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Dear users, this trader provided all the important info and we checked him. He is approved and recommended.
4C Trading: A New Trading Giant On The Market
4C Trading provides a holistic approach to crypto trading and investing - from automated trading with SMART Bots to manual trading with SMART Margin Signals and crypto trading education with 4C Learning. 

We know how difficult and challenging it is to find the right crypto provider. 
I am sure you went through a lot of channels…
And now you are here thinking, “Maybe this provider is not going to disappoint me…”
I am sure they won’t!
Continue reading to know why 4C Trading is worth your attention.


What Is Special About 4C Trading Activity?


features of 4c trading
On June 15, 2019, two experienced providers, Crypto Addicts and CryptoMedics merged and gave birth to a group of channels with a variety of services and instruments in store.
Do you know what happens when Pepsi and Mentos are blended? 
Just find the video on YouTube, and you will see a real explosion!
The same thing happened when the creation of 4C was announced. 
It seems like these guys have decided to provide the best crypto signals and teach even your grandmother how to trade. Their intentions are earnest, and the steps they take are more than impressive.
Safetrading has been cooperating with Crypto Addicts for a long time, which is why we can confirm the quality of their Bitcoin trading signals and the proficiency of their support team. Even though we are not as familiar with CryptoMedics and their activities, it is evident that they are also professional and experienced in the crypto field.
We hope that their crypto trading groups and educational courses will be on the same level and that all of the cryptocurrency predictions they make will enrich their users!
Continue reading our 4C Trading review to get more juicy details.
What About The 4C Trading Team?
4c trading team


It consists of 15 experienced specialists, each of whom is a real expert in a particular field, including marketing, sales, finances, information technologies, development, administration, trading and analysis, and many others. 
Three people manage all the activities - BenDamian, and Julien
They have multiple years of experience in tutoring, creating crypto signals, and providing users with the latest and most accurate crypto news. 
This division of tasks and clear fields of responsibility helps them to structure and prioritize the working process to manage everything accurately and on time.


Is It Easy To Communicate With This Provider?


You would probably agree that one of the essential features of crypto telegram groups is their ability to communicate and deliver information without any delays: working around the clock and answering questions in a matter of minutes.
As we have already mentioned in our 4C Trading review, their team consists of 15 experts, each of whom is responsible for a particular field and question.
When any new information concerning crypto trading signals or the company’s activity emerged, users were always the first to learn about it through the public chat.


Which Services Do These Guys Provide?


Our 4C Trading review wouldn’t mean a thing if we didn’t tell readers about the services this company provides. So, let’s stop postponing and get straight to the point!
Here are the services that this channel boasts:
  • Several trading packs structured to fit your trading needs. There are 5 packs to choose from (Beginner, Advanced, Expert) with a special VIP pack called HNI which is for those looking to invest $100k+, and a “custom expert” pack for those looking to invest more than the expert pack limits. All packs come with access to the Trade Room and Trade Room Chat Telegram groups.
4c trading subscription plans
  • Secure dashboard for your portfolio, protected by the latest encryption technologies
4c trading dashboard

  • Trading courses available on 4C-Learning that aim to teach you how to build your wealth
  • Automated SMART Bots that trade BTC, ETH, and LINK on the Binance exchange
  • Webinars and streams with market leaders and experts
webinars and streams of 4c trading
  • Direct communication with traders and experts to get started without any delays
The Trade Room 
the trade room 4c trading
All packs grant users access to the Trade Room and Trade Room Chat Telegram groups which provide market updates and valuable trading information.
Members of the Trade Room can additionally purchase their most favored Add-Ons:

"Auto trading SMART Bots"

Trading bots designed to read complex algorithms from the Binance Spot exchange and built to make the proper decisions to grow your portfolio. You can even trade while you sleep!

"SMART Margin"

4C's SMART Margin comes with a 2% fixed risk on Binance Futures and FTX for those who want to do manual trading. You can also receive signals from it. 

"4C Learning"

Advance your trading knowledge with 4C Learning courses. Every lecture is taught by an experienced trader. These courses are designed to take your knowledge level from beginner to advanced in no time. 


SMART Bots - 4C Trading
smart bots 4c trading
SMART Bots only trade on Binance using BTC, ETH, and LINK. Completely automated and designed to read complex algorithms from Binance Spot to conduct the best trades to grow your portfolio. 

Dashboard 4C Trading
4c trading dashboard info

Here are the features their dashboard can boast:
  • Efficient and automated trading with the help of bots
4c trading automated trading
  • Ability to create personal trades via quick or custom trade
4c trading personal trades

  • Use the Smart USDT and configure it based on your requirements
4c trading smart USDT
  • You will have access to all the reports 
4c trading reports
  • Referral Program 
4c trading referral program
4C Learning


4c trading courses
Apart from providing the best crypto signals, the company can also teach anyone more about the cryptocurrency world.
Moreover, these free courses can answer even the more complex questions that experienced traders face from time to time.
For example, why has the profit flow stopped? 
What can I do to improve my trading strategy? 
And much more!
If you want to take it to the next level, you can buy courses and get access to video materials, streams, and direct consultations with experts.
The Best Signals During The Period Of Review
Safetrading checks all of the trusted providers every three months, so 4C Trading was not an exception. 
The highest profit was made with THETA coin - 16%.
4c trading best signals




I think every business has some drawbacks anyway - they cannot be massive, but still, they are present. 
When we speak about 4C, the only thing that sometimes bothers me is the speed of getting answers. 
The thing is that when you contact the manager about marketing or financial questions, he redirects your item to a group of professionals in this or that field. 
And because of this process, I can wait for the answer one day or more.  


