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3Сommas Trading Bot: Why Traders Are Talking About It?


3Сommas like other crypto trade bots has unveiled new webs of intrigue to explore. From providing a single interface for major crypto exchanges and offering users customizable trading tools to maintaining great customer experience, turns out crypto tradings trends are fast evolving and the use of trading bots happens to be the key game changer in the middle of all of it.




If you’re new to the cryptocurrency market and are not sure what 3Comas is, the features, advantages and disadvantages, or whether you’ll need this trading bot to kick start your experience, then this 3Commas review is for you. You’ll be guided on every step of the way. On that note, let’s begin! 


How Does It Help Crypto Traders?

For starters, It is an all-inclusive space where crypto traders of all skill levels can learn and earn from. The site’s management grants access to multiple trading tools designed to increase cryptocurrency trading efficiency and performance. The platform works towards helping traders curb financial loses, and cutoff unexpected trading risks. With its smart trade, beginners and even more advanced traders can take advantage of the platform to move their trades into more profitable heights.

Look: It’s time to put an end to the old school way of opening several tabs and exchanges at once. According to 3Commas Reddit, the main feature of the system is the trading bot — runs a couple of web-based services and consolidates various exchanges and devices.

Before we go any further, let's recap on what trade bots do. Trading bots are bits of automated programs that make trades based on pre-installed parameters or indicators set by the trader. Why don’t we also take a closer look at the current state of it: Right now on the crypto market more than 33,00 users trade with it! Then ask yourself these: Why this number of users? What’s so particular about this bot?

Here’s the kicker: it manages an excess of  $10m of trading volume. Also, this trading bot is compatible with about 12 exchanges including Coinbase, GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex, and Huobi. What does it mean? It’s rare to have such a combo in one both. Trading on a platform like this one helps traders do three things — keep up with an incredible amount of orders on different exchanges, develop more conscious trading behavior, and use of effective trading techniques to either stop losses or make profit.


Features to Access


As mentioned earlier in this 3 Commas review, it operates as a web-based interface. Users enjoy the splice of working between a rather intuitive network and a trading medium equipped with both a wide range of features and detailed analytics. Similarly, clients can trade with simple to composite crypto bots, determine loss and profit margins and set their own trading strategies. 


3Commas crypto uses an API to integrate major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Bimatrix. Users can perform trade activities from both their iOS and Android devices and on a 24/7 basis. The same way, account logins and logouts are not restricted to neither desktops nor PCs. One more thing to note: traders might want to give a go at the mobile app. It works well on both iOS and Android interfaces. 

Range of application

Apart from providing trading bots and up-to-date analytics, the platform gives a decent range of trading tools to its users. More importantly guys, you can check up on other crypto dealers. How does this play out? Users can build up, review, back-test crypto profiles and even keep tabs on the best performing portfolios created by other users. To top it off, social trading is possible here. It’s also like one of the incredible features of it  — traders can refer and copy the activities of other successful traders. 

Exchange Integration

Remarkably, exchange consolidation is great on this bot. Dealers are provided automated programs for 12 other exchanges including Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, KuCoin, etc.


Customer care

What is better than trade in the language you understand? Those bots are encrypted in both English and Russian, and as such users can switch between the two languages. Besides, there’s around the clock customer support team always ready to answer to the long list of questions from clients, and a help center that receives customers’ requests. 3Commas reviews and updates can be searched using the team’s Twitter account, Telegram group, and Facebook. In the help centers, FAQ page that addresses the most recurring issues, as well as a number of instructional guides to help clients with trading.       


Cutting Edge Benefits of Using 

Let’s dig a little deeper into the pros of trading with this bot. Here we go! 

Easy setup

The simple 3Commas bot setting allows newcomers to seamlessly navigate the crypto environment. With various new features, trading bot portrays itself as a master solution to help newbies make trades without much hassle. Additionally, connecting to top exchanges and setting up trade bots is as simple as just clicking a button. 

Visibility and layout

3Commas crypto dashboard is also well laid out. Users are able to view information, quickly select their preferred tabs and features through the side panel. Also, features such as bot analytic, trailing stop loss and take profit are equally appealing to traders as they are easy to move around and use. An example of ‘take profit’ application would be in keeping down risks and loses. Again, managing profiles tracking, and social trading features are both intuitive and suit both new and more experienced traders. Likewise, you can skim through various portfolios from your own account, and still be able to monitor other traders’ performance. This edge helps to gain follow-ups on portfolios of interest. Lastly, and perhaps the most interesting is that users can copy and refer a portfolio if desired. But beware that you’ll need to have similar exchanges linked to your account to be able to access this feature in full. 

