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The History Of Margin Signals


The history of Margin Signals started in early April 2018 when two Australian guys, Robbo and Alex, decided to launch their own Margin Signals Telegram group. 

The main idea behind the channel was straightforward. Robbo and Alex wanted to more from scalping, which is a widespread approach to trading in the leverage industry. Instead, with their new project called Margin Signals, they wanted to leverage trades by relying on fundamental technical analysis. The approach formed the basis of the Margin Signals Telegram group and, more than a year later, the creators of Margin Signals still adhere to the rule.

Robbo and Alex had previously worked together on another cryptocalls project – Alpo Signals, – where Rob was one of the Signals’ callers, and Alex was the community and chat admin. At the time, they saw the need for a reliable provider of crypto calls and have made their best to make Margin Signals the one.

Rob is a professional trader, who uses fundamentals, a strong portfolio and experience in trade management. He is Alex’s mentor and has taught him a lot about crypto trading signals and how they work.

Alex was the first customer of Rob. He understood that the knowledge Rob had should have been spread among crypto traders. That is why he has made his mission to take others under the wing of Margin Signals. Since that time, many traders learned how to grow portfolios using Margin Signals Telegram and the best crypto signals provided in it. 

Rob and Alex continue the work with Margin Signals and strive to make it better every day. They have made their task to have enough admins who know all the ins and outs of Bitcoin signals. Right now, they have managed to have one admin for every 150 members of their Margin Signals Telegram group and are planning to hire even more in the future.

Most of the cryptocurrency signals by Margin Signals are aimed at Bitmex and sometimes on Binance and other mid-size exchanges. In the future, Rob and Alex are going to start creating crypto signals for Bitfinex and Foreign Exchange. 

Margin Signals Review answers the most pressing questions about Margin Signals, one of the most popular crypto signals providers. By the end of our Margin Signals Review, you will learn whether Margin Signals is a worthy resource and which services they provide for users of their main Margin Signals Telegram group.


The Information About Robbo and Alex

Before we make the review of the main services, let’s get more acquainted with Robbo and Alex. The following information is a must for any Margin Signals Review, as it helps to understand the insides of this provider of crypto calls as Rob and Alex are the driving force behind all operations. 

As you already know, Rob is the brains behind the best crypto signals provided by the Margin Signals Telegram group. Years of FOREX trading have given him an understanding of the basics behind the cryptocalls and allowed to apply the best practices to create reliable trading signals for the Margin Signals Telegram group.

Relying on years of experience, Rob is always looking out for users of Margin Signals and cares about their best interests. They have stopped them from gambling on the BTC fluctuations and advised how to take profit on a pullback.

Alex is a technology wizard who possesses an incredible knowledge of innovative technologies. He is quite new to the cryptocurrency and trading signals, as he joined the scene in yearly 2017.

While he might lack some knowledge of Target Analysis, he compensates it leadership skills and awareness of the industry. He is a chat and community admin in Margin Signals Telegram and is behind many tools that Margin Signals have created for VIPs.

In his spare time, when he is not dealing with technical matters, he does all marketing activities that drive the growth of Margin Signals.


Which Services Do These Guys Provide?

Now, let’s move to the main part of our Margin Signals Review. The services Margin Signals provides are not limited only to the Margin Signals Telegram group. Below are listed all of the services you can get if you join Margin Signals:

  • trading signals for Bitmex

  • auto trader for both Bitmex and Binance

  • margin trading for Bitmex (with the possibility of adding such functionality for Binance in the future)

  • scalp, day, and swing trades

  • Margin Signals Telegram does not have a bot (planned for the future)

VIP clients of Margin Signals get the following additional advantages:

  • leveraged short and long calls, make money in a bear market with an average gain per trade of 30-40%

  • learn how to trade with proper techniques rather than approach crypto signals like gambling, which often results in wasting money away

  • Crypto Calculator – cryptocurrency converter that allows calculating what you will get by exchanging one crypto for another

As you can clearly see, Margin Signals offers primary services and helps clients learn how trading is done. As the provider of crypto trading signals is growing, so will the range of the provided services. 


How to Work with Crypto Signals Provided by Margin Signals?

We need to mention in the Margin Signals Review that the provider publishes cryptocurrency signals with technical analysis. It makes Margin Signals a good choice for users who are just starting with trading signals and crypto trading, as such analysis helps to understand the mechanisms behind the cryptocurrency market. 

Timeframes for signals and trades range in the 10am – 10pm time AEST Monday to Friday, and sometimes through the weekend.


Is It Easy to Work with This Provider?

As was already mentioned in Margin Signals Review, this provider is a great choice for those who want to learn more about cryptocalls. You can ask any question in the dedicated Margin Signals Telegram chat, where you are quarantined to get an answer. Admins of Margin Signals answer all questions and provide in-depth explanations, even for questions they have previously answered. 


Which is the Last "judgment" by

The provider just recently caught our eye, but we already can see that Margin Signals is a reliable and very promising player on the market of the best crypto signals. Rob and Alex have made it their mission to educate users about crypto calls and offer strong support for those who want to learn more. In the near future, they are planning to launch their own bot.