Final Verdict


There is no doubt that 4C Trading is a company you need to reckon with. 
It is very appealing to know that they are planning growth in the long run, and we are sure that they will continue to improve the quality of the cryptocurrency signals and services provided.
Follow our updates to not miss a single detail about trusted crypto traders like Infocrypto and Bob’s Crypto Trades.
Avoid crypto pump Telegram groups and scam channels! 

Andreas (safetrading.today): How long do you trade in general? 

Jonny (4C Trading): We have been actively trading the cryptocurrency market since 2015. Many of our traders have traded forex before they moved into crypto.

Andreas (safetrading.today): What was your financial market before you started to trade cryptocurrency (USA, Europe, Russia, New York, Forex)? 

Jonny (4C Trading): As mentioned above, most of our traders had traded forex markets before they started trading cryptocurrencies. Our co-founder Julien has worked at banks before and was responsible of conducting trading strategies and risk management strategies which gives us a competitive edge over competitors. We know the ins and outs of trading, are experienced in fund strategy modeling and bring these experiences into our service and to our members.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you work/Did you work in other trading companies? If yes - in which ones? Is it a public or private company? 

Jonny (4C Trading)As mentioned above, Julien was part of a team in a major bank modeling trading strategies. Before 4C-Trading appeared our team was working for the Crypto-Addicts brand which started in early 2018.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Did you trade with your own money or with money of your company where you did trading?  

Jonny (4C Trading)Most of our traders have traded their own money for multiple years. We have a very detailed onboarding process for our traders to ensure that they have the experience, mentality and determination we need and our customers deserve.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Please provide contacts (Telegram, Viber, Skype s.o.) of the person who can guarantee you did trading in that company. 

Jonny (4C Trading)As we are legally not allowed to provide contacts of any bank, feel free to reach out to our co-founder Julien @Julien_4c on telegram for further clarification.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How much money did you earn while trading? 

Jonny (4C Trading)As we are a team of traders, this question is impossible to answer. However, we are talking about six figures in trading gains for our top traders.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How long do you trade cryptocurrency? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We have been actively trading the market since 2015.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Is your company legally registered? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Yes.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you have your own office? Could you provide its address? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Yes, we have a beautiful office in the heart of Brussel. Feel free to visit us :) 65 avenue Louise, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Can you name real people who were the initiators of this projects? Would be perfect if you could provide their contacts too. 

Jonny (4C Trading)You can find our team on our website: https://4c-trading.com/team/

Andreas (safetrading.today): Which crypto exchange do you use for crypto trading and why? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We use Binance as the liquidity we need can only be found on Binance and it is one of the most reliable exchanges to send signals. Besides, we trade on Bitmex for margin trading for the same reason. However, we are always looking for new platforms to explore, given that they offer enough market liquidity.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How many people are there in your team? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We are a team of 15 people. Most of our team works from Brussel, the financial center of Europe. Other team members are spread all around the world.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How much time do you use on preparation for trading every day? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We are always prepared as we constantly watch the market.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How much time do you trade every day? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We basically trade around the clocks we are a team of many.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How often do you open a deal (1 time/day, 1 time/hour)? 

Jonny (4C Trading)That really depends on whatever the market offers to us. We do not hunt trades, we do not rush trades. You must understand that with such a big community we cannot send a random trade on a very low liquidity asset as then most of members would not be enter the trade. Our trading signals are customized for our members and the size of our community. On average we send about 30-50 signals per month.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you trade on your own or use a bot? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We have our own 4C-Trading trading dashboard which is our main console. Our trades are manual trades though supported by machine learning. Our members can follow our trading signals with our in-house Auto trading bots that operate on Bitmex and Binance. Additionally, we have a fully automated trading Bot on Binance- The SMART USD bot which is a fantastic tool to protect your capital against big market drops. 

Andreas (safetrading.today): Does your trading strategy take into account a fundamental analysis of crypto market or assets? Please provide an example of such an analysis. 