Available Resources

Having an enormous wealth of resources like guides, tutorial videos, FAQs, the 3Commas review on the help section of this platform contains a helps clients stay informed about the most crucial issues. 

Great group support

Since every beginner’s hitch is not having the right info at hand, this platform makes sure its teams maintain a blog that is detailed to the T. On this, new traders are ushered into knowing the key concepts to work with. More so, proper assistance is provided through their Telegram group, YouTube Channel, 3Commas reddit and other social networks. By using these, members can gain access to the 3Commas Discord from inside their accounts. 

3 Days Free Trial plus Invite-and-Earn Offer

First of all, did you know: For every referral as a beginner, you’re offered a 10% discount. Amazing right?  Secondly, new users can grab the free trial privilege. They can use the opportunity to pick up some crypto trading tricks and secrets, and also play around with the various features.  


A Few Pitfalls to Watch Out

Ever ridden on a road without bumps? I have never! The same way, I’m yet to see a  three Commas crypto bot without problems. However, as long as traders are aware of the areas where their bots fall short, they can always wrap their fingers around such issues, or at least whenever they come up. In this 3 Commas crypto review are things to consider while using 3Commas trading bot:

  1. Security concern — Even though this platform is quite user-friendly, it, however, does not address extensive security worries. Because of this, questions about customer integrity and privacy have arisen. To shut down this problem, users can activate the so-called 2-factor verification. At present, it seems this move still does not completely cover the security loophole.

  2. Multiple upgrades — At 3Comas plans are regularly updated. It would have been great if such upgrades came free of charge. With the reverse being the case, crypto tradesmen will have to put up with the expense. 

  3. You have to fill the balance to earn a commission.

N/B: Check out our website or 3Commas reddit to learn more about the different plans, their pricing, the upcoming features, etc.


How Beginner Friendly Is 3 Commas?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say 8. And here’s why:

Let’s remember that this platform is one of the simplest to navigate by beginners. You’re supplied a number of features to trade with 3Commas signals, including the ‘smart trading’ option and stop loss, which are both intuitive. There is a great advantage of trying up various exchanges into your personal account. The type of your operating system doesn’t quite matter — Android and iOS devices are compatible with 3Commas trading bot.   




Need I mention the well laid out dashboard, a side panel for users to choose tabs and features in just one click? Come on guys, who wouldn’t mind such good stuff?

Let’s face it. In as much as trading bots are smart tools, they are still made by humans. You can’t really afford to give them that 100% trust, particularly if you consider issues like developer errors. Despite being flooded with multiple capabilities and protocols, trading bots top-notch efficacy is yet to be proven. A lot of these bots have shown to be prone to errors. For instance, Zenbot which provides open source trading has on different occasions displayed variable results for virtual and real trades (mind you, it was for the same trading situation). It further cements the possibility that some bots might as well be incapable of carrying out high-frequency operations, so they, in turn, fail to fully highlight golden opportunities where traders can double up profits.  

Understanding these pitfalls are essential for beginners. Thankfully, in previous sections of this 3Commas review, both the pros and cons of trading on the 3Commas signals have carefully explained. 


Final Words

Here's probably the most important part for beginners: It appears these 3Commas signals, as opposed to other bots, performs best. It is simple to set up, navigate and make trades with, especially for first time traders. Just by providing these solutions, the platform sets the pace when it comes to trading with automated computers. But that’s not all. Binance, Coinbase and Huobi — the leading crypto exchanges, can be consolidated into this bot. It all boils down to carrying out all your activities from one account, rather than shuttle between exchanges at the same time.

It gets even better! The bot provides a conducive trading space for both beginners and older traders. How does it do so? We all know that cryptocurrency market trading activities take place day in, day out and with each trade, users could either miss out on profits or take advantage of mega-valuable deals. For newcomers, knowing the right buttons to push could be a hard one. In other words, to maximize their trading potential on this fast-paced market, without fear of losing, without incompetencies, beginners likely need a ‘smart trading option’ which in this case is the bot. 

Another way to look at it? Understanding the market highs and lows, finding a way around features and indicators, getting a hold of a good 3Commas review is only possible if traders had some sort of system updating them. Seriously, think of it. How can you do these all by yourself? In simple terms, a crypto dealer needs to be in the know to trade better. And it really wouldn’t hurt if they got it from just one trading bot.

The icing on the cake: A good amount of instructions and detailed 3 Commas crypto analytics are available for you. You may also have to add features like portfolio creation and tracking, and social trading to build a more stable foundation. Aside from that, trading with this bot is a brilliant option, I’d recommend for beginners.

To sum up, it will be much and a major plus if traders can combine using bots and a provider. For more crypto bots review, info about average profits it could offer and to gain insight into 3Commas reddit, stick your fingers around our pages


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