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Bitcoin Core - Old-Known Wallet for Bitcoin - [2022 Review]

bitcoin core safetrading review

Bitcoin Core is an official open-source software that allows its users to store, receive and send Bitcoin and has a high level of security.
Now three are a lot of crypto wallets that can store, receive and send your crypto.
But the situation some years ago was very different.
When Bitcoin was launched, there was only one wallet for its storing - Bitcoin Core.
Even if this Bitcoin wallet is somehow old, it is still very popular among users.
In our Bitcoin Core wallet review, Safetrading will discuss why this wallet is so different from other wallets and why it is still so popular.
Let’s go!

What Is Bitcoin Core?

bitcoin core Features

The first version of this product was developed in 2009 by our well-known Satoshi Nakamoto and was named Bitcoin.
It became “Bitcoin Core” only in 2013 at the initiative of the non-profit organization Bitcoin Foundation.
Now, about Bitcoin Core wallet coins - this wallet is one of those that works only with BTC!
You can download it on your computer run by Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Remember, that this wallet is a thick wallet, which means you need to have a lo-o-ot of place on your computer.
By the way, this wallet is absolutely free to download.
All Bitcoin Core price you need to pay is a fee for transactions. But if you want to save your money even here, you are able to minimize the priority to decrease fees.

Cold Storage

bitcoin core cold storage

This wallet can offer you a safe “cold” storage.
To make this happen, you need to make some steps:
  1. In a fully synchronized wallet choose “Receive”, create a certain amount of new addresses and write down or print them;
  2. Do some backups of the file wallet.dat on different disconnected devices;
  3. Delete the original file with a downloaded private crypto wallet from your PC;
  4. Send your BTC on the addresses you printed/wrote down.
Your coins are in cold storage and you have your offline Bitcoin wallet.

How to get access to this Bitcoin wallet?
You need to copy that file wallet.dat with a folder with a downloaded wallet.


bitcoin core security

As you see from our section about the “cold” storage, the security level is very high.
There are not many wallets that are compatible with Tor, but our reviewed wallet is one of them. That is why your transactions and accounts are safe.
I think you heard a lot about its safety, and the best part I like here is that your transactions are really safe!
Because of all the processes, they are almost impossible to track, and you are able to get every possible information about all your orders.

Pros and Cons

At first, let’s talk about the advantages of this wallet in our Bitcoin Core wallet review:
  1. This is an official software from developers which deal with Bitcoin;
  2. This Bitcoin wallet is quite easy to download, despite it is thick;
  3. Strong encryption, new addresses for every incoming transaction;
  4. SegWit supported;
  5. Controls the fees;
  6. Has a desktop version for all the popular operating systems;
  7. Bitcoin Core GitHub available.
We like to say those words in our Bitcoin Core wallet review:
This wallet doesn’t have significant drawbacks. The first thing we want to mention that this wallet supports Bitcoin only.
If we speak about Bitcoin Core wallet coins, we need to say if you want to store different crypto assets, it is better to choose another wallet.
Then, this wallet doesn’t have a mobile version.
You know, times are changing, and people want more speed and convenience. That is why if you like using your wallet on your phone, this wallet is not for you.
On the other hand, it is very very safe!
Also, I need to mention that this Bitcoin wallet requires… 140 GB in the storage space on your hard drive!

Final Thoughts

This wallet is the oldest crypto wallet actually, and this moment creates a lot of problems.
Of course, it is safe and trusted, but you can’t download it to the mobile phone, can’t use it where you want to.
I think this wallet is for highly professional traders who own a lot of Bitcoins and need to store them properly.
If you are just a junior trader, this wallet is not for you.
Firstly, it is not easy to use.
Then, about Bitcoin Core wallet coins: you can store, send and receive only Bitcoin and nothing more.
For users with huge experience, this wallet can offer a lot of security features like cold storage or Tor compatibility.
We are glad to think that this Bitcoin Core wallet review was useful for you and now you know how to use Bitcoin Core.
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