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BItcoinBravado Crypto Signals Group Description

Bitcoin Bravado Telegram group is a unity of hard-working traders that provide their audience with monthly reports, wherein the readers can find selections of suggested altcoins for investment. Bitcoin Bravado provides long-term signals only, and they are not too active in day trading. The main reason to pay attention to these guys is their monthly report, which contains valuable information about the alternative coins that are best for investment and can generate long-term profit. Bitcoin Bravado’s Telegram channel includes essential news with expert commentary.

The Bitcoin Bravado Telegram team consists of crypto investors that are excited to share their analyses, entries, and insights with the world. As of now, their channel offers Bittrex, Binance, and Kucoin signals. A monthly subscription costs $50 and turned to discord signals from email. The channel currently has 43,937 members. You can visit a free crypto news and signal channel here: @BitcoinBravado. The Bitcoin Bravado signals on Telegram are reliable and easy to understand. The Bitcoin Bravado crypto experts get tons of positive reviews you can easily find online.

BItcoinBravado Audit

Audit for 03/05/2018



  1. Channel. Bitcoin Bravado consists of:

  • A free Telegram channel, Bitcoin Bravado, that has around 44,000 users

  • A Discord channel for paid subscribers, of which there are about 170


2. Team. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Bravado has not given us any information regarding where the majority of the team is from or how many members there are.

3. Organization of work with the users. The Bitcoin Bravado team includes ten moderators who reply to all questions within 15 minutes. As well, their support works 24/7.

4. Organization of work with the users. Organization of work done by Bitcoin Bravado takes place on the Discord platform. In our opinion, this platform provides many more opportunities than Telegram. It is very convenient that there is a list of users on the right part of the menu where you can check their roles and categories.


The platform is divided into chat rooms where the discussions of certain topics take place:

  1. Bravado basic, general rules of behavior in the group are discussed here, as well as the rules of trading. There is a room for voting per coin or on ICO projects.

  2. Bravado VIP, a section exclusively for paid subscribers that consists of:
    - A monthly newsletter: at the beginning of every month, a prediction according to four or five of the most promising coins for investment is given based on the ideas of Bitcoin Bravado. It is an analog of signals, but it is not as dynamic as in the rest of the channels, as it happens only once at the beginning of the month. An example of the report can be found here.

    - Bravado VIP updates, predictions according to the purchase of coins are given, a TA is made and corrected if needed

- VIP trollbox - a room for open discussions between paid users

- Total noob stuff


c) Coin theory classroom - a chapter on education and discussion of the basics of technical analysis

  • Technical analysis - TA with prognoses

  • TA questions - an open trollbox where everyone can ask questions about the basics of technical analysis


d) Tools - a list of useful tools, bots, platforms for trading, chart bots, infobots, coin call bots, resources, e.t.c.



e) Bravado priority


g) Inner circle


h) ICO threats: there is a separate thread for every ICO for discussion



Our team gives Bitcoin Bravado maximum points for the general organization of the channel, communication, and discussion. In our opinion, this is the most successful option in the market.


5. Signals.

Bitcoin Bravado emphasizes mid-long term signals, with recommendations on coin purchase taking place once, at the beginning of every month, in a so-called Monthly VIP Newsletter. Further, a detailed TA from the Bitcoin Bravado team takes place and it is corrected and complemented as necessary.

You can also find recommendations regarding investing into ICO, but we cannot say anything about the potential of projects as of yet.


6. Results. Following the results of the analysis of all the Bitcoin Bravado signals, made a report for January and February. Bitcoin Bravado obtained the significant place in our rating of profitability of investment coins (ICO is not taken into consideration). If you had invested your portfolio evenly into Bitcoin Bravado coins, you would have increased your portfolio by 22% in BTC. This is a very good result, isn’t it? You can view this report by following the link or clicking the report icon on the trader’s page.

7. Price. First of all, we would like to discuss the payment methods employed by Bitcoin Bravado. Unlike many other traders, Bitcoin Bravado gives their users an opportunity to pay for their services with a credit card or by using PayPal. If you opt for one of these options, you will automatically be charged a subscription fee every month. In our opinion, this is very convenient.

As for the price, Bitcoin Bravado is one of the cheapest services in the market - their services cost just $50 per month. This channel is suitable for those users who do not have a significant portfolio to invest, and for beginners who would like to try crypto trading for the first time.


8. Conclusions and ratings. approves the Bitcoin Bravado channel by all means. This channel will perfectly suit those users who enjoy communicating, discussing, and analyzing the opinions of other users. As well, this channel is a good fit for people who want to become well-rounded in the world of cryptocurrencies, to know how to invest into coins according to the signals, invest into ICO, and learn the basics of crypto trading. The subscription cost of Bitcoin Bravado is the lowest one on the market, which allows you to enjoy the services of professional cryptocurrency consultants at minimum cost.

We rate:

- accuracy + 22% profit (according to the results of January and February 2018)

- 5 stars out of 5 for communication

- 5 stars out of 5 for the price

- 5 stars out of 5 for the convenience of the channel’s organization


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