line and every figure are explained, so traders don’t need to guess whether published crypto trading signals are based on facts or assumptions. 
Safetrading has thoroughly analyzed bitcoin signals of this crypto trading telegram group and can say that it is a place, where all the users can feel safe and secure knowing that they are supported by real experts!



infocrypto safetrading
Infocrypto has been publishing crypto trading signals for a few years and the quality of its services continues to improve. Apart from providing regular calls, they can offer subscribers auto trading, a trading bot, recent news, and round the clock support. 
So when choosing this provider you can expect not only professional Bitcoin signals but also a variety of features to make trading safe, easy, and profitable. 
They already improve trading mechanisms, have reasonable prices, and do everything to make their signals second to none.


Bob's Crypto Trades

bob's crypto trades safetrading
Bob's Crypto Trades is a perfect place for getting the best signals. Bob’s group offers calls of two types – for Binance and BitMEX. 
They have published 500 signals for 3 months – none of the competitors has shown such productivity!
However, it’s not enough to publish many cryptocurrency signals free – these calls should also be of the best quality and Bob’s group surely knows how to trade signals cryptocurrency. 
Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to check all the 500 signals but we have evaluated 160 of them and these Bitcoin signals delivered 200% profits. 
Isn’t it amazing?


Fat Pig Signals

fat pig signals safetrading
Fat Pig Signals is one of our TOP providers. Those guys provide Binance and BitMEX signals, all of them contain technical analysis and important components like stop-loss, targets, etc. 
We work with Fat Pig Signals for a long time - I think even more than one year. And during this period we didn’t get any negative feedback from users - everyone is satisfied. 
So we can promise you that their service worth the money!


Onward BTC

onward btc safetrading
One of the best BitMEX traders, for sure! Onward came to us very young, they had about 20 paid users, but in one year…
In one year they became a very popular trading signals Telegram channel, and very experienced. 
As they are from Switzerland, they are very punctual and all of their messages are clear and informative. 
And the most important part - they are very cheap!


Altsignals Trade Calls

altsignals trade calls
Altsignals Trade Calls is one of the best crypto groups and users can expect timely assistance and support even late after midnight. They can literally answer any arising question whether it concerns Bitcoin signals, the functionality of the group or the general market situation.
Their managers and experts always provide subscribers with recommendations and information on the latest market changes. 
Apart from publishing signals this provider posts educational content and explains how to trade with leverage.


4C Trading

4c trading safetrading
4C Trading is surely one of the most reputable and popular providers of trading signals Telegram. Their team can boast many years of tutoring experience, creating timely calls and providing subscribers with free signals and the latest news from the trading world.
4C offers a wide range of services - apart from posting signals they publish reports, automated trading, host a top-notch bot, hold webinars, and whatnot!
This cryptocurrency trading telegram group is one of a kind and any trader should familiarize with it. Even though they have launched the channel in June 2019, their set of services is way better than of competitors and they have a rather impressive view on the future. 4C is not going anywhere and we are sure that their crypto trading signals will continue to improve.



whaletank safetrading
Not all trading signals Telegram groups can boast high-quality calls and posts. 
However, Whaletank is completely different and is surely one of the most efficient providers we have ever seen. Even if you’re completely new to trading, these guys will give the most accurate data on signals to help you make money.
Even though the number of published signals is lower when compared to other providers, it shows that Whaletank takes the process seriously and never publish unreliable information.
This trading signals Telegram group constantly adds new features and services, offers attractive bonuses and special deals to help subscribers get more for the same price. The platform and website are easy to use and published signals are written in a clear language.
If you think it’s not enough, provider posts news and training materials making it one of the best crypto signal groups on Telegram!


Verified Crypto Traders

verified crypto group safetrading
If you are not new to the crypto world, you have surely heard of Verified Crypto Traders
One of its distinguishing features is registration at the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands, which proves that it is one of the best crypto telegram groups on the market!
There is a channel with cryptocurrency signals free and paid ones. 
Verified Crypto also has a website with all the necessary data about the provider and their free Binance signals, as well as the FAQ and Contacts section.  


Alpha Trade Zone

alpha trade zone safetrading
Alpha Trade Zone was established back in 2017 and is one of the most secure and experienced groups we have ever analyzed. At the moment it’s maintaining Discord server.
Due to a team of devoted providers, all the free cryptocurrency trading signals are based on thorough research and data analysis, making published information reliable and trustworthy. 
Here are only some of the services you will find: auto trading, tips on live trading, database with all the necessary information, Altcoin and Bitcoin signals, BTC and USDT pairs, trading bot, a section with the latest news, and much more. 
With Alpha Trade Zone you will surely find all the services in one place without a need to look elsewhere.



Safetrading is a platform, where users can get only the most useful and updated information on crypto trading signals, traders, crypto wallets, bots, latest news, and much more.
In today’s cryptocurrency signals free review, we have discussed 10 providers that have already proved their professionalism, attention to subscribers and a wide range of services. 
We are proud to introduce them to our readers and can guarantee that they deliver the best free crypto trading signals on the market.
We do our best to make your trading experience easy, interesting, and profitable. Follow our reviews because all the fun is yet to come!



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