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The review was last updated in: January 2022

The Locker Room team of crypto traders [2022 Review]

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The Locker Room is an American team of crypto traders who are very enthusiastic about their business. Their personalized approach and focus on educating their clients make them stand out in the market. The primary advantage of the Locker Room is that they help every client become individually successful by becoming a better trader.


The Locker Room team consists of four people. The user with the nickname CryptoCantona is the current leader. The team provides service for the US, Canada, and Dubai.

Organization of work with the users

The Locker Room communicates, and works, with their users via the Discord platform, where they efficiently organize their work. When the audit was conducted, the paid Locker Room channel had around two hundred subscribers. As you tell from the screenshot below, there is a convenient division by channels, so it’s not hard for a user to find any information they may need quickly.
The team makes the most of the Discord platform, and it turns out to be much more convenient than Telegram in this regard. It is convenient for a user to be able to view a user list in the right portion of the menu and check their roles and categories when needed.

The Locker Room Updated Audit 2021 for traders

The Locker Room platform is divided into chat rooms. In these areas, users discuss all kinds of topics related to crypto trading.

THE LOCKER ROOM - PUBLIC (can be accessed by free users)

#public-chatbox - A chatroom for anyone who wants to discuss any aspect of crypto.
#off-topic - A general chatroom for anyone willing to discuss non-crypto topics. As you can see, this division into chatrooms helps to keep everything neat and clear.
#terms-n-conditions - An overview of rules and regulations.
#channels-overview - A list of channels and their descriptions.
#public-scouting-report - The founder’s pick of the month from the full #monthly-scouting-report.

#bitmex-results - Premium results from Bitmex.
#altcoin-results - Premium results from trading alts.
#testimonials - Feedback from members.

#competitions - Predictions, giveaways, fun competitions, and more.
#mex-rekt - An overview of all the significant liquidations on Bitmex.


ALTCOIN TRADING - PREMIUM (available only for paid members)

#monthly-scouting-report - A complete analysis of the top alts over the course of the month.

#altcoin-signals - Daily signals on trading alts.

Organization of work with the users

#the-coffee-table - Exclusive content and analysis from @overheadcafe [HYDRA Command].
#alts-discussion - Topical discussion for alts including current positions and collaborative research.


The Locker Room Updated Audit 2021 for pro traders
#scalping - Everyday signals for scalping bitcoin.

#mex-alts - Everyday signals for trading alts on mex.
#longterm - System-swings. Long-term futures trades using signals from the Locker Room proprietary system.

#bitmex-discussion - Topical discussions on trading on mex.


#education - Educational lessons and resources led by the Locker Room leader.

#education-discussion - Lessons, individual research, and tutoring discussion.
#deleted-channel - Collection of crypto bots that aid in trading.


The Locker Room team is a marginal Bitmex above all. They pay a lot of attention to Bittrex, Binance, and other popular exchanges.
The Locker Room has two separate channels for the Bimex platform. The first one includes signals exclusively for BTC. The format of the signals is as follows:
The Locker Room Updated Audit 2021 for online users

Here you can see the coin, term, entry price, leverage, predicted goals to be reached, stop loss in the event of a coin drop, as well as updates corresponding to the change of trend. They sometimes add TA to the signals as well:

The second channel publishes Bitmex signals for alts. It has a format similar to BTC signals from the same provider:

The team also publishes timely signals for coin sale and locking in profits:

When it comes to non-marginal trading (Bittrex, Binance and so on), the signals look like the following:

You can see the coin, current price, recommended purchase price, predicted targets of the stop price, a short audit of the coin and its current state, as well as TA.


Even though the Locker Room project is new, the results are more than convincing for the current market. Over March and April of 2018, this team showed +46% percent of profit in trading.
The results of margin trading for April and May are +108%.


The Locker Room subscription price is currently the lowest on the market among top traders. This is because the guys are making their way through a saturated market, thusly, they set a low barrier to entry for prospective subscribers. We recommend that you take this opportunity and subscribe while the cost is low. We believe that the subscription cost may multiply several times by the end of the year.

Conclusions and ratings

The team approves the Locker Room channel without any doubt. We recommend this channel for beginner crypto traders who want to become well-rounded in all the major aspects of crypto trading. As well, it is the perfect choice for experienced traders.
Even if you already follow profit-generating channels, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the new, successful players on the market. In the Locker Room environment, you can communicate with other users, see their feedback, and ask questions.
As the subscription cost is the lowest among the top traders, you can take this opportunity to sign up for a top-notch channel at a very modest cost.
We rate:
  1. Accuracy + 46% profit (according to the results from March and April 2018);
  2. Accuracy of margin trade + 108% (according to the results from April and May 2018);
  3. Communication: 5 stars out of 5;
  4. Price: 5 stars out of 5;
  5. Convenience of the channel’s organization: 5 stars out of 5;
Trading signals, analysis and education led by Crypto Cantona
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