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Shrimpy Audit

Shrimpy Trading Bot: Track and Automate Your Trades


Hey guys, welcome to my Shrimpy bot review. First of all, let me ask a quick question: Have you ever wondered why so many crypto dealers give up trading after the first month? Think about it for a moment and you will see, and surely agree with me, that the main reason is that they make the wrong decisions.  

From trading with the wrong tools and at the worst times, to quitting — these are all the bad situations you probably never want to end up in. The good news is that there’s still so much good coming from the crypto space, and I need not mention that just about anyone can take advantage of them. So, stay with me because I’m going to show you how to shoot for the stars while trading with this crypto trading bot bot. 


What’s in this Post?

In this Shrimpy review, you will find very honest details about trading with this bot, including whether or not it’s a great starting point for beginners. Note that what works for older traders doesn’t always necessarily work for beginners. So, here you’ll find only an overview of the important points to look out for and tips that will help you get around the rules. If you haven’t visited my website, do so now for the latest reviews and best signals.



Now, without wasting time, let’s get down to business!


What Does This Crypto Trading Bot Do?

For starters, this is a cryptocurrency trading bot designed to manage traders’ portfolios and rebalance profiles automatically. Actually, it goes beyond just these two functions. Shrimpy also provides a free-crypto environment where market indices and trading strategy backtesting are made very simple. 


Who are the Brains Behind The Bot?

Michael McCarty(CEO) and Matthew Wesley (CTO) are the co-founders of trading bot. It’s not surprising to mention how impressive their work histories and experience are. For example, Michael’s starting block was with NASA. He was later tapped by both Samsung and Boeing, while Mathew was formerly involved with KMC Systems and MedAcuity Software. 



It is currently run by a team of 4 software engineers including McCarty and Mathew. A fun fact is that these four guys were schoolmates from the University of Illinois. Nishant Nayuda ( Senior Software Engineer and former Amazon employee) and  Alireza Masrour (Shrimpy's advisor and Vice President of Engineering, Department of American Liquid Packaging Systems) were the last engineers to join the team.


McCarty’s Vision 

Here’s one company’s story:

In 2017, Michael McCarty developed a crypto bot called Crabby. Apparently, after trade-testing his innovation, Michael came to the conclusion that Crabby could be made better and it was out of this thought that Shrimpy bot was born. So, we can safely say that it is a rebranded and better performing version of Crabby (or pretty much a clone). In light of remaking his first-ever bot, Michael was able to create a new project and more trusted niche where transactions could be automated and tracked, and where the rebalancing of trading profiles and social trading interactions could also be made possible. In essence, it still boils down to what I have observed thus far and that is that this bot is a stand-out among the rest of the trade bots. Let me explain why.

Other platforms will naturally either trade for you or give you indicators to trade for yourself.  However, with the Shrimpy trading bot, trade automation, tracking, and rebalancing (this is the key feature) are offered. See the difference? This is where the point lies; it is as simple as it is obvious what makes it very unique.  



In this section of my Shrimpy review, I will outline as well as explain the features of this trade bot. For what it's worth, let’s split them into three main categories and discuss their finer points in detail. Here we go! 



Automated Trading

This is a familiar question and usually goes like this: how does a crypto trader consolidate different exchanges into one account? Let me take a wild guess: before now, you never thought it was possible to merge cryptocurrency exchanges and trade from a single bot, right? Well, you can do this and lots more with this bot. Traders can spot popular exchanges to connect transactions from; all you need to do is set up your Shrimpy trading bot and tie it to the exchanges you want.

Cryptocurrency Trade

Since it’s my business to choose how I trade, and not simply dump everything into the hands of robots, I felt very impressed with being able to select my own algorithms here. This feature helps you identify and choose very lucrative digital assets, and when you’re done, your bot integrates them into your portfolio and conducts automatic trades using your defined algorithms.


The rebalance feature is a way to make sure your trades are done. How does this work? You will need to log into your account and set up your API keys. Afterward, all your exchanges will be automatically encrypted in your main portfolio.

Market Indices

Using the index market strategy is just one aspect of tracking. Here, smart tools are used to determine and build your own index strategy. This is vital because your trading bot takes note of your own indices and uses the results obtained to decide which particular deals to trade on. 

Social Trading

Imagine this - a crypto trading space where you are all by yourself. There is no one to talk to and certainly no one to share your ideas with. Sounds crazy, right? Trust me, the Shrimpy trading bot is nothing like that. The social trading option gives everyone the leverage to interact and build engagements, which is even better for the so-called social leaders. These guys earn an extra $4 for each crypto trader that follows their activities. There are three social trading benefits you should get a handle on. Take a look:


This feature, as the name implies, connects you to other users with whom you can share important stuff. You can also copy successful traders’ portfolios to learn their key strategies. 


