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Wealth Square - The First Robo-Advisor for Cryptocurrency [2022 Review]

wealth square review safetrading

Have you ever faced such a problem when money goes away by itself?
This is a big problem for newcomers to trading. They start earning, and most of the money is immediately spent on those things that they have long dreamed of, and, more often than not, they are not vital.
For fiat money, a bunch of features has long been invented that help to save a certain percentage every month, and even get an annual percentage from savings.
What about cryptocurrency? At the moment, the market does not offer us a huge number of services that would allow us to manage our crypto. We have exchanges, crypto bots, crypto wallets, but all the services work separately.
Today we will tell you about an explosive service, which presented the opportunity to create your portfolio, set goals, save money, withdraw it at any time to your crypto wallet, and is able to connect all of your bank accounts, investments and monitor them in one place - Wealth Square.
Sounds amazing, right?

What Is Wealth Square?

what is wealth square

Wealth Square is the first robo-advisor that helps you to manage, save, deposit, and withdraw your cryptocurrency. As you may see, this service is a crypto wallet, exchange, and trading platform altogether.
The robo-advisor is registered in France, Paris, and has an Autorité des marchés financiers or AMF license.
If you don't know what this regulation means, you can quickly google it. In short, the presence of this registration means that your investment is safe and you have the protection anyway.
Now it is time to go through all the presented features.
Let’s go!

Portfolio Builder

As soon as you create an account (for this you will need to specify the minimum personal information, confirm your mail, come up with a password), you will be prompted to create your portfolio.
wealth square portfolio

In this option, everything is arranged as conveniently as possible.
You will need to:
  1. come up with a name for your portfolio;
  2. decide and indicate how much you want to invest;
  3. choose the cryptocurrencies you want to invest in (you will be offered a choice of more than 200 coins);
  4. view the past performance of the coin in case you are not yet completely sure of the choice and want to check everything;
  5. choose the investment percentage for each coin accordingly;
  6. set rebalancing (threshold or period);
  7. backtest the final portfolio to see the percentage of earnings for, for example, last year, and assess the prospects of your choice;
  8. and, finally, create your own portfolio of investments in cryptocurrency;
What if you are new to the world of trading and are not sure about the profitability of the created portfolio?
Don't worry - you have the opportunity to choose a portfolio created by an expert in the world of trading.
wealth square expert portfolio

You can assess the risks, the available coins, the planned annual profit, as well as check the profitability of this portfolio over the past periods of time using the backtesting feature.
wealth square backtest


Goals are a very well thought-out feature, as they can increase people's motivation by visualizing what they want to acquire in the future.
When you click on "Create Goal", you will be given the following categories to choose from:
  • Vehicle
  • Vacation
  • Cash
  • House
  • Renovation
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Wedding
  • Retirement
  • Other

When you press, for example, “Vehicle”, you will be asked to name it, to upload the image, to set the initial deposit, monthly deposit, target amount, and time period.
wealth square goals

So, as you may see, everything is very well-organized, and this feature is actually one of my favorites in this app.


wealth square finances

Now let's talk about what, for sure, will cause you a lot of questions - the moment of assessing your financial situation.
First, let's talk about what initially even confused me - the process of adding your investments from a cryptocurrency exchange. To do this, you need to choose the exchange you trade or hold with, for example, Binance, and enter your API Key and Secret Key.
wealth square exchanges

The thing is that this information will be used to display your investment. Nothing more. No managing, no withdrawing.
In general, you can add absolutely every investment that you own - the amount of cryptocurrency in wallets, real estate, jewelry, collections, and so on. Nobody will get this data - it will just show you how much money you own.

Future Plans

wealth square future plans

Any promising service has plans for the future, which will provide even more convenient features.
And Wealth Square is not an exception.
What can we expect in the future?
First, the guys are planning to add cryptocurrency signals and market analysis. You will also have the opportunity to borrow cryptocurrency to increase your profits. In addition, the number of professional portfolios will grow.
Unfortunately, we do not know the start date for these improvements, but we will definitely inform you about it.

Final Thoughts

Today, I suppose, was the day of new discoveries.
Really, I haven’t seen such a service before. It is very convenient, has a very bright design, and full of interesting features that can help you not only to visualize your dreams and goals but to get them.
Is this service good for newcomers?
Despite the possibility to choose the expert portfolio, I think that you should start trading, investing, or holding when you understand the market. That is why, if you are a complete newcomer, you will better check everything and contact your personal advisor to be sure you understand everything.
In general, I can recommend this service to people who want to invest long-term, because the cryptocurrency market is developing, and, according to most experts, prices are going to grow every year.
I wish you high profits with Wealth Square!
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