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Audit for 03/05/2018
The channels Cryptobullet & Cryptohero has been HACKED and team got banned.
In connection with this paid channel was renamed 25/07/2018 to #OPC Premium, a free channel - #OPC Whales club
Two friends from Germany and Russia united their efforts and created the CryptoBullet channel. Currently, they are the best example of successful traders on the crypto market.CryptoBullet project consists of three free channels CryptoCamp (about five thousand users), CryptoHero (about nineteen thousand users) and CryptoBullet (about 29 thousand users).
The paid channel Bullet Premium contains about 140 users, and there is a premium chat called Bullet Premium Lounge that has about 100 users.
The team consists of two people, Niko (Telegram pseudonym) from Germany, and his partner from Russia.
Direct contact with the administrators is the main channel of communication between the paid users. There is also a closed chat, where every user can get a consultation from the administrators of the channel, share their ideas, observations, and TA.
Organization of the work with the users
Everything is quite simple here. There are three free Telegram channels for attracting the new users, a paid Telegram channel for paid users and a closed chat for the correspondence of paid users.
There is instant support in the chat, practically without any delays, apart from some time slot the CryptoBullet team cannot cover. It is the only minus they should work on.
bullet premium admin

CryptoBullet team approaches trading strategically and systematically. They focus not only on obtaining profit and increasing their capital in BTC, but they also pay attention to timely sheltering to USDT. This way, their final goal is the profit in USD.
For this reason, you will find recommendations regarding the whole cycle USDT-BTC-ALT and back ALT-BTC-USDT in the channel. It means that the guys do not only think how to profit quickly and easily, they think how to profit in USD eventually. It is one of the few teams that have a long-term trading strategy in mind.
Let’s have a look at the signals of Crypto Bullet.
BTC purchase:
bullet premium advice

Trading of USDT/BTC, BTC/USDT:
bullet premium group

Purchase of Alts, couple BTC/Alts:
bullet premium signals

Recommendations on the distribution of the portfolio:
bullet premium alts recommendations

As you can see, there are no stop-losses and sometimes team recommends targets for the signals. The signals on sales in the case of growth or downfall are very dynamic, and they depend on the situation on the market a lot. It is one of the shticks of the CryptoBullet team.
The channel will fit less those traders who are not ready to spend a lot on trading, and it will be more suitable for those people who are ready always to be alert and follow all the advice CryptoBullet give. Doing so, you will obtain fantastic profit and will be astonished by the results.
We would also like to note that CryptoBullet team does not perform a detailed TA in their paid channel, they do not give trading lessons and do not educate their users. The channel is not full of unnecessary information, which gives you an opportunity to easily find just what you need.
According to the results of January and February, which can be considered bear time, CryptoBullet broke all the possible records and obtained the first place in our rating by reaching a profit of 103%. You can find a detailed report here or on the page of the trader in the chapter last monthly report.
CryptoBullet does not have any monthly subscription, they have a lifetime subscription only, and it costs 0.1 BTC. Currently, it is an average price for a lifetime subscription on the market. The quality-price ratio is the best on the market.
CryptoBullet should be among your trader consultants. Especially if you are ready to devote two to three hours a day and ready to react to all their recommendations promptly.
Currently, they are the leaders of the full circle USDT-BTC-ALT-BTC-USDT, both due to the strategy and due to the profit. You can see the results yourself.
The team should work on their 24/7 communication with the users.
  • Accuracy +103% for January and February (without taking into consideration profit in the couples USDT/BTC, BTC/USDT).
  • Accuracy +43% from March to April
  • Communication - 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Price - 5 out 5 stars.
  • Convenience of the organization of the work with the users - 4 out of 5.
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