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990 USD/year
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  1. Channel
    InfoCrypto was founded in October 2017. The founder of this group received a lot of messages on social media from people asking for tips and help, so he decided to start a channel in order to share his knowledge with a broader audience.


  1. Team
    Before the InfoCrypto group was created, its founder worked for a famous Brazilian crypto channel. After receiving the necessary experience, the founder decided to start his own project,  InfoCrypto, which is now very popular.

  2. Communication
    The InfoCrypto Telegram channel is the first stop for communication with the administrator. Aside from the high quality of the support, we would like to mention the speed of responses as well. The administrators answer any request within ten minutes, day or night.

  3. Organization of work with the users.
    Aside from the active Telegram channel, the Infocrypto team has a website where you can find a lot of information about the team and contact them outside of Telegram. The set of Telegram groups that the InfoCrypto team has is quite standard:
    - InfoCrypto  - through this channel, you can find an overview of the most important cryptocurrency-related news, some free signals from the paid groups, TA, and the results of the signals from the main channel over the previous reporting period
    - PREMIUM SIGNALS - INFOCRYPTO - a primary channel for paid subscribers
    - BITCOIN ANALYSIS - INFOCRYPTO - a channel devoted solely to Bitcoin market behavior analysis
    - CHAT VIP INFOCRYPTO - a closed chat for paid subscribers only

    The InfoCrypto team is currently working on launching their own platform so they can cooperate and communicate with clients. This is a general pattern that top signal providers follow.

  4. Signals
    As briefly mentioned above, InfoCrypto team members pay a lot of attention to analysis of the behavior of Bitcoin on the market and have a separate channel devoted to just this. On this channel, they perform a detailed technical analysis of Bitcoin behavior.



They can publish these sorts of charts several times a day, especially during times of rapid growth or fluctuation.



You can find different information on the paid channel called PREMIUM SIGNALS - INFOCRYPTO.

You can find an overview of the latest crypto events.



General advice on behavior in certain situations.


InfoCrypto signals differ greatly from the ordinary text signals that most traders are used to. Their signals are TA charts with recommendations and information about the range of the coins’ predicted percentage of profit in the short, mid, and long term, as well as the percentage of risk for each of them. The InfoCrypto team predicts the minimum value of the coin and shows several levels of purchase.


The InfoCrypto team pays attention to ICO projects as well; they perform technical analysis and provide arguments to support it.



6. Result

InfoCrypto beat their competitors in the period of March and April 2018, having shown the best results out of all the signal providers. They showed results that are almost +100% better than those of their closest competitors. Their profit in Bitcoin through March and April was 172%. This is not simply a good result, it is a breathtaking one that is worth admiring. You could have increased your portfolio the same way had you followed the signals of this team closely.

7. Price
The subscription price for InfoCrypto is currently average for the market. We are sure that it corresponds to the high quality of the services the team provides to its subscribers.


All paid users get the same range of services, but the  price differs depending on the length of the subscription. We recommend that you have a look at the annual subscription plan, as it is the most cost-efficient plan that will help you get support for a year and save money in the long run.


8. Conclusion
InfoCrypto is currently among the top five best crypto signal providers we reviewed on our platform. Their results for March and April 2018 are outstanding, and we recommend that you try working with them.


Accuracy: +172% for March and April

Accuracy: +22% for May and June

Communication: 5 out of 5

Price: 5 out of 5

Convenience of working with the users: 5 out of 5


InfoCrypto Crypto Signals Group Description

Infocrypto Telegram group provides personal assistance, analysis, and information 24/7 to their audience. They strive to deliver the best strategies, analysis, and crypto signals to their subscribers. The Infocrypto Telegram channel is bilingual, working both in English and Portuguese. Infocrypto was created by a remarkably hard-working and highly enthusiastic Brazilian group. The channel offers TC analysis, ICO reviews, Altcoin signals, a news channel, special forecasts, exclusive news, portfolio advice, personal support, VIP chat with members, trading strategies, and mental coaching.

Infocrypto signals on Telegram are provided in a technical way, meaning that subscribers get screenshots of technical analysis with entry points and targets along with the signals. This information also proves that Infocrypto team members perform original research and do not copy any information from elsewhere.

Typically, the channel provides around three signals. There is also a separate channel exclusively for BTC daily analysis. This channel is often updated during the day. The Infocrypto team boasts of over five years of experience in cryptocurrency trading, as well as more than fifteen years of trading in Brazilian stocks and Forex. Infocrypto offers both free and paid membership. You can join a free Infocrypto crypto trading channel here: @infocryptosignals   to make sure that the quality of the signals meets your expectations. To upgrade to a paid membership, you need to contact @infocryptobr on Telegram. Exchanges support: Cryptopia, HitBtc, Kucoin, Binance, Huobi, and Bittrex. Infocrypto website



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