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The review was last updated in: February 2022
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What Is Special In The Activity Of Verified Crypto Group?

Verified Crypto Traders is a company with an experienced team of traders.
The main difference between Verified Crypto Traders and other trading signals providers is the registration of the former with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands.
We need to highlight this fact in the Verified Crypto Traders Review as the provider of crypto signals is the only provider of cryptocalls that is registered within the legal framework.
As the founders of Verified Crypto Traders made every effort to register the company with the legal body, it allows investors to feel safe and protected when working with them.
When it comes to company structure, Verified Crypto Traders is a role model for those Bitcoin signals and crypto calls provides who are seeking legalization in the crypto market.
In legal regards, Verified Crypto Traders can be considered a legitimate crypto trading signals company.
As the company is under the spotlight of the whole cryptocurrency signals community, we have decided to make an extensive Verified Crypto Traders Review that will showcase the main advantages and disadvantages of dealing with this provider of trading signals.

What is about the Team of Verified Crypto Group?

The team of Verified Crypto Traders is located across many countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, the UK, and the USA.
VCT team
verified crypto traders team
VCT crypto team

The two founders of the crypto signals provider are from the Netherlands and, as we have already mentioned in our Verified Crypto Traders review, the company is also registered there.
As the team of the provider of crypto signals is from different countries, it means you can get an answer 24/7 and the consulting services are also available 24/7.

Is It Easy To Communicate With This Provider?

It is important to highlight in our Verified Crypto Traders review that because of being located across the globe and having a team of 9 members, it may take two hours max to get a response from the provider of crypto trading signals in the Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel.
The company provides in-depth answers, the admins of the channel are very organized and punctual.

Which Services Do These Guys Provide?

When it comes to the offered services, Verified Crypto Traders proves it is one of the best providers of cryptocurrency signals.
verified crypto traders services

Verified Crypto Traders has a website with key information about the provider of the best crypto signals, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. There you can also get in touch with the support  of Verified Crypto Traders.
Apart from the website, the team supports a set of Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channels:
  • Verified Crypto News – this Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel is dedicated to the hot and most important news on the cryptocurrency market. Users can also find in the Verified Crypto Traders Telegram group some of the best crypto signals from the paid groups, TA, and the results of the signals over the last reporting period from the main channel.
  • Verified Crypto Traders – the main channel of the provider. Only users with a paid subscription have access to it. In this Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel the provider posts all crypto calls and some important information about the state of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Verified Crypto Result – a channel with the results of the trading signals from the paid group. Verified Crypto Traders publishes information once a month.
  • Verified Crypto Traders Chat – a private chat for paid subscribers. In Verified Crypto Traders Telegram group, our team has found the results of the cryptocurrency signals for April and May. In this Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel, users usually ask questions and the admins provide answers.
  • Automatic Trading Bot – this bot helps users to reduce losses in trading operations:
  1. The bot shows users their whole portfolio as well as copies and automates the sending to the exchange – all from within Telegram.
  2. The bot automates the trading strategy, providing the Stop, Buy, and Sell orders. By tracking the price down, users can set sell and stop orders at the same time immediately.
  3. Upon receiving your permission, the bot sends trades to the exchange. This system shows all your open trades and results, the history of your trades and notifies you about every action that occurs in the bot.
  4. You can easily edit your trades, change the published signal according to your needs, both during and after the trade creation.
  5. The bot allows you to create trades without signals.

How To Work With Crypto Signals Provided By Verified Crypto Traders?

By creating its bot, Verified Crypto Traders has helped to streamline the trading operations for users. As the bot controls crypto trading signals, it can take a signal from a Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel and send it to exchange.
The bot sets a purchase price to buy a coin at the best price as soon as it reaches the mark which was set automatically. The bot can also sell a coin when the price is closest to the selling price.
The bot made all trading operations much easier. We need to mention in our Verified Crypto Traders review that this provider of crypto calls is one of the top providers, which during January-March 2019 showed the result of 93% profit on signals.
The Safetrading platform makes an independent report every three months. No one and nothing can affect the outcome of it – neither expectation nor providers.
If you want to get an in-depth insight into the work of the Verified Crypto Traders, you can read it in our cryptocalls audit results.

Which Are The Best Signals For The Last Period Of Review?

As we have already mentioned in our Verified Crypto Traders review, via the link provided above, you can view the report on the crypto trading signals by this provider for January-March 2019
The highest BTC profit brought the trading of the WABI coin with a gain of approximately 98%.
verified crypto traders results

The VTC coin also showed good results – the increase in profit by 60%.
verified crypto traders result

There were no coins in the red and the ones sold at a stop loss.

Does Verified Crypto Group Have Unique Features?

