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Coinbase Review: Is Coinbase Safe for Crypto Dealers?


First why is this question very common: Is Сoinbase Safe? I will answer that for you. But then, I want to talk to you a little about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading is growing vastly across the world. It is no longer news that its exchange is gradually taking over which is why it is of utmost importance that you provide adequate safety and security of your digital currency. In recent times, there have been the introduction of mobile wallets where you can safely secure your digital assets but how do you know which one is really safe. So as to give you information about which wallets can be securely utilized, I chose to write this Coinbase review. You have probably tried a few wallets and maybe they didn’t work quite well for you or are not secure enough, you feel like banging your head against a wall. Trust me, I know that feeling. Good news: you are not out of luck, to save you the struggle of searching for a secure wallet I decided to write this Coinbase review to take all your worries and fears away.

I will be introducing you to Coinbase wallet. You might have read a lot of reviews about some supposedly “secure” wallets that provoked you to try one. 

I know what you’re thinking again - Is Coinbase Safe ? The answer is yes. Coinbase wallet is one of the most reliable wallets there is - I kid you not. Coinbase is notable for two main products - GDAX (global digital asset exchange) for exchanging a diversity of cryptocurrencies on its exchanging platform, a client confronting retail agent of BTC, Ether, Ethereum tokens, BTC cash as well as Litecoin for fiat. In 2018, the organization offered exchanging functionality in 32 nations across the world while Coinbase wallet was made accessible in 190 countries globally. Also, in March 2018, the company reported their aim to include ERC-20 tokens as one of the digital currencies supported by Coinbase wallet.

Why this Coinbase Review? My aim is to show you how to develop a life of versatility using Coinbase wallet. Don’t worry, I will walk you through the whole process pointing out the astonishing functions of this wallet. Continue reading this Coinbase review and you will discover all the answers you seek.


What is Coinbase Wallet?

Is Coinbase a Wallet? 




Coinbase isn’t only an exchange company but additionally serves as a wallet that can be used to securely store cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a wallet that provides access to an array of advanced monetary standards - one can buy and store ERC-20 tokens along with other digital collectibles. It is a decentralized application where private keys can be securely stored. Coinbase is an astounding supported bitcoin startup. It is nothing like other exchanges that expect clients to exchange on the market, it enables clients to exchange their crypto at an estimated value dependant on its market worth, thereby enabling a quicker purchase of digital currencies. However, clients are fully responsible for their digital assets leaving out the alternative of having a Coinbase account so as to utilize the wallet. If it happens that Coinbase gets hacked, you are left with the possibility of losing your assets. A suggestion: keeping modest quantities in the Coinbase wallet is by far the best practice. To guarantee the safety of your wallet it is advisable to move all your cash after each transaction.

To download the app visit Appstore on your device if you are an iOS user while Android users should visit Google Store - it is free for download. As soon as the application is installed, after fruition, without much of a stretch proceed to move crypto to the wallet in your own convenience. The wallet was principally used for the storage of ETH, ERC 20 tokens alongside other digital assets. However in February 2019, Coinbase declared the app will now be supporting Bitcoin too.

Just to bring to your attention, the wallet is non-identical to the one accessible on Coinbase platform. It’s primary distinction is that the wallet can store private keys on Coinbase servers, while the wallet will store the keys on your own device.


Coinbase Wallet Address

The primary aim of a Coinbase Wallet Address is to acquire BTC or Ether. However, it is important to ensure that the right address type is being used for your chosen cryptocurrency. To find the Coinbase Wallet Address simply click the tools menu from the upper left menu. Do not be frightened if you see an address that wasn’t created by you - new addresses are automatically created for every transaction.


Functions of Coinbase Wallet

There are a number of things that can be done with the Coinbase Wallet:

  • sending and receiving digital currencies to and from different wallets

  • it serves as storage for BTC, Ether and all ERC-721 tokens

  • to send data regarding exchanges to blockchain

  • The wallet likewise embodies a scope of decentralized Apps, enabling its users participate in online games

Additionally, the wallet enables clients to move resources from pre-existing wallets over to Coinbase in a simple manner. Coinbase supports in excess of one hundred different currencies like euro, pounds, US dollars, Australian dollar and Canadian dollar. The application shows the present cost of digital currencies in your local currency.


Finally, Is Coinbase Wallet Safe?

You know what inspired this Coinbase base review? It was plain clear honesty! Then ask yourself this: why safety? Because it is of utmost importance when dealing with wallets like this. Losing all your assets is not something anyone looks forward to. An underlying factor to consider before using a wallet is its level of security. The number question on your mind would of course be “Is Coinbase Wallet Safe?”. As promised I would do my best to not leave anything out in this Coinbase wallet review that could help you out which includes its safety.

First off, without a clear understanding of what cryptocurrency is and how it works or knowledge of any service associated with it, it will be unsafe and difficult for you to work with this wallet or anything related to it. I suggest you read this article to get a better comprehension of cryptocurrency if you didn’t already know. With Coinbase wallet being an independent item, the only way private keys can be stored on the user's gadget utilizing Secure element technology with no availability on Coinbase’s server. Protecting your wallet with a touch ID will make it practically impossible for perpetrators to steal your assets because no one has similar fingerprints like yours.