In this subsection, you can keep in touch with the leading crypto trends and regularly gain insight into loads of user information that may enable your trade optimization. 


There are a ton of material resources that contain the hows, whys, and whats of using. You will likewise find the most correct answers with respect to these questions.

Portfolio Management

Before the discovery of trade bots, dealers used to be lost at sea with how to manage several exchanges at once without shuttling between accounts — this was a real hassle. 

These days, trading crypto is better, and so we can feel the difference bots have made with regard to consolidating exchanges. 

Consolidating Exchanges

Bot does an excellent job of linking accounts. Another point is that, since 2017, it has continuously added exchanges. This takes me back to my earlier research; when I went through other Shrimpy crypto reviews, I noticed that a lot of sites complained about the restricted number of exchanges. However, this is no longer the case. There are now 14 major exchanges that bot connects with. Let's take a brief look at what they are:


Backtesting and rebalancing are very closely related. However, the difference is in the type of index market strategy on which they run. For instance, backtesting compares a standard strategy (constructed using algorithms) versus a trading strategy ( what works in the crypto market). Rebalancing compares your strategy with the trading strategy. All in all, both target the trading strategy so as to make the best deals on your behalf.


The Shrimpy crypto trading bot helps you keep track of your exchanges, plus the performance of other users. Through this medium, you're able to access all exchanges from your own accounts.


Advantages of Using Shrimpy Trading Bot

  1. Range of Tools

By now, it’s pretty obvious that the site provides its users a good number of tools to trade with. It is a good thing if we have the real smart tools to harvest the fattest profits on the market. 

  1. Word of Mouth

Yes, it is true that it is young, but notwithstanding, the administration has done a fantastic job of being able to carve out a very reputable brand. This goes to show the level of trust that has been put in their hands as well.

  1. Security

Let me be honest, security checks with these guys are absolutely incredible and brilliant. I know that, for one, so many traders with other platforms have serious concerns with regard to how much protection they are provided. This is different here. You can see an exclusive statement on their website addressing security concerns. 

“It only requires the ability to read data and make trades, so your funds cannot be removed from the exchange. We also encourage all users to utilize our Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) service which secures access to your account.” 

Believe it or not, it's easy to hack accounts and some scam bots are notorious for this. Personally, I don't want my mind freaking out every now and then, so I would rather double-check than have bots feed on my funds. 

  1. Customer Support

You can always reach out to them using various options. There are mentions of the Telegram, Reddit Shrimpy, and Discord accounts. In another Shrimpy trade review, I also came across LinkedIn and Twitter platforms for users to keep in touch. I like Facebook, so I often check up on them using social media.



  1. Software Versatility

I must say that I think not having a mobile app kind of waters down the software usability. Still, the interface has a spit-and-polish design. There are seven functional sections, including the dashboard and allocation tabs. Each segment address is specific. I’d prefer if I showed you using no particular order: 

  • Dashboard: For logging in and linking to exchanges
  • Wallet: To save and retrieve digital assets
  • Shrimpy Backtest: Compare market strategies and pick the best according to some given algorithms
  • Allocation: Set up and refresh the rebalance feature
  • Social: To share ideas, and copy and follow successful portfolios
  • History: Access all your trade activities here
  • Setting: Alter most setups from here


Drawbacks of Using this Bot

  1. No mobile app

Come on, it's high time and it really wouldn't hurt to have one. If anything, it's going to make trading a whole lot more comfortable and portable.

  1. The good stuff is only for premium users

  2. Only Bittrex and Binance exchanges are compatible with social trading

Oh dear! I have to say that most of the compelling features up there are reserved only for premium account holders. This is not too bad, however, because the pricing is quite reasonable. Do you see where we are going? It is best if you purchase a plan. As well, visit this page regularly to get the full list of available subscription plans. 


Why It Should be the First Stopover for Beginners

Fair enough, I recommend this crypto bot for first-timers. One thing I won't do in this Shrimpy trade review is exaggerate the positives of using this platform.  A bunch of things you probably want to consider as a beginner would include:

  • An intuitive bot

  • Security

  • Pocket friendliness

  • The range of tools

Judging by what you've read so far, you can likely tell that the trading bot caters well to these needs and leaves almost nothing to be desired. 


Let's Wrap it Up

In total, Shrimpy is a very convincing place to trade crypto. For me, the most interesting parts are the social trading, rebalancing, security, and the user-friendly interface. There should be no difficulties with navigating your bot if you are ready to start, and to top it off, you will be protected. I can also add that writing this Shrimpy review was worth it. I hope it goes a long way in helping you get on your feet. Lastly, I recommend the use of the trading bot for both beginners and experienced traders. Trust me guys, you’ll be glad you did. Good luck as you take your next step. Subscribe to this website for the latest updates, share this review, and let me know your thoughts.


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