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ProfitTradingApp Audit

ProfitTradingApp Review 2021

In today's audit, Safetrading experts have set their sights on the ProfitTradingApp. At first glance, everything looks like a pretty promising trading application.
This unbiased review aims to demonstrate the main characteristics of the software and determine how it can benefit traders of all levels.
As of now, this product has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play platform. We studied the reviews of most users and concluded that the app demonstrates smooth and stable operation and has a user-friendly interface.
Currently, the app supports a wide variety of crypto exchanges, including:
  • Binance
  • FTX
  • KuCoin
  • BitMEX
  • Kraken
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi

Remember that this is far from a complete list of all exchanges. Moreover, the developers periodically expand this list, adding the most promising and reliable exchange platforms for buying and selling crypto coins.

What is ProfitTradingApp?

ProfitTradingApp is a universal mobile application that will seem equally convenient for seasoned users and newcomers to crypto trading. The developers managed to gather the most critical characteristics in one product, which is in no way inferior to popular PC counterparts.
From the first minutes, it becomes evident that the app developers have focused on convenience for mobile users. The app can be connected to any exchange in a matter of minutes and offer an advanced library of fast and safe trading tools.
Still, not all features are for free here. However, we found the paid elements of the app seem more valuable than not. Using them, can quickly diversify the trading arsenal of tools, regardless of trading level and experience.
It is noteworthy that the developers do not limit users by the number of accounts on different exchanges. This allows you to connect any number of profiles and organize all the necessary information in one app.

ProfitTradingApp: Usage Features

ProfitTradingApp Features

The first thing worth paying attention to is the interface that looks simple and intuitive, even for newbies. You can easily find all the necessary tabs, open/close orders, or check the current P/L.
The main screen of the application has four primary tabs, namely:
  1. Trading
  2. Markets
  3. TradingBot
  4. Stores

Let's take a closer look at these sections and check their functionality.

Trading Tab

ProfitTradingApp Trading

By clicking on this tab, you get access to the function of buying and selling crypto assets. Suppose you have already carried out one or several operations. In that case, you can also analyze open and closed orders and see the number of fiat funds available for trading.
If necessary, users can also choose different types of trading, including:
  • Spot
  • Margin
  • Futures
  • Margin ISO (isolated)
  • Coined Margin Futures

Please note that if you choose “Futures” trading, you will get access to 125x leverage. Unlike other analogs, ProfitTradingApp also offers users to set up such vital elements as stop limits, stop loss, take profit, and so on.
The excellent design of all graphic elements, including graphs and diagrams, also deserves special attention. A user can also choose among line charts, candlestick charts, or opt for depth charts.

Broker Mode

ProfitTradingApp Broker Mode

This feature seemed quite impressive even on a superficial analysis of the application. More importantly, you don’t have to spend additional funds to activate it. Broker mode allows users to copy trades for all selected accounts in no time.
This feature will be handy for advanced users who BUY-SELL-HODL with multiple accounts. You need to select one main account and add the required number of additional accounts that to copy transactions.
After you make a trade operation in the main account, the same action will be carried out in the rest of the accounts in automatic mode.
For more convenience, the amount of the trade used to open the order in the main account will be proportional to the amounts in other accounts.
For example, you want to sell 5% of the total amount of bitcoin on the main account. The application will automatically calculate the equivalent of 5% of the asset for other accounts depending on the available amount of the coin and conduct the corresponding transaction.

ProfitTradingApp: Order Features

ProfitTradingApp Order Features

Quick access to open orders and closed positions is one of the essential features for mobile crypto traders. That is why the application developers tried to get rid of complex exchange terms and offered very convenient navigation for instant access to the orders tab.
By clicking on this tab, you will gain access to the following features:
  • Market type and number of open orders
  • Option to edit orders
  • Current coin prices and the level of how close your order is to execution

The developers have tried to collect all the most important financial indicators to assess the profitability or loss for each transaction. Even a glance will be enough to instantly assess such essential parameters as the p/l bar indicator, profits, ROE, fiat values, and so on.

ProfitTradingApp Wallet

ProfitTradingApp Wallet

This is precisely the place where you can analyze the entire portfolio of crypto assets and check their current value. A handy pie chart allows traders to see in detail the percentage of crypto assets and more accurately differentiate risks.
The wallet is also perfect for analyzing a detailed balance sheet history or checking how much you have been able to increase the share of an asset during the year.


ProfitTradingApp Market Tab

This tab offers crypto traders the opportunity to analyze the proportion of their long-term assets and historical price changes. The wallet is virtually indistinguishable from its counterparts in other applications. Simply put, you get access to a list of available crypto assets, volumes, and price changes within 24 hours.
If you are used to trading using news analysis, the NEWS tab is the way to go. A constantly updated news stream will allow you to keep track of the most critical events in time and make fateful decisions.
In some cases, you can also access short and informative videos, which seem pretty helpful, especially for beginners.


ProfitTradingApp Trading Bot

Some registered users consider this feature the most valuable and robust solution in the ProfitTradingApp. This feature is paid, yet it helps traders automate some vital functions and make the trading process even more efficient.
Forget about keeping the app open all the time and nervously checking price changes to buy or sell an asset on time. The software is a trading bot that can be customized for various scenarios.
It is enough to set such indicators as the buy price, sell price or stop loss, and it's as good as done.

Price Packages

Currently, the developers offer a variety of subscription options ranging from basic to the fullest license of the application, which is suitable for pro traders.
At the time of writing this audit, the prices were as follows.
ProfitTradingApp Prices

Actually, the final price of the application may differ depending on your country of residence and the specifics of taxation.


ProfitTradingApp is a mobile application with tons of valuable features for crypto traders of all levels. Using the daily trading app, you can get instant access to all your accounts or analyze asset price changes from anywhere in the world 24/7.
One of the application's main features is managing various accounts. Among other things, you can activate a unique broker mode that allows you to copy transactions for several accounts simultaneously.
The application also has convenient navigation, allowing beginners to learn the software and start trading immediately. The ball is in your court now!
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