Automatic Trading Bot is the main unique feature of the provider. The bot can buy and sell coins at the best price without interaction with users. You can find more information on the bot earlier in our Verified Crypto Traders review.

How Can Users Check The Signals' Accuracy For Every Month?

Verified Crypto Traders provides users with the ability to check the signals' accuracy for every month. Here are the links to the results of trading on the Binance exchange, Bimex, and Platinum.

User's feedback

"I joined VCT more than one year ago and am very happy with their service. It is true that some months have been better than others, and that it can be frustrating where there are several losing trades in a raw or, in the case of Bitmex signals, when only a very small portion of contracts is entered by the bot, making small gains.
However, although there is room for improvement, the overall results are good, and I am particularly impressed by the level of support. I have an example in mind, where some members were complaining about the Excel results sheet not being accurate, Ivo immediately decided to set up live results, so that transparency is always ensured. That’s what I call a professional service.
This is, in my opinion, a strong argument for VCT, as the support helps to control your nerves when trading and also is responsive and listens to member’s issues.
I would, therefore, recommend their service."


Which Is The Final "Judgment" Of

The SafeTrading platform has personally audited this provider during January-March 2019 and tracked all its activities. The results showed us that Verified Crypto Traders regularly provide accurate trading signals. The price for its cryptocurrency predictions is average for the market.
verified crypto traders pricing

Users can either join a free Verified Crypto Traders Telegram channel or choose one of its paid groups.
Please note that the platform performs audits with our own calculation rules. We provide you with honest results which are not influenced by providers being audited. We regularly update our reviews and keep all information up-to-date.
If you are new in the crypto world and would like to know more about cryptocurrency trading, you can check our article.
Verified Crypto Telegram group publishes crypto signals and news provided by professional traders. The signals and news they provide are well-informed.
Verified Crypto Traders Telegram group is more than an interesting channel about cryptocurrencies; it is a good source of information for everyone interested in the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies.
The channel also publishes their prognoses regarding how they believe events will further unfold in the market. These prognoses are typically astonishingly accurate.
Below are the most significant features of Verified Crypto Network that will not leave you indifferent:
  • Team-picked Trading Signals
  • Well-explained coin recommendations that rely on fundamental market research and technical analysis
  • Breaking news and market updates for the picks
  • Paid members receive short, medium, and long-term signals hours before the free members do
  • Explanatory chart calls that teach members how to analyze charts and determine optimal entry and exit points on their own. By providing educational support, the group teaches its members how to maximize their coin holdings and profit
  • Comprehensive information about active ICOs that allows members to learn about the prospective projects before their marketplace trading is announced
  • Online course, training, and webinars
  • Bitmex signals
  • Web portal
  • Trading Bot
As you can see, this channel provides both educational and news content to their audience. They also give signals that are professionally analyzed and supported by technical analysis. Instead of providing many of signals daily, the channel provides just a few - the best ones - backed by explanations.
From time to time, they also issue PDFs that have more detailed information on why they suggested the given trade. For beginners who want to learn how to trade efficiently, Verified Crypto News online training course is a good choice
After viewing their webinars, you will obtain the necessary knowledge of advanced trading methods, support, and resistance, scalping, and trend line. Verified Crypto signals on Telegram are for those traders who want to make business with reliable experts.
Free signals channel: @VerifiedCryptoNews
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 2021-12-02 09:37:24
I\'m interested in their services but I would like to ask a few questions before I pay for the subscription. I cannot contact anyone from their team or support. In Telegram, my messages are unanswered for 3 days already.
The contact form on their website is not working and all social media links on their website are broken.
Not a good sign in my opinion.Add answer


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 2021-07-22 05:46:46
I joined UCS and VCT few months ago. I\'ll write some words for VCT. Erik , Roger and Blockchain Fanatic these 3 VCT traders are really safe traders with safe trades. I see Erik as a very skilled trader and his videos have definitely improved my trading skills. Risk management is very good with this channel and I ended in positive growth at the end of every month. I am happy with them and I recommend this. Thank youAdd answer


 2021-05-25 03:04:47


 2021-05-25 03:04:47
I signed up and made payment using crypto via the website 2 days ago and have heard nothing. I have sent emails, tried to send Telegram messages.... nothing, no response whatsoever. Payment has been made and confirmed by Coinbase who is the payment processor on the website but my order in the Member Area of the website lists my order as \"Processing\". Really?!? Processing for 2 days in this day and age...? I am beginning to think this was a $99 mistake as I have not received any indication otherwise.... be warned,...Add answer
 2021-07-06 05:32:08

[email protected]

 2021-07-06 05:32:08
you had received invite already


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 2021-06-05 15:40:52
did you enter now? How many time did you had to wait to enter?
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