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Cryptohopper Review: Crypto Trading Bot - Safetrading

cryptohopper trading bot review by safetrading

Cryptohopper is a crypto trading bot made to help short term traders automate their already successful trading strategy and to simplify your trading process and in turn maximize your profit.
Has anyone told you about this trade bot?
Do you want to take your cryptocurrency trading to another level?
Does the program deliver what it promises and does it provide profits for its customers?
This Cryptohopper review is set to deliver an in-depth examination of what the cryptocurrency trading bot is about, how it operates, its features, its advantages as well as the supposed downsides.

What Is Cryptohopper Trading Bot?

Want to know how crypto bots work?
Read on and I will tell you.
First off, this bot is one of the best trade bots out there.
vWith a robot making your trades for you, you can quickly go about your daily activities without any worries about your trading because crypto bots will do that for you.
You cannot stay up the whole day and night because the cryptocurrency market is live all through the hours of the day.
Traders are now leaning towards trade bots as a means of making passive income even during their nap times.
Every trader, whether you're just starting or are already an experienced trader, can benefit from it.
Using the Cryptohopper, you can go on automation and earn money on your favorite exchange by automatically buying and selling different cryptocurrencies according to your wish.
For more details and exciting updates you can visit Cryptohopper Reddit.

Cryptohopper Signals

Today this complex of a crypto bot and a provider is very convenient for users.
A lot of our users asked us about crypto signals providers listed on Cryptohopper MarketPlace - are they trusted or no?
Of course, Cryptohopper provides all the stats of every provider, but who knows if the stats is really fair?
Safetrading decided to check one provider with the help of our calculation rules and then to compare the results with Cryptohopper results. Our research you can find here.
Now we can guarantee that Cryptohopper results are fair and you can choose a provider there according to your demands.

Advantages Of Using 

advantages of crypto hopper trading bot

Here are some significant advantages of Cryptohopper, which define it as one of the best trading bots in use currently are exhaustively discussed below:

Algorithmic and Social Trading 

This is the core of the exchanging bot.
Utilizing the two techniques, the dealers can configure the exchanges and the procedures that follow using the different technical indicators that can be incorporated with the bot.
The merchants likewise have a choice to pursue the calls and forecasts that are given by outsiders exchanging specialists through the crypto signals using the social trading expert of this bot.

Automatic Trading

automatic trading by cryptohopper

Unlike many bots that swarm the ecosystem, it trades throughout the day based on a detailed analysis that is coded into its algorithm.
You don't need to stress over things like frenzy deals and voracious purchases since the algorithm of the bot will not allow for such exchanges to occur.
The bot works more effectively than a human broker could - working nonstop all days of the year.

Strategy Customization

cryptohopper strategy customisation

It enables you to fabricate your very own techniques and increase your comfort in trading.
There are many technical indicators within the bot can be tweaked to trade the way that you like it.
Indeed, even with this customization, Cryptohopper stays perhaps the most simple bot to work, and individual systems can be imparted to other people so they can duplicate your configurations of the technical indicators.

Following Signals

Usually, when an average person trades, they follow the predictions and analyses that are handed out by experts on Telegram groups.
Cryptohopper strategy now allows its users to connect these groups with the bot directly, and the signals are picked up automatically by the bot, and the profits are delivered to the user.


backtesting cryptohopper
Backtesting is a method to check the strategies by running them against the numbers in the past and checking the result. 
,br />This helps to form trading strategies that will most definitely produce results.
If you are not happy with the results, you can change your strategy entirely or tweak it a bit to get the results that you want.

Trailing Stops

trailing stops cryptohopper

The most critical aspect of trading is to make profits after investing.
When you buy a coin, you are not looking to keep it for sentimental value.
You want your investment to generate profits like any other asset.
This profit can come within seconds or minutes or sometimes even days.
The Trailing Stops feature helps you set the limits where to sell the coin and not make any hasty decisions while trading the coin yourself.


exchanges cryptohopper works with

When dealing with an online crypto bot, you need to be sure that the bot will have support for the exchanges where you want to perform the trades.
Having the exchanges connected to the trading bot makes the trades fast and efficient, without the hassle of going through multiple channels.

Trading Templates

The bot offers the option to create templates that can be used to quickly identify the markets and combine the conditions with the different strategies that you can configure for each different type.
These templates can be linked to different market triggers, such as the price of the coin or the volume being traded at the moment.
With these templates, you do not have to type out the limits each time.

Disadvantages Of Trading With Cryptohopper Bot

Since it is a matter of finance, it also has several pitfalls and loopholes which should be paid attention to.


pricing of cryptohopper

For a bot that necessarily provides technical indicators and integrating signals in automation, the pricing for the bot is quite far-fetched.
There is a free trial available, but the features that are unlocked on the package are almost limited.
To get the full potential of the trading bot, you are obliged to pay $99 every month, but you will get much with Cryptohopper.
On paper, this number may seem less considering that promises are made for high returns.
On another note, the reviews of the people who have used the bot suggest otherwise.
The packages for the crypto bot start from $19 and rises to the $99 package.
There is a standard package also, with a $49 price tag. All these subscriptions are renewed monthly.
If something is going to change, you will be able to know it on Cryptohopper Reddit.