Our Margin Signals Review is based on the data we have received during our Margin Signals audit. uses its own unique techniques and algorithms and perform independent research. Cryptocurrency signals providers cannot influence the results, as we publish only information that is based on real data.

We regularly publish reviews of different providers and update the existing ones, so that our readers always get up-to-date information. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world and want to know more about our platform and market in general, check out our article that will answer all your questions. How long do you trade in general? 

VIP Margin SignalsI've been trading for nearly 6 years now. What was your financial market before you started to trade cryptocurrency (USA, Europe, Russia, New York, Forex)? 

VIP Margin SignalsI started trading Crypto early 2017 and prior to that Forex and commodities (Gold,Siver, Oil, Copper). Do you work/Did you work in other trading companies? If yes - in which ones? Is it a public or private company? 

VIP Margin SignalsNever worked for another company. I may someday, but the best thing about trading for a living is living on your own terms. Did you trade with your own money or with money of your company where you did trading?  

VIP Margin SignalsI traded my own money and was fortunate enough to have other investments that helped me build my trading account quite fast. Please provide contacts (Telegram, Viber, Skype s.o.) of the person who can guarantee you did trading in that company. 

VIP Margin SignalsNever traded with or for another company. How much money did you earn while trading? 

VIP Margin SignalsAt the start - Not much haha.... Now, Im pretty happy with the income but Im pushing to get to the next level for sure... Its a learning curve and takes time to become consistent. Once consistent, then its a matter of finding ways to boost that trading account. How long do you trade cryptocurrency? 

VIP Margin SignalsSince about March 2017. Is your company legally registered? 

VIP Margin SignalsYes, we are Australian and registered here. Do you have your own office? Could you provide its address? 

VIP Margin SignalsI work from my home mainly or laptop if Im travelling. Theres no need for me to have office space and trading can be done anywhere with an internet connection... What a life.... Can you name real people who were the initiators of this projects? Would be perfect if you could provide their contacts too. 

VIP Margin SignalsMargin Signals was founded by myself and Capfive. We now have an addition 5 members on our team. Im not sure if they want their real names disclosed but we can easily be contacted on Telegram @robbosmarginsignals and @capfivemarginsignals Which crypto exchange do you use for crypto trading and why? 

VIP Margin SignalsBitmex for Leverage trading and Binance for ALT coins. How many people are there in your team? 

VIP Margin Signals7 in total. How much time do you use on preparation for trading every day? 

VIP Margin SignalsGoing through all my pairs and narrowing down to a watchlist and possible trades for the day - between 1hr to 90 minutes. How much time do you trade every day? 

VIP Margin SignalsDepends on if I have many pairs on watch or current running trades. Prep time 90 mins max. Then Ill spend an hr managing any current running trades. Then a few times a day Ill scan my watchlist to see if anything has developed. It would be rare that I trade anymore than 4-5 hours a day. How often do you open a deal (1 time/day, 1 time/hour)? 

VIP Margin SignalsI'm a swing trader, so I focus on higher timeframes but execute off a 1 hr chart. Ill have on average of 20 trades a month across both Crypto and Forex, this can vary a lot depending on market conditions. Do you trade on your own or use a bot? 

VIP Margin SignalsI trade on my own. We do have an Auto Trader that copies my trades for members accounts. At this stage no bot, but maybe in the future. Does your trading strategy take into account a fundamental analysis of crypto market or assets? Please provide an example of such an analysis. 

VIP Margin SignalsMainly Technical Analysis, but its very important to understand correlations in the market. ie, BTC and ETH are moving very similar currently, often XRP will move opposite to BTC and sometimes LTC moves first, giving clues to BTC's next move. With ALT coins, Fundamentals are needed so I'm always on the lookout for announcements, forks, partnerships, rebrands, Justin Sun Shills, Media FUD etc... But I predominantly stick to technicals. Is your trading strategy based on technical indicators? If yes - which indicators do you use? 

VIP Margin Signals: For me Price action and multiple timeframe analysis is key. Indicators are always lagging so they are just some icing on the cake, I dont base trade entries off them solely. But in saying that I use 200, 50 and 20 emas, Stotch RSI and MacD. Combine that with Fibonnacci, horizontal levels and trends, thats about as complex as I get. Is the preservation of capital or multiplication of it a priority for you? 

VIP Margin SignalsPreservation is absolute Number 1. There will always be more trades to take, but if your capital is gone, your done.... What is the win rate percentage of your strategy? 

VIP Margin SignalsMid 60% Which Risk Reward do you use in trading? 

VIP Margin Signals1:3 is the sweet spot. 1:2 Ill still trade though. Can you provide an amount of deals made on cryptocurrency market? 

VIP Margin SignalsWow.. umm Trades? many hundreds, probably thousands. Mid term/holds maybe 50. With what Buying Power have you started? 

VIP Margin SignalsI started off slow in crypto to test the waters, so only a few thousand. Then scaled up quite fast to a large amount. What Buying Power do you have now? 

