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1. Channel.

Whale Tank is an American team of crypto traders whose primary mission is to create wealth for their clients in the crypto economy. They do this by providing safety in a confusing and volatile trading environment. As the team claims, their recommendations have the security of long-term coins, while they are taking advantage of the short-time changes on the market as well. Whale Tank created their unique complex ecosystem specifically for crypto investors. Every paid subscriber receives access to signals, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All paid users obtain access to a wide range of additional services in the Whale Tank system. We believe this is something other trader-consultants aspire to.


2. Team.

The core of the Whale Tank team is based in the USA. They have five years of experience in Forex trading and one year of experience in crypto trading so far.


3. Communication.

Telegram is Whale Tank’s main channel of communication with their audience. Currently, the speed of reply and the support time for this channel is an example of excellent service. On average, it takes the administrators two minutes to answer any question, day or night. There are two flows of support: specific consultation of a trader and administrator consultation on organizational issues.

4. Organization of work with the users.

As we briefly mentioned above, Whale Tank created their unique system in addition to their Telegram channel. They also have a website where you can find the information you may need and get the answers to the questions you may have.  


The Whale Tank platform has the following functions:

  • Dashboard - an overview of all the essential information on one screen

  • Whalefolio - a visual image of a “perfect” portfolio, according to Whale Tank. It includes a list of coins and percentage of their breakdown

  • Calculator that calculates the division sum for every coin based on the total size of the portfolio in BTC

  • Statuses on recommended sale and purchase of any given coin

  • Whalenews - the most useful news from Whale Tank

  • Wikicoin - a detailed analysis of all coins recommended by the Whale Tank team

  • ICOpedia - a list of the most promising ICOs according to the Whale Tank team, accompanied by a list and an audit for each

  • Plans - a table of subscription plans and their prices

  • Referrals - an automatic referral system that gives you a 20% bonus for bringing in a new user


Whale Tank has several groups on Telegram, with each group having its specific function:

  • Whale Tank [Crypto] is the primary free group that currently has around ten thousand subscribers. Here you can still find a ton of useful information, even if you can’t afford a paid subscription.

  • Whale Tank [Private Chat] - a chat for paid subscribers where they can discuss their trading endeavors. Currently, it has around six hundred members.

  • Whale Tank Premium - a channel with signals, advice, and recommendations given to paid users only. Currently, there are about six hundred users.

  • Whale Tank Exchange - a chat where you can negotiate the exchange of crypto actives with other users


Don’t forget to subscribe to the active Facebook page, where Whale Tank regularly posts a lot of useful content.


5. Signals.

Bitcoin sets the trends in crypto trading. For this reason, Whale Tank team plays a lot of attention to this coin.  They provide TA of Bitcoin behavior that look like the following:

General market conditions and updates:


The format of signals (coin, approximate prediction according to the signal processing, recommended purchase and sale price):


You will not have to ask the administrators questions about the sale and purchase of the coins all the time because you will receive dynamic system advice on it:


Report on the latest signals:

Promotion actions and lottery for a paid subscription:

And, of course, technical analysis:

An overview of the most important news:


And a bit of fun:


6. Result. Whale Tank results from March to April 2018 are +66% in BTC, which makes it easy for them to obtain a place among top five channels on our platform. You can find a detailed report on the trader page in the chapter last monthly report.


7. Price. Current Whale Tank subscription cost conforms to their current market value perfectly. Currently, the price for a two-month subscription is 0.025 BTC, for six months it is 0.05 BTC, and for twenty-four months it is 0.1 BTC. The official Whale Tank website gives more information about their pricing models.


8. Conclusion. Whale Tank is currently one of the top five leaders on our platform. They equip their subscribers with everything they need for successful crypto trading and cooperation on the platform.  There are convenient tools for the input and output of actives, as well as for their sale. There is a commission, a referral system, and so much more waiting for the premium subscribers. We do not recommend putting off Whale Tank subscription, because we are sure they will soon boom and the prices will rise accordingly. Subscribe to Whale Tank today and get all the benefits they offer to their clients at a reasonable cost.


Accuracy:  +66% from March to April

Accuracy:  +13% from May to June

Communication: 5 out of 5

Price: 5 out of 5

The convenience of working with the users: 5 out of 5


Whaletank Premium Crypto Signals Group Description

Whaletank is a market maker specializing in cryptocurrency trading. We scrutinize the market in order to find solid projects we are certain will succeed. We help you navigate the noise and build a high quality long term portfolio, while making excellent short term gains based on signals.

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