Creator Information

On the official website, there is no information regarding the creators of the bot.
There is an elaborate story given on the website that cites the beginning of the process, but there are no credentials, which is scary.
This avoids accountability and is a significant setback since many users are not able to trust the bot.


Many testimonials are available about the bot.
However, none of them seem to be written by a real user.
From the perspective of a third person, the reviews seem to be written by a group of people who merely want to promote the bot.
There are a few other Cryptohopper reviews which do seem genuine.
For more users feedback visit Cryptohopper Reddit.

Why Should Traders Use This Crypto Bot?

Many have made profits and avoided heavy losses using the Cryptohopper strategy and claim that a better bot is hard to find.
Don't you wonder why?
If you do, some major features, which define it as one of the best crypto bots in use currently are exhaustively discussed below:

Beginner Friendly

It attends to the needs of newcomers, who venture into the cryptocurrency trading sphere.
By this, I mean it has an exclusive beginner platform, that handles all the analysis and technicalities, till the users are comfortable and vast enough to carry on with the trading on their own.
Also, Cryptohopper offers training arenas in the form of paper trading and backtesting, making sure that traders have an opportunity to test out their new ideas and strategies, without being penalized by losses.
This gives users enough time to familiarize themselves with the market and its conditions.


Having data and applications offline is becoming a thing of the past.
The future is all based in the cloud, helping users access data without any requirement of the physical disc.
Cryptohopper is based entirely on the cloud, meaning that there is no risk of losing data due to an accidental disc wipe.
Also, this helps you gain access when you are on the road.
All you require is a stable internet connection the first time you set up this trading bot.
After that, it is all a matter of accessing it when you please.


security of cryptohopper

Since Security is an essential factor when choosing a crypto trading bot, this bot offers complete, reliable security, so Cryptohopper is legit.
For instance, in case of a hack, as the Hopper cannot access funds, hackers cannot access the funds too.
For extra security, it has an option to activate two-factor authentication (2FA).
The website itself is protected using Cloudflare, and its web app firewall, as well as protection against DDOS.
The cloud, being hosted on Amazon Web Services, uses its servers, and all passwords, as well as API keys, are encrypted.


Due to a large number of technical indicators, 130+ in number, there is a significant change for optimized strategies and higher profits.
Thus, there is an option to use third-party insights, which is, therefore, a sure shot way to increase the bot's standards as its users make use of expert advice, which only proves profitable to them.

Cryptohopper Support

cryptohopper support

This Cryptohopper review won't be complete without mentioning the great support that the bot's team provides to its traders.
It has an excellent Knowledge Base that extensively covers all the topics.
It also has an extensive Documentation library with all detailed technical information on everything that the platform has to offer.
There is a forum for the crypto trading community and a dedicated YouTube channel where investors can learn the basics of trading and how to use this crypto trading bot.
You can leave your comments and thoughts on Cryptohopper Reddit.

Does Cryptohopper Work For Beginners?

If you are new to trading with this bot, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about.
The platform has been designed to be easy to use and doesn't require any professional programming experience or advanced technical knowledge or skills.
As one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms, it also allows for comprehensive backtesting, and beginners can quickly check if their configurations are working accurately by playing around with and testing their setup.
For example, you can see how much you would have earned in the past and adjust your bots to gain a greater understanding of just how everything works while still learning the ropes.
Simply put, it is a platform that allows you to get a feel for what you are up against in a relatively safe and welcoming environment before placing money on the table.
There are active Discord and Telegram groups, in addition to a particular forum for members that is available in various languages like English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.
As a result, new users can converse with and learn from more experienced users from around the world, and continue to learn around the clock.

Which Subscription Plans Are Available?

cryptohopper subscription plans

We know you probably have never attempted a crypto trading bot, and you're most likely skeptical about it.
So how about we not beat around the shrub.
You most likely aren't going to attempt a cryptocurrency trading bot now if it costs you a fortune.
Now, we cannot say for sure if there are discount codes, but we have great news for you.
One of the things we like most about Cryptohopper is that it offers its customers a 7-days free trial.
Users can simply sign up and begin using the service without having to submit any payment details.
When the trial month ends, the Hopper is automatically disabled, and users can then opt to purchase a full subscription.
All the subscription plans are available right now on our platform.
For more info you can visit the website.


Taken overall, this trading bot up ranks high up the echelon of crypto bots.
It's unique features, beginner friendliness and auto trading ability is a clear indication that the developer(s) have the interest of its users in mind.
I hope this article has provided you with the answers you've been yearning for.
For more Cryptohopper reviews or 3Commas review, visit our website.
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