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Review: Torque’s Platform and TorqueTrading Telegram

Welcome to my TorqueTrading review. I would recommend you stay tuned to this page for more close niche reviews, whether you are an expert or a beginner. Now, a question to the latter — the beginner. How much of the crypto space are you acquainted with? If not much of it, then this draft will help you learn that and also much about the Torque trading platform.
A short note of what I mean:
First of all, as a newbie in the crypto world, it is essential that you fully understand how crypto trading works. If you are not well versed about cryptocurrency, trading signals and crypto calls you would definitely encounter a few bumps even with the help of an expert trader.
It is not ideal to dive into cryptocurrency trading without adequate knowledge. I always suggest to new traders to take time to acquire knowledge of cryptocurrency and its market before diving into trading. The truth is that whether you are experienced or not you either lose or win and this is something that is inevitable in the crypto trading world.
Therefore, it is imperative to understand the dynamics surrounding digital currencies and the risks involved. This would help you make the right decisions with whichever cryptocurrency you choose to trade with. For an in-depth understanding of digital currencies, all you have to do is visit our platform.
There you will learn in detail all you need to know about cryptocurrency. Even as an experienced trader there are a few things you can learn. Our platform not only gives detailed information about cryptocurrency but also provides a list of approved telegram crypto groups that you can join as well as the illegitimate telegram groups. You can learn all about these telegram groups and cryptocurrency on our platform.
As you know, this is a TorqueTrading review and they are new providers.I’ll be shedding light on what this provider is about and how they work. Also reasonable piece of information regarding TorqueTrading telegram (the group chat). You will be learning about their support group, services they provide, how to work with crypto signals provided and more.
Let’s begin!

TorqueTrading - Who Are They?

To begin with, again this review is about the infamous TorqueTrading. Still very new to the cryptocurrency trading world but the interesting thing about these guys is that they are reliable, so I can very much say they can be trusted.  We always like to be fair and that is why we do not only work with traders who have been in the market for a long period of time, we also like to work with new providers.
What is of great importance is the quality of work and not how long these providers have been in business. TorqueTrading are one of the very few providers that is still very new but already has an outstanding performance with trading, hence the reason I have decided to write this review. What’s more, we are always careful about recommending crypto traders to you. We wouldn’t recommend an unreliable trader to you ever but this one is an exception.
As a new provider, I shouldn’t be saying this but my experience with these guys has provided enough proof that they are not only legit but 100% accurate. There are a lot of scammers out there which is why we like to provide our readers with information about both good and bad providers.
These guys are solely in the business of making money, they’re majorly focused on trading. If you have an interest in making more cash for yourself as a trader, then you can work with TorqueTrading. This TorqueTrading review is not to butter you up to work with them but rather help you with the necessary information you might want to know about these guys.
However, if I were to give a description of TorqueTrading I would say they are very much new but the quality of their work is outstanding. Like I said, they do not mix trading with other things like giving informative programs or lessons about digital currencies and all that.
TorqueTrading primarily focus on trading which is perfect. In essence, one thing is guaranteed and that is their trading signals are going to be of good quality. I know all these seems almost impossible for a new provider but it just goes to show how dedicated they are to their clients.
If they can make you your desired profit, what more do you want?

How Easy Is It to Communicate with TorqueTrading’s Admin?

Now, in this line of business, one thing that is extremely important is communication. One of the fears of a client is not being attended to as soon they want or their messages being ignored by a provider. Ineffective communication can easily throw a client off.
Although, there is no chat room available for users to debate agreements but the implication of this is that it eliminates any form of stress on the administrator's part. Users, however, might see this is a disadvantage but the good thing is that clients get their response via private texts. In fact, as a client, you do need to worry about waiting endlessly for a response because the administrators respond speedily and most of all in a very informative manner.
Also, TorqueTrading are originally from France which is an advantage to any French-speaking client as they can converse in the French language.
They also communicate well in English language for English-speakers. If what you seek is a forum where you can debate your ideas TorqueTrading might not be for you but if you want a provider that is unwavering with daily signals as well as profitable then they are for you.
You can as well join the TorqueTrading telegram for cryptocurrency predictions and crypto news.

Services Provided by TorqueTrading

Earlier, I made it clear that TorqueTrading focus principally on trading signals preferably Bitmex. They provide the best crypto signals to their clients. I also mentioned how outstanding the quality of their trading signals are, what’s more?
You receive daily signals at different hours of the day. TorqueTrading might seem conventional but one this is for sure, they are in the business of making money and they are very consistent with it. They don’t have a lot of cryptocurrency signals coming in on a daily basis but they are very accurate.
In addition, they provide regular updates on the TorqueTrading's telegram on Bitcoin signals. As a client, you can either choose to be a paid user or a free user. They find a way to provide almost the same service to you as a free user.
They find a way to provide almost the same service to you as a free user. Their trading policy is easy-peasy as they are very committed to trