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What is Altsignals Trade Calls?

AltSignals is one of the crypto signals providers operating on the modern market of crypto signals. It is quite a young provider of trading signals which has already proved to be a reliable source of information. Here is our Altsignals Trade Calls review aimed to help traders get a better grip on the cryptocalls provider. AltSignals was established in late December of 2017 by a team of web entrepreneurs and trading analysts.



The team behind the AltSignals Trade Calls Telegram channel put the following value in it:

  • Provide technical and fundamental analysis, help crypto enthusiasts to trade with AltSignals, educate them so that they will not follow Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram or any other Bitcoin signals provider blindly

  • Coach and help clients to learn how to place trades and get profit

  • Trade on the largest exchanges like Binance and Bitmex

  • Continue to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, whether it is a Bull or Bear Market

  • Provide best crypto signals at a reasonable price

  • Provide a high-quality trading service.

Since 2017, AltSignals have been steadily active on the market of crypto trading signals. Unlike many other services, which often pop up only to disappear after a few months leaving you high and dry after you have parted with your money, AltSignals cherishes its clients and has a good name.


Is it easy to communicate with the admin?

AltSignals Trade Calls Telegram group is one of the places where users can get a consultation regarding almost any question 24/7. Even if you think that the guys behind Altsignals Trade Calls will not be able to help you, they just do the impossible and answer your questions. They give straight answers and support their recommendations by mentioning the state of the crypto market. It is also worth mentioning in our Altsignals Trade Calls review that this crypto signals provider is ready to help you even if the question you ask is not related to its operations. In this regard, we can only say positive things in our Altsignals Trade Calls review. 


Which services do these guys provide? 

  • Crypto Trading Signals

Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram is dedicated exclusively to crypto trading signals. Altsignals Trade Calls represent a set of instructions sent to subscribers in real time. These recommendations help crypto traders to keep track of the cryptocurrency market. They advise users on the matter of buying, selling or holding cryptocurrency. It provides recommendations regarding which assets to buy and at which price to buy them and optimal targets to sell them. What is more important, Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram group provides subscribers with the correct stop loss signals to ensure that if something goes wrong in the trading process the loss will be minimal.  The Altsignals guys make all recommendations based on their personal broad trading experience. They are ready to take on the hard work and allow you to start trading and earning pretty fast. This earned the crypto calls provider another brownie point from us in this Altsignals Trade Calls review.

  • Educative Content

It is also worth mentioning in our Altsignals Trade Calls review that the project has its own blog where it shares all crypto-related news and educative content. You can read the article by following this link.



  • Leverage Trading

Leverage trading is what makes the Altsignals Trade Calls project different from the vast majority of analog crypto Telegram groups. Altsignals Trade Calls are not limited to providing trading signals. The project also gives its users an opportunity to utilize leverage trading. Leverage trading, also referred to as Margin Trading, is a process of borrowing funds when trading assets. These additional resources allow increasing potential returns as you have access to larger funds than your actual balance. For example, when placing 10 BTC for the trade you can multiply it by 10 with a leverage of 10x. The value of your position, which is actually 10 BTC, will be open with the value of 100 BTC. If the market rises, your profit will be 10x times as big as if you have traded only with 10 BTC. However, leverage trading imposes great risks as such loans magnify losses.

Leverage trading is quite complicated, thus extremely risky for crypto enthusiasts.

  • Cornix Bot

Users of the Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram group can use the Cornix Bot for trading operations, which works 24/7. The bot takes on all the tasks so that users could rest and spend time on other tasks that cannot be automated. In the main Telegram channel the guys behind the project regularly publish market researches and analysis, as well as the most prominent new in the worlds of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin signals in particular.


How to work with crypto signals provided by Altsignals Trade Calls?

Altsignals Trade Calls provide its clients with crypto calls which are accompanied by technical analysis. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading and know little about trading operations, this technical analysis helps to quickly learn all ins and out of the operations and cryptocurrency predictions. Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram group publishes daily signals 3-4 times per day.


When compared with other providers, this number is quite impressive. Nerveless, the trading signals were always profitable during the verified period. Telegram channel provides users with the opportunity to regularly monitor the results of the signal, which is also a big plus in favor of this project. You can find all information on the results in monthly trade reports via this link.


Which are the best signals for the last period of review?

Safetrading has made our own independent report on this provider. We have tracked its activities during April-June 2019 and you can find all the details via this link. The provider showed one of the highest level of profitable signals among our provider which is 97%. The largest profit in BTC brought the selling of the BCHSV coin with a profit of 40%.



The ENJ coins also demonstrated great results and rose by 26%. 



As we have already mentioned, guys behind the Altsignals Trade Calls project take their duties seriously and provide the best crypto signals. And we can confirm their status as a reliable provider of trading signals with our report. 


Which are disadvantages in Altsignals Trade Calls' work?

In our Altsignals Trade Calls Review, we need to mention the reliability and high quality of the provided by Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram groups trading signal. We at Safetrading can safely say that this provider does not have any flaws in its work. The quality of support is superior, al cryptocurrency trading signals are supported with comprehensive technical analysis. Users always receive comprehensive answers to all their questions.



Which is the last’s “judgment”?

  • Saferading platform has personally checked Altsignals Trade Calls during April-June 2019 period of time. We have tracked their activities during market fluctuations and can now guarantee that they put their users first and recommend the provided services.

  • Altsignals Trade Calls share signals regularly and they provide additional details that help users better understand their nature. Altsignals Trade Calls Telegram channel regularly posts information about promotions and help users discover something new for themselves. All the activity processes are held up-to-date.

  • The price is rather average on the market which automatically makes the provider more profitable.


Please note that the platform makes the analysis of trading signals providers with the help of specially-developed calculations and algorithms. Providers have no influence on our decision. We regularly update our audits so that you could stay up-to-date. You can be sure that Altsignals Trade Calls Review was made on the same conditions.

If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, we will be happy to help you get in-depth knowledge about our platform and cryptocurrency market in general. You can read our article via this link to learn the basics of the crypto world.

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