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BitPay - Safe Storage for Your Bitcoins [2020 BitPay Wallet Review] - Safetrading
BitPay Wallet - a popular wallet for cryptocurrency storing, sending and receiving that was developed in 2016. 
As you know, there are a lot of crypto wallets now and they are very useful for those who work with crypto.
But how will you know that your assets are safe? 
Safetrading will help you to choose the best crypto wallet for your crypto! 
And, step by step, we are here to discuss the BitPay Ethereum wallet details that you won’t find in other BitPay reviews.
So let’s start our BitPay wallet review! 
What Is BitPay? 
bitpay wallet safetrading review
Actually, BitPay is a very experienced crypto company that started its activity in 2011. In 2016 it released the first beta version of their wallet. 
In this wallet you are able to store Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 
We like this wallet because it acts as a desktop wallet and mobile wallet. So, it supports Windows, macOS, Linux, but you can download it on your Android or iPhone. 
By the way, this wallet has low fees for sending and exchanging! 
As more and more people like having their wallets on their mobile phone, today we will go through the mobile version. 
BitPay Wallet Security 
bitpay wallet security
All the BitPay wallet security measures start when you decide to create your new wallet. 
The first message is about a passcode that you can create to secure your assets. 
And we advise you to do it because the more steps you make, the more secure your crypto is. 
You enter your password and… the wallet is created! 
The next step you HAVE TO make is write down (yes, don’t take screenshots, don’t copy it) your seed-phrase. 
You will have 12 words to write down. 
This phrase will help you to recover the wallet in case your mobile phone is lost or stolen. 
bitpay wallet functions
Here, in our BitPay wallet review,  we will talk about what you can do with this wallet. 
Here you can view your total cash value, exchange rates, shops, services supported by BitPay wallet APK and you can buy crypto with the help of a credit card. 
Here you will see all the wallets you created with the amount of money you have in each of them. 
Also, here you can scan a unique QR-code to send crypto. 
Here you can pair your BitPay Card and, in the future, we can do something more that is in the process of development now. 
You can join the waitlist and the company will notify you when the new service is ready. 
Will wait! 
Typical section for all the wallets. 
Here you can form your own BitPay Bitcoin address book. Yes, you save people’s addresses with their name and email. The last component is optional. 
Here you can manage your home menu by adding the services you want to be displayed. 
Pros and Cons 
My favorite section. 
Let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of this wallet. 
  1. It supports around 50 languages, and that is why it is very popular and convenient in a lot of countries.
  2. GitHub! Yes, this is an open-source wallet and everyone can see all info about this wallet to offer or change something. 
  3. This wallet can be integrated with such hardware wallets as Ledger and Trezor.
  4. Multi-signature! Yes, this is +1 to the BitPay wallet security measures, you can create a multi-signature wallet with your business partners, family, etc.
  5. Simplex - the official partner of the BitPay wallet APK will help you to exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa. 
  6. You can add your VISA card to send and receive your crypto. 
  7. It has a very convenient mobile version and an easy-to-use interface. 
Actually, this wallet reminds me of Bitcoin Core. 
BitPay is very convenient, safe, but works with a minimum amount of crypto coins. 
And I think this is the most significant disadvantage of this wallet. There are hundreds of crypto coins now, but you are able to work only with 4 of them. 
Final Thoughts 
Today in our BitPay wallet review we discussed one of the most famous Bitcoin wallets - BitPay wallet. 
BitPay is very good, convenient and has an intuitive interface.
It supports a lot of different languages, and this is one of the reasons it is popular in many countries.
Sure, it has a lot of useful features like multi-signature, cards, opportunity to pay with crypto in some stores, exchange fiat to crypto and vise versa. 
But, frankly speaking, such features are present in many modern wallets. 
The thing that modern wallets don’t have is respect and experience, and here the BitPay wallet APK definitely wins. 
I really hope that you will find our BitPay wallet review useful and helpful, and now you know how does BitPay work. 
If you still want to find the best and safest Bitcoin wallet, visit this page and read reviews on the most famous wallets! 

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