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Month subscription
99 USD/Silver BitMEX
Year subscription
999 USD/Silver BitMEX
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1299 USD/Gold BitMEX+ALT/BTC
Month subscription
228 USD/Platinum
Year subscription
2299 USD/Platinum
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  1. Channel
    VerifiedCrypto is a company with an experienced team of traders that you can verify in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. They are among the few traders who made every effort to register their company within the legal framework, which gives investors the opportunity to feel safe and protected when working with them. Currently, they serve as an example and a role model for those companies seeking legalization in the crypto market. They are legitimate and actually care and protect members with each trade. 

  2. Team
    The team is located across the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, and the USA. The two founders are from the Netherlands, and the company VerifiedCrypto Group is founded in the Netherlands as well.

  3. Communication
    Telegram is the primary channel used by VerifiedCrypto to communicate with clients. The speed of their reply is very good and does not exceed ten minutes whether day or night. VerifiedCrypto available 24/7 to speak to and answer any questions. 

  4. Organization of work with the users
    VerifiedCrypto has a website where you can find all the necessary information about them, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions and get in touch with support. Apart from the website, the team uses a typical set of Telegram channels, namely:
    - VerifiedCrypto News - a channel where you can find an overview of the most important news, some free signals from the paid groups, TA, and the results of the signals over the last reporting period from the main channel
    - VerifiedCrypto - the main channel for paid subscribers
    - VerifiedCrypto Result - a channel with the results of the signals from a paid group
    - VerifiedCrypto Traders Chat - a closed chat for paid subscribers

    The team has agents available 24/7 on the website to chat or answer any potential questions and they are also available via TG: @VerifiedCrypto

  5. Signals
    Let’s start with the core coin that sets the mood on the market; that is, with BTC/USD:

A chart accompanies every message, and some are even accompanied by video explanations of the current and predicted TA.


An overview of the most significant news in the crypto market:



The format of the signals (coin, stock exchange, recommended purchase price, sale price, target 1,2,3, and stop loss):

Unlike many other providers, the VerifiedCrypto team does not give any dynamic signals about the sale of the coins - you have to decide for yourself what coin to sell at what target. For this reason, you will need to spend some time communicating with the consultant and the support team during periods of rapid growth and decline.


VerifiedCrypto has something for the fans of quick and risky income as well; they prepare signals for marginal trading. Users ask us often about short-term signals, and we believe that this is a good alternative for them. However, marginal signals are available only for Silver members in the Price section.


Information about the Bitmex signals is as follows:


The VerifiedCrypto team also holds free webinars for users willing to complement their knowledge in crypto and learn the basics of trading. These webinars are available for Gold members only.


To top it off, VerifiedCrypto has a private sale exclusively for paid users.

VerifiedCrypto support several exchanges:  Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kucoin and BitMEX. 


6. Bot

VerifiedCrypto released a new product called VerifiedCryptoBot which allows members to connect to the exchange of their choice via API key and follow trades with almost no effort.  The normal price will be $295,- for a year on top of the selected membership. 

7. Result

VerifiedCrypto has brought their users +87% in BTC from March to April, +1% from May to June, +35% for June (margin accuracy), +40% from July to September which is why they are the solid leaders on our platform. You can find a detailed report on the trader page previous monthly report section.

8. Price
VerifiedCrypto’s subscription price is currently average for the market. We believe that it corresponds to the quality of the services the team provides to its users.

You will get one month of access to the main signals and news for $ 299.00.

You will get 12 months of access to additional signals for marginal trading, as well as for $ 599.00.

You will get 12 months of access to the main, BTC and Alts signals , as well as for $ 499.00.

You will get 12 months of access with an invite to a private channel for paid users with a chat, access to webinars, and an opportunity to contact a consultant for an audit of your portfolio for $ 999.00..

9. Conclusion
VerifiedCrypto is currently among the top five best crypto traders on our platform. According to their outstanding results over the last reporting period, they are number one. They are the first providers to emphasize the legalization of their business and assurance of the security and protection of their subscribers. This factor is crucial for major investors. VerifiedCrypto Group is a company founded in the Netherlands, and you can verify it in the Chamber of Commerce (KVK).


There is a wide range of bonuses that cannot possibly leave you indifferent. The team offers signals for marginal trading and  private sale in ICO. VerifiedCrypto is an example of a successful and trustworthy trader, and we definitely recommend them. We hope that they will only improve and grow in the future.

10. Ratings:

Accuracy: +87% for March and April

Accuracy: +1% for May and June

Margin accuracy: +35% for June

Accuracy: +40% from July to September

Communication: 5 out of 5

Price: 5 out of 5

Convenience of working with the users: 5 out of 5


Verified Crypto Traders Crypto Signals Group Description

Verified Crypto Telegram group publishes crypto signals and news provided by professional traders. The signals and news they provide are well-informed. Verified Crypto Traders Telegram group is more than an interesting channel about cryptocurrencies; it is a good source of information for everyone interested in the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. The channel also publishes their prognoses regarding how they believe events will further unfold in the market. These prognoses are typically astonishingly accurate.

Below are the most significant features of Verified Crypto Network that will not leave you indifferent:

  • Team-picked Trading Signals

  • Well-explained coin recommendations that rely on fundamental market research and technical analysis

  • Breaking news and market updates for the picks

  • Paid members receive short, medium, and long-term signals hours before the free members do

  • Explanatory chart calls that teach members how to analyze charts and determine optimal entry and exit points on their own. By providing educational support, the group teaches its members how to maximize their coin holdings and profit

  • Comprehensive information about active ICOs that allows members to learn about the prospective projects before their marketplace trading is announced

  • Online course, training, and webinars

  • Bitmex signals

  • Web portal

  • Trading Bot

As you can see, this channel provides both educational and news content to their audience. They also give signals that are professionally analyzed and supported by technical analysis. Instead of providing many of signals daily, the channel provides just a few - the best ones - backed by explanations. From time to time, they also issue PDFs that have more detailed information on why they suggested the given trade. For beginners who want to learn how to trade efficiently, Verified Crypto News online training course is a good choice. After viewing their webinars, you will obtain the necessary knowledge of advanced trading methods, support, and resistance, scalping, and trend line. Verified Crypto signals on Telegram are for those traders who want to make business with reliable experts.

Free signals channel: @VerifiedCryptoNews 


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