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Exodus Wallet - Perfect Design and Plenty of Useful Features - Safetrading [2020 Review]
Exodus review safetrading
Exodus is a multi-currency crypto wallet that gives an opportunity to store, send, receive and exchange tokens directly in the app. 
Time changes, that is why new ways of earning money become more and more popular.
And cryptocurrency is not an exception. 
But where to store all your crypto to be sure your assets are safe?
And today, in our Exodus wallet review,  we will talk about the Exodus wallet app, its features, functions, pros, and cons.
Let’s go! 
What Is Exodus?
Exodus wallet
First things first - Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet.
A lot of such wallets are very complicated in use.
But Exodus is actually very easy, and its friendly interface can be understood even by a newcomer.
Exodus wallet Secure
The best thing about Exodus is that it works with a lot of crypto assets, so if you like to create a lot of different wallets, you are welcome! 
Since 2016 the team of this wallet successfully continues to keep developing. 
Exodus Wallet Supported Coins 
Exodus Wallet Supported Coins 
As I told you before, this wallet supports a lot of coins - around 100, guys! 
Among them are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, etc. 
All the list of coins you can find here.
Exodus Wallet App Features 
Exodus wallet app
I love the interface of this wallet on all of the versions! 
Today, in our Exodus wallet review, we will talk about features that are present in the mobile version. 
Exodus wallet mobile version
Here you are able to see all the information about crypto assets you store - coins, prices, amount and percentage of their value. 
You can see the history of changing assets prices in a chosen period. 
Exodus wallet Features
This feature shows you all the transactions you have made while using this app, and you can export this info as well. 
Send | Receive 
Exodus wallet send and receive
This is the basic feature of every wallet. To send or receive any crypto, you need to go through a portfolio to a coin you need to manage. 
Exodus wallet exchange
This is the best feature of Exodus - you can exchange crypto to crypto directly in this wallet with the help of their partner ShapeShift. 
All of your active assets you can monitor on the main page of the wallet. 
You can add or remove any assets in Settings. 
Local Currency
In Settings, you can choose in what currency you want the prices of your asset to be displayed. 
Hardware Wallets 
You can activate the Trezor wallet! 
Exodus wallet trezor
Yes, and your assets will be super safe.
Not there is only one hardware wallet but I think in future they will activate more of them. 
The first thing you need to do with your wallet is to restore it with the help of a seed phrase. 
Remember please that you need to write it down! Don’t take screenshots, don’t copy it. 
Write it down! And leave in a safe place. 
This phrase will help you to activate your wallet if your device is lost or stolen. 
The Exodus wallet APK is a non-custodial wallet and is safe.
This means that all your private data and keys are stored on your device only! 
By the way, the Exodus wallet app doesn’t require a registration process.
Pros and Cons | Exodus
Exodus wallet pros and cons
In this section of our Exodus wallet review, as you can see, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this wallet.
There are a lot of features that I really love in this wallet:
  1. The very easy and friendly interface even for newcomers (you can even change the way your wallet look like and make an Exodus wallet black screen);
  2. It supports around 120 crypto assets in the desktop version and 60 - in the mobile one;
  3. This wallet is non-custodial, so actually all your data is private;
  4. Build-in exchange service;
  5. Very useful and convenient Portfolio;
  6. The team works with updates and adding a lot of new features;
  7. Compatibility with Trezor Wallet;
  8. The Support team is very active and is ready to help with any problem you have.
But, there are some moments which should be changed:
  1. There is no 2-Factor-Authentication that is present in many modern wallets;
  2. You can’t regulate you crypto fees while exchanging or sending depending on the priority of this transaction;
  3. Closed source code;
  4. The interface is available only in English, which is really strange for me. 
Final Thoughts 
Today, in our Exodus wallet review, we talked with you about the Exodus wallet - one of the best desktop crypto wallets. 
In general, I can tell you that I like this wallet. 
Yes, it is a desktop one, but in this case, it doesn’t mean that it is very complicated to work with. 
If you still can’t work with the desktop version, you can always switch to the mobile one. 
The best thing I like is the interface. It is very, you know, pleasant and friendly. 
By the way, I think that for you it is important to know that there were no hacking attacks for the past 4 years of this wallet activity, and there is no info about Exodus wallet problems. 
That is why you can be sure that this non-custodial wallet will store your assets safely. 
So go and download the latest Exodus wallet!
If you still want to read about other wallets, visit this page and read Blockchain wallet review, Trezor review, etc. 

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