Jonny (4C Trading)BTC Update What happened yesterday on the Bitcoin? A crash? The end of crypto? So if we can indeed talk about a crash given the violence of the movement, it is not at all alarming for the long-term growth potential of Bitcoin. Indeed, to understand what happened yesterday, it is necessary to look back. After four weeks of uninterrupted growth, the BTC began a two-week consolidation from May 27. What happens next? A huge bull chandelier that launched the $14,000 assault. In the case of an increase of this magnitude, some of the orders in the orderbook are not filled. This is called a liquidity gap. In this case, this is an exhausted gap that is generally filled. Yesterday's decline bounced back almost exactly halfway through the liquidity zone, nothing to worry about. We will now wait to see if the BTC will come to test the bottom of its demand zone before bouncing back. If you are a Long-term BTC bullish like all of us, yesterday's drop was just an opportunity to accumulate more! https://www.tradingview.com/x/Mg3UaY0m/

Andreas (safetrading.today): Is your trading strategy based on technical indicators? If yes - which indicators do you use? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Of course, we do use certain indicators. Though, we believe that too many indicators do not add extra value to our trading. We would rather not disclose which indicators and strategies we use as it is sort of our "secret sauce" we would rather not give away.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Is the preservation of capital or multiplication of it a priority for you? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Preservation of capital always comes first for any serious trader. Whoever tells you something different is not a real trader. Multiplication always comes after preservation, obviously. However, we are professional, risk management is absolutely essential.

Andreas (safetrading.today): What is the win rate percentage of your strategy? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We have multiple strategies, our most common one is around 75% correct. In that regard I want to clarify a common myths: Accuracy alone doesn't say anything. Fund strategies have accuracies below 50%, yet they are highly profitable. However, in the trading signal game members expect higher accuracy which we respect and try to fulfill.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Which Risk Reward do you use in trading? 

Jonny (4C Trading)2:1 ideally.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Can you provide an amount of deals made on cryptocurrency market? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Good question, that should be way above 1000+

Andreas (safetrading.today): With what Buying Power have you started? 

Jonny (4C Trading)As we are a team of traders, I can't make such a statement. Everyone started with a different budget.

Andreas (safetrading.today): What Buying Power do you have now? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Not enough to move the market (laughing).

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you have an experience of fiduciary management of clients’ capital? 

Jonny (4C Trading)No, we do not get in contact with clients capital. That requires licensing which we are not interested in as of now.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Please provide contacts of the person who can confirm your experience in fiduciary management of his/her capital?  

Jonny (4C Trading)See above.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How much money have you earned with crypto market? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Again, we are a team of traders. If you ask me personally, that is a really private question which I would rather not answer. I can tell you that much: I can't complain ;)

Andreas (safetrading.today): Name please the cryptocurrency you earned the biggest amount of money with?  

Jonny (4C Trading)Bitcoin.

Andreas (safetrading.today): What is your trading result as a percentage of the starting deposit at the moment? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Above 1000% return for me personally.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you follow other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Yes, of course. Others opinions are always interesting though they never influence our own trading. Of course we follow Peter Brand otherwise it is no-one specific more like randomly being informed about different opinions.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you use signals of other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? Is it BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Poloniex?  

Jonny (4C Trading)No.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you use leverage? How often and which one? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We usually use about 10-20x leverage.

Andreas (safetrading.today): How risky is your trading? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Medium risky. We have a professional background. We refrain from risky trading and always implement proper risk management at 4C-trading.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Which risk percentage do you set on every deal? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We usually risk between 1-3%.

Andreas (safetrading.today): What maximum drawdown did you have? How did you get out of it? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We cannot speak of drawdown strictly speaking because it is not a question of investing all of its capital in each of our trades. If we take the positions separately, the biggest loss we suffered is 6.8% loss leverage 10 on Bitmex. How do we deal with this kind of event? It's very simple, we provide clear and precise instructions regarding the % of portfolio risk to be taken and the leverage effect in the case of a trade on Bitmex for each signals. So, we sort of prevent big losses in the first place so that we don't need to "get out".

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you have a maximum drawdown limit at which you stop trading and no longer work? 

Jonny (4C Trading)We never stop trading, our risk management policy allows us to limit the risk to a single position. The latter therefore has no impact on the next trade. In addition, we strive to maintain as large a risk/return ratio as possible at 4C-trading.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Is your risk constant or variable? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Variable between 1-3%.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Have you had margin calls? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Yes, we actively trade on Bitmex.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you think it is possible to gain profit from every deal in crypto trading? 

Jonny (4C Trading)No, never hunt every trade. That is doomed to fail.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you think it is better to risk and earn a lot of money or to risk with small earnings? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Consistency and risk awareness are the key.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you listen for other people’s advice while trading? 

Jonny (4C Trading)Internally, yes we do. We are a team, everyone has a voice. We always like to improve and learn but we do not get influenced by other traders, that would be really bad.

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you think emotional background has an influence of traders’ results? Please describe such a situation from your own experience.  

Jonny (4C Trading)Emotions are human, though trading should be mechanical. If you have a loosing streak which every trader will have at some point, pressure becomes immense. We had this once at 4C-trading and members tend to pressure our traders which always backfires. Against the odds, we gave our trader freetime to clear his head, rest and start all over again. it worked, we had a 17 signals win streak after :-D

Andreas (safetrading.today): Do you have a cryptocurrency market statement certified by a broker? 

Jonny (4C Trading)No, we don't have it yet. Though, it remains an option for the future.

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