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Bitamp - Features, Supported Coins, and Safety [Safetrading Review 2022]

bitamp wallet review

Bitamp is the online non-custodial Bitcoin wallet that has a high level of security and is very easy to use.
As you may know, a lot of newcomers think that it is very safe to store all the assets on the crypto exchange account.
But I need to tell you that they are wrong - crypto exchanges are the most vulnerable to hack attacks and, usually, they are custodial.
That is why all the crypto experts advise traders not to store all of their earned cryptos on the exchange account, and to send them to the best crypto wallet.
Today we will talk about a new Bitcoin wallet that claims to have a high level of safety and discuss its features, advantages, functions, etc.
Let’s start our Bitamp review!

What Is Bitamp?

bitamp wallet

Bitamp wallet started its activity in March 2020.

As I told you before, this crypto wallet is non-custodial.
What does it mean?
It means that all of your data - the seed phrase, private key, and other personal data are stored only on your device, and not on the servers of the wallet.
This cryptocurrency wallet supports the only crypto coin - Bitcoin.
As the wallet is quite new, it supports only the English language now, and more languages are about to be present - German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.
The development of the wallet was and is funded by the saved investments of the founder, and all the users have the opportunity to donate and help to do this wallet better and better.

Bitamp Review - Features 

Open Source 

bitamp wallet open-source

Yes, if you are a developer and just understand something here, you will be able to go through the open-source code and advise some improvements or wishes.

Hierarchical Deterministic

bitamp wallet Features

This is a very cool feature for modern wallets because it offers a higher level of anonymity and safety. You can create the new BTC address for every transaction and only you will know that all of the addresses you created are actually linked to the same wallet.

Cold Storage

bitamp wallet cold storage

And one more feature that makes this BTC wallet safer!
There are not many wallets that support cold storage.
If you don’t know what it means, let’s discuss it.
This type of wallet allows you to store and to have access to your assets without the Internet. It is very good to use when you have large sums of money to store.
To receive crypto you need to enter the public key, and to send it - the private key.


This wallet is very secure because it is:
  1. Non-custodial;
  2. Hierarchically determined;
  3. Supports the “cold storage.

That is why it is good for you if you have a small amount of crypto to store and a big one as well.


bitamp wallet supported languages

The website is quite understandable and now supports only the English language. Here you can find all the important info about the crypto wallet and the page for creating the new wallet as well.

Final Thoughts 

Today we discussed the new but prospective wallet - Bitamp.
It was created at the beginning of 2020 but has a lot of useful features even for professional traders who plan to store a big amount of crypto.
With the help of some functions (Hierarchical Deterministic, Open Source, and Cold Storage) it offers a very high level of safety.
And the website is very easy to use. The creation of the new wallet will take 1-2 minutes, and you won’t even need to enter your personal data during the registration.
I am sure this Bitamp review was very useful for you, and Safetrading can recommend this BTC wallet because we are sure that your assets will be in safe hands!
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