Additionally, it is conceivable to design an auto-lock interlude from one to 60 mins. Once the auto-lock is enabled, the application will then lock itself automatically after the set interlude, and can only be assessed utilizing the Touch ID. Here is the problem: Although Coinbase can be used as a decentralized digital currency wallet, that doesn’t apply when you are utilizing the Coinbase consumer trade. In this situation, Coinbase is more of a hosted wallet with your assets and keys being stored on its server. On the downside, this implies that Coinbase is at a high risk of being hacked as your coins and other credentials are stored alongside numerous other clients’. The bottom line is this: if these perpetrators EVER succeed, then you’ll suffer the loss alongside Coinbase.

However, on a positive note, Coinbase is a well supported U.S. based organization that has devoted huge assets to keeping up and verifying its trade so your information is all round secure.

Coinbase enables advanced learners to use paper wallets. Another way to secure your assets mostly offline to protect wallet from hackers is by utilizing Coinbase paper wallet. it is primarily for storing bitcoin addresses and private keys. The only person with access to the funds is the holder, the holder can keep accepting assets from anybody online via the address. Coinbase monitors this paper wallet made by clients with the intent of following their records online, but it doesn’t keep any record of a client’s private key.


Types of Coinbase Wallets

Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

You might be wondering, “Is Coinbase a Bitcoin Wallet?”. To answer the question as mentioned earlier, one of the digital currencies supported by Coinbase wallet is Bitcoin(BTC) so, yes, Coinbase Bitcoin wallet exists. It is essential to note that Coinbase oversees your cryptocurrency nonetheless they guarantee that the asset is totally secure. Regardless, your secret phrase as well as login details should be kept secret. The principle reason for the bitcoin wallet Coinbase is that clients maintain maximum control of their cash, which means after every Bitcoin transaction you are allowed to move your coins into the bitcoin wallet Coinbase that you control.

Warning: your accounts can be closed down by Coinbase at any time.


The Vault

Coinbase provides an exceptional solution for acquiring enormous value of bitcoin. Bitcoins kept in Coinbase vault can be preserved using different approvers. In the event that a client adds two approvers to the vault, a confirmation request will be sent to guarantee that such withdrawal is valid before being processed. All withdrawals from the vault takes nothing less than 48 hours to process to guarantee security. If you happen to see a withdrawal not made by you such withdrawal will be dropped. Lastly, you don't have anything to stress over with regards to your vault reserves as Coinbase will ensure adequate safety. But then again, vault records can be closed down by Coinbase at any time.


Multisig Vault

The multisig vault comes with two or three wallets. The reason is on the grounds that the company also wants clients to maintain unlimited authority over their resources. Having multisig wallet makes it feasible for a client to hold a key, one key is mutual while Coinbase takes possession of one key as well. This key permits spending of assets. On the off chance that Coinbase ever crashes you have possession of your key and the mutual key. Assets can’t be withheld considering the fact that the mutual key has been encrypted with your secret phrase.



In this part of my Coinbase review, I will tell you about one more important thing to put into consideration is how transactions work. Now, I will try my best to provide you with the necessary information needed for digital currency transactions and how the Coinbase USD wallet work. Coinbase wallet enables its clients conduct exchanges solely in cryptocurrencies, with no replenishment options available. In this way, if you need to top up your wallet from a card then you’ll be required to make use of an exchanger. The most widely recognised methods of payment are with credit cards, debit cards and via bank transfer.

It works this way: 

When you demand a cryptocurrency transaction, Coinbase will endeavour to deal with your request through at least one or more requests on its platform. There is an exchange rate for such transactions established by Coinbase by adding margins to the market exchange standard on the platform. Coinbase may likewise charge a different fee which is either a percentage of your exchange or a flat charge. Transaction restrictions differ depending on your place of location basically due to installment techniques and verification status. Despite the fact that the app is not commonly pertinent to credit card transactions, Coinbase enables users to apply for higher limits. For that to happen, your identity must be confirmed.

Moreover, U.S. based users can perform transactions of about $50000 every week, while accredited European clients can conduct a $30000 transaction whenever they want, it is also possible to check your limits via your account.


Coinbase USD wallet

A while ago the company declared that clients in the U.S. can now make use of USD wallet Coinbase, which enables them to store money and conduct instant bitcoin transactions without having to utilize or wait for bank transfers. Using Coinbase USD wallet customers can store dollar and conduct instant trades whenever they want. The USD wallet Coinbase can likewise be utilized to store revenue made from selling bitcoin, afterwards you can withdraw this revenue and put into a bank account. Coinbase USD wallet fees may differ based on your location.

Interestingly, there are no charges levied by Coinbase for deposits or withdrawals made via automated clearing house(ACH) bank transfers. There are also no charges for moving cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another. Click here to learn more about how to transfer bitcoins from coinbase to a wallet.


The End

To reassure you for the last time on the same thing : Is Coinbase safe? You know what? I won’t answer you, rather I’d like you to research the heck out of these guys and what they do. The result? You will thank me for this Coinbase review, and I have no doubts about that. More importantly, I want you to look beyond trading and focus on the most crucial point — YOUR RESULTS!

This is what you expect, so keep your eyes on it! And in case you need more info about other trading platforms, always remember that we at Safetrading are always here for you! So, waste no time in getting in touch with us. Good luck and let us know about your experience trading with Coinbase!  


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