VIP Margin Signalshaha not telling!!! But I cant market buy a lot of ALTs without causing issues. Do you have an experience of fiduciary management of clients’ capital? 

VIP Margin SignalsOnly managed a few large personal whale accounts, but nothing for firms or businesses. It is something that will be on our radar in the mid term. Please provide contacts of the person who can confirm your experience in fiduciary management of his/her capital?  

VIP Margin SignalsProbably not in a public interview without permission, but Im open to inquiries and giving details. How much money have you earned with crypto market? 

VIP Margin SignalsMuch more than I have lost.. Ive live off my crypto proceeds and it has also changed my life forever... And its only warming up. Name please the cryptocurrency you earned the biggest amount of money with?  

VIP Margin SignalsA Shitcoin called ZCL. I bought in before the announcement that it would be forked to Bitcoin Private. I bought in at $23 and sold around the $300 area, maybe $290's approx 1200% gain. What is your trading result as a percentage of the starting deposit at the moment? 

VIP Margin SignalsI track all results, so Ill forward you our total accumulation and results since Margin Signals started. Currently we average 20% account growth per month since we started. Do you follow other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? 

VIP Margin SignalsNot so much anymore, when I did I found they clouded my own judgement and my results suffered. Im an established trader and can back myself to trade profitably long term. Im always looking to learn more or tweak my trading style of course but thats done in other areas. There are a few traders out there that I respect and get great results though. Do you use signals of other crypto traders? If yes - which ones? Is it BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or Poloniex?  

VIP Margin SignalsNo. Do you use leverage? How often and which one? 

VIP Margin SignalsYes, leverage on Bitmex. Very rarely anymore that 10x on the alts. ETH we may go as high as15-20x BTC not often lower than 10x but up to 30x. How risky is your trading? 

VIP Margin SignalsAs a swing trader my risk is naturally lower. People seem to think that more profit is made with more trades. I find that more trades mean more room for error. Ive consistently achieved the same or better results than scalpers with 3 trades a month compared to their 100. Its all about risk:reward for me. I have members often frustrated that we can go a few days or week without a trade. Once we hit a winner though, they tend to understand quickly haha. Which risk percentage do you set on every deal? 

VIP Margin SignalsI recommend to members. 10% of portfolio in Bitmex, then each trade is 10% of the account balance. Therefore risk is 1% per trade. What maximum drawdown did you have? How did you get out of it? 

VIP Margin Signals40%. We held some trades through a Bitmex Maintenance, stops didnt trigger and they got liquidated by double our risk on the trade. So whilst not a trading drawdown so much, there were external factors that damaged accounts. Luckily the following 2 months were amazing and recovered them in full.. Other than this Bitmex issue, the biggest drawdown was about 20%. Its part of trading, two steps forward - 1 step back. Trading needs to be looked over a 3-12 month period, its pretty easy to get bogged down with 3 losing trades in a row. Do you have a maximum drawdown limit at which you stop trading and no longer work? 

VIP Margin SignalsIf you are always trading 1% its mathmatically impossible to blow an account. If you have the long term results and consistency, you just need to double check your emotions, back test your trades and keep hitting the trades with 1% risk. Is your risk constant or variable? 

VIP Margin SignalsAlways 1% (10% of account balance). Have you had margin calls? 

VIP Margin SignalsNo. Do you think it is possible to gain profit from every deal in crypto trading? 

VIP Margin SignalsNo. There will always be losing trades. Great, wealthy, high end traders still lose 30% of their trades. its how they manage the downside and what the rewards are on the winners. Anyone claiming 90% strike rate is full of shit. 9 x $10 winning trades and 1 x $130 losing trade is still 90% right???? still a loser though as risk reward is out of whack. Do you think it is better to risk and earn a lot of money or to risk with small earnings? 

VIP Margin SignalsStart small but still have money on the table, learn the emotions of losing money and compound the trade sizes as your account grows. Its painfully slow to start, but when the compounding kicks in, shit gets real - and fast.... Compounding 1% trade sizes helps the emotions and keeps you focused. Dont risk anything that keeps you up at night. Do you listen for other people’s advice while trading? 

VIP Margin SignalsWhile trading? Not really. Im constantly trying to improve with back testing and study, so I do watch various webinars, you tube on certain subject that help.... Do you think emotional background has an influence of traders’ results? Please describe such a situation from your own experience.  

VIP Margin SignalsAbsolutely 100%. The most important part of trading. Start of this year my results were poor for a couple months, when I went back over my trades I had actually lowered my leverages and widened my stoploss without knowing. This is a fear of taking a loss, I sorted this out and my trading is great again, but took me some time to dissect it. Emotions are 90% of trading. Learning technical analysis isnt that hard. sticking to a trade plan no matter what is very hard. Do you have a cryptocurrency market statement certified by a broker? 

VIP Margin SignalsA trading account statement? As of last month we show all our members an official trading account along with a results spreadsheet to prove our trades arent fudged.

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