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2020 Bob's Crypto Trades Review by


Have you heard of the newest crypto signal providers, Bob’s BitMEX Signals? In truth, we only got to know about them a while ago and now we are writing this Bob’s BitMEX Signal review to help other traders know about them. They are by far one of our greatest discoveries yet when it comes to trading. Before we go any further, let’s give you a short detail about Bob’s BitMEX Signals. 

Bob’s BitMEX Signals is a platform meant for trading signals. Bob owns both BitMEX and Binance channels, but we’ll talk more about him a little bit later. First of all, these guys have the best crypto signals and one of the best Telegram crypto groups out there. This team of traders are from Trinidad and Tobago, they converse in the English language effectively. I’m aware there are a lot of scammers out there and it is difficult to trust just any trader, but I have personally worked with these guys and their services are great. What these guys do is work hand in hand with you in trading your cryptocurrency signals. In this Bob’s BitMEX Signals review, we will walk you through the process and try as much as possible to give you the most important information.


Bob's BitMEX Signals Telegram Group

We advise anyone signing up to also join the Bob’s BitMEX Signals Telegram support groups. There’s no stressing on how important communication is in this line of business. Yes, you are probably concerned about the way these guys communicate, but quite frankly, with our experience with their team communication, we can say it’s been smooth. Bob is a very professional trader and an awesome admin. 

Sincerely, this guy takes his job very seriously. He trades all day non-stop providing you with the best crypto signals - we can’t make this up. You wouldn’t have to wait an eternity to get a response to any questions you have concerning your trading, because they are there to answer round the clock - that I can guarantee you. Isn’t that amazing?  So guys, trust our word of mouth, Bob cares about his partners and users the way any good provider should.

One more thing is that on Bob’s BitMEX Signals Telegram customers can get feedback on some questions they may have, and in case users need more resources on how to use Bob’s BitMEX Signals, they could easily be directed on how to reach them. 


Kinds of Services Provided by Bob's BitMEX Signals

Bob’s BitMEX Signals offer two types of signals - BitMEX and Binance. Let’s enlighten you on what BitMEX and Binance are about. 

BitMEX is a trading platform with an emphasis on margin trading and it provides a number of different leverages for different cryptocurrency signals. You have a high chance of gaining huge profit even with a little amount of money. Don’t forget there are risks involved when trading. With Binance, there are two options for digital currency trading - basic and advanced. That is not to say it will be easy to use if you are a beginner. What distinguishes one from the other is that for advanced, you are provided with a more-in-depth technical analysis of digital currency overvalue, while the basic version provides graphs and charts for the pairs you are trading, your trading history and order history. 

The basic view is concise as you are provided with the necessary data you need while for advanced, we have larger trading charts where you can see the latest trade prices. These options are there so you can choose the most convenient one. There are no complications when you’re trading with Binance. All this might be too much for you to absorb and that’s where Bob’s team of traders come in. These guys utilize their financial experience to create a well-organized platform that allows efficient trading while keeping their users informed. These traders will not only make you experts at trading but there’s a lot you can learn from them. They’ll teach you how to read crypto signals and most importantly how to find the best Telegram crypto groups. 

Another significant thing, Bob’s BitMEX Signals have an auto-follow channel for Cornix Bot - this auto-follow channel makes them stand out. Cornix bot is simply a cryptocurrency trading bot for easy and convenient trading. This trading bot automatically creates trades for you from all the group signals. Be honest, you can’t sit all day and trade! That’s why this bot is going to be a great asset and help to you. You can do your thing while Cornix bot trades for you. Now speaking of signals, did you know that you wouldn’t have to spend a dime on altcoin channel - it is totally free for users. Amazing, right? 

Notwithstanding, to trade with BitMEX signals or with Cornix, you have to buy a subscription.


How Can Traders Use Crypto Signals from Bob?

Let’s start by understanding once more what crypto signals are. Crypto signals are trading suggestions or ideas to buy or sell a certain coin at a particular price or time. You can either get these signals manually from your provider or automatically through trading bots like Cornix or trading algorithms. Choosing a provider is not always easy but Bob is one of the best and most trusted providers out there. He’ll simplify trading for you. 

But then, how do you receive signals? 

First, you have to subscribe, then you start receiving signals from his team of traders. You have options to either subscribe monthly or even get a lifetime subscription. He offers the best crypto signals. These signals are a compilation of quality and quantity. 

500 signals for a period of three months? 

We have never seen anything like it. But you know, for effective trading having a lot of crypto calls isn’t just enough - the important thing is having enough that you’ll be able to make a profit from. Of course, we didn’t manage to check all the signals, we could only check about 40% of them, but 160 Bitcoin signals gave a 200% profit. Unbelievable. To trade, click “follow signals” and that’s it.

Let’s give you tips that will help use Bob’s BitMEX signals:

  1. It is not advisable to apportion over 10% of your total equity for each exchange.
  2. Modify the entry to odd numbers, in the event that they are in even numbers.
  3. Ensure you make benefits on targets and if your targets even make them odd numbers.
  4. It is not necessary to start with a high purchasing power, start little. 
  5. When the first target makes a hit and you’ve moved your stop loss to entry, you can go even 100x– it doesn’t change a thing, as long as you have a stop market request set up.
  6. It is difficult to determine which trade is safe, you should always assume all trade is a safe trade. However, safety is determined by how you handle your record.
  7. Getting some professional assistance will help you whether you’ve been trading for long or you’re a newbie - that’s what Bob’s team provides.

Here are all the results of signals’ profitability. Their highest profit was made from selling LINK - about 94%.



PHX gave traders a 53% profit.



From this result, you’ll see that bitcoin signals are worth trading. That is not to say that there are no risks involved, it is almost impossible not to run at any loss. Bob did make a few losses but it is nothing compared to the profit that was made. He lost 50% with PHB, 12% with CVC and 9% with BAT.


How to Use Leverage in Bob’s BitMEX Signals

One of the advantages of trading with Bob’s BitMEX Signals is leveraging. When buying or selling, using purchasing power gives you a possibility of expanding your purchasing power, it could open more positions superior to your initial record. As you may know, buying and selling crypto signals or bitcoin signals has its downsides as well as upsides. 

How does leverage work? 

Before we explain, you need to know something. This particular topic is hardly covered in any Bob’s BitMEX Signals review. That’s why you should consider follow our services at Safetrading - to keep always keep you updated!

Now, moving on to how leverage works.

To leverage basically implies you can get capital loaned to you so as to boost your returns while investing. These assets are provided by other traders’ funds. BitMEX offers close to 100x leverage on every bitcoin trade, but I advise that you never go beyond 10x - let’s keep it safe. It is believed that the higher your purchasing power, the higher your profit. Nonetheless, leverage can be invaluable to you if its put to proper use. The volume of purchasing power you have access to solely depend on your initial and maintenance margin. There are two options to leverage - going long and going short. Going long means you are certain your contract will increase in value while going short means you can opt - out of your contract by selling it if it doesn’t yield profit. A portion of your record is held as reimbursement for the assets that were obtained. Not to stress, you can generally recover your indemnity alongside benefit on the off chance that you can close a position after yielding gain. In any case, in the event that you land at a misfortune, your exchange will be stopped and indemnity sold when the market arrives at a specific - this is known as liquidation.


Contracts Available on BitMEX

Futures contract: also known as traditional contracts is an agreement that enables you to purchase and sell currencies at a predetermined value at a specific time in the long run. This simply means you get to purchase or sell an agreement depending on what cryptocurrency will be valued at the end of the expiry period. This is only applicable to BTC and other supported altcoins. Perpetual contract: although it is very similar to a traditional contract, the difference is that there is no expiry date or settlement like futures contract. It is also long term. There is continuous funding that either rewards or punishes the holder. This is only accessible for BTC.

BitMEX upside profit contract: this contract enables buyers to take an interest in the potential upside of the underlying instrument. This is only accessible for BTC.

BitMEX downside profit contract: It enables buyers of this contract to partake in the potential downside of the underlying instrument. This is also only accessible for BTC.

Advantages of Bob’s BitMEX Signals

  1. Leverage: BitMEX gives room for higher leverage with a lower margin and a small amount for contract. It additionally allows its clients to pick the sort of buying power they want. Instead of the last exchanged cost, BitMEX utilizes an underlying index price to calculate it’s margin, which means your order book cannot be manipulated.

  2. Bob’s BitMEX Signals team: As earlier mentioned, you can get a lot of help here. The admin is also really nice.

  3. Security: With BitMEX, you are guaranteed maximum security. There is no risk of being hacked or any record of fraud as your passwords are highly protected. Withdrawal is also manually verified by the team before being processed.


Disadvantages of Bob's BitMEX Signals

Honestly, we haven’t experienced any setback with Bob’s BitMEX Signals since using signals from them, however, we are also not disputing the fact that there might be some disadvantages. It’s only been two weeks with these guys and so far we can vouch for these guys and we can assure you this team can be trusted. They are 100% legit.


Conclusion On Bob’s BitMEX Signals

We would recommend Bob’s BitMEX Signals not just because we’ve tried them but simply because’s platform personally checked Bob’s signals from April to June 2019. Signals are received regularly and everything is clearly described.  A major plus is Bob’s BitMEX Signals Telegram support that open to all users. Regular updates and promotions are held so that users can discover something new for themselves. Activities are being upgraded and the price is pretty much average on the market which makes this provider even more profitable. 

Let us remind you that the Safetrading platform conducts check on providers with the help of special calculation rules, and the results do not depend on providers’ desires or their expectations. Safetrading also performs regular audits that are constantly updated. If you are new in the world of cryptocurrency trading, this Bob bitmex signals review will give you a better understanding of how their platform works and the crypto market as a whole. Kindly click here to learn more about Safetrading.

Andreas ( How long do you trade in general? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)I've traded stocks since 1998, forex since 2010, and crypto since 2016.

Andreas ( What was your financial market before you started to trade cryptocurrency (USA, Europe, Russia, New York, Forex)? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): NYSE, NASDAQ, Forex.

Andreas ( Do you work/Did you work in other trading companies? If yes - in which ones? Is it a public or private company? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

Andreas ( Did you trade with your own money or with money of your company where you did trading?  

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): I trade my own funds.

Andreas ( How much money did you earn while trading? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Enough to be financially free, homeschool my son, have my wife quit her job, and move to paradise.

Andreas ( How long do you trade cryptocurrency? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)Since 2016.

Andreas ( Is your company legally registered? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

Andreas ( Do you have your own office? Could you provide its address? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Yes, no.

Andreas ( Can you name real people who were the initiators of this projects? Would be perfect if you could provide their contacts too. 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

Andreas ( Which crypto exchange do you use for crypto trading and why? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Bitmex, Bybit, and WCEX. I like WCEX the most because I can trade commodities, crytpo, stocks, forex, US Bonds all with btc. My primary goal is to grow my btc holdings.

Andreas ( How many people are there in your team? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): 2.

Andreas ( How much time do you use on preparation for trading every day? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)In the mornings I have coffee, meditate, scan the news, and then scan the charts before I begin to trade.

Andreas ( How much time do you trade every day? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): 4-6 hours.

Andreas ( How often do you open a deal (1 time/day, 1 time/hour)? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)That solely depends on the market. I do not chase trades, I let trades come to me.

Andreas ( Do you trade on your own or use a bot? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): I use a bot that manages positions based on my sell targets, trailing stop, and sell strategy. It allows me to forget about the trade.

Andreas ( Does your trading strategy take into account a fundamental analysis of crypto market or assets? Please provide an example of such an analysis. 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)I'm mostly a technical trader. I understand how money flows in the markets. Fundamentals and news I mostly pay attention to in forex and commodity markets.

Andreas ( Is your trading strategy based on technical indicators? If yes - which indicators do you use? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Yes. Macd, Rsi, Volume, Moving averages.

Andreas ( Is the preservation of capital or multiplication of it a priority for you? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Protection of capital and risk management are more important to me than profits.

Andreas ( What is the win rate percentage of your strategy? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)Over 85%.

Andreas ( Which Risk Reward do you use in trading? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)At least 3.

Andreas ( Can you provide an amount of deals made on cryptocurrency market? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): I've opened about 40 positions since 1/1/20.

Andreas ( With what Buying Power have you started? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): I do not discuss my capital.

Andreas ( Do you have an experience of fiduciary management of clients’ capital? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

Andreas ( Name please the cryptocurrency you earned the biggest amount of money with?  

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)BTC.

Andreas ( Do you follow other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)No, I have my own system that works well for me.

Andreas ( Do you use signals of other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? Is it BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Poloniex?  

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)No.

Andreas ( Do you use leverage? How often and which one? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Yes, usually 3x-5x, sometimes 10x.

Andreas ( How risky is your trading? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Not risky, I only risk 1% of my trading capital per trade. I only enter 1 trade at a time.

Andreas ( Which risk percentage do you set on every deal? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): 1%.

Andreas ( What maximum drawdown did you have? How did you get out of it? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Risk management has always been at the forefront of my trading. I do not get rekt.

Andreas ( Do you have a maximum drawdown limit at which you stop trading and no longer work? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No, I will never stop trading. I will never stop helping people become successful traders.

Andreas ( Is your risk constant or variable? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Constant, all my trades are the same size risk - 1%. Positions size varies based on Capital risk / Trading capital / Stoploss percentage.

Andreas ( Have you had margin calls? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

Andreas ( Do you think it is possible to gain profit from every deal in crypto trading? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades)No.

Andreas ( Do you think it is better to risk and earn a lot of money or to risk with small earnings? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): Risk with small earnings.

Andreas ( Do you listen for other people’s advice while trading? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

Andreas ( Do you think emotional background has an influence of traders’ results? Please describe such a situation from your own experience.  

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): If your risk is managed properly, emotional stress is low.

Andreas ( Do you have a cryptocurrency market statement certified by a broker? 

Bob (Bob's Crypto Trades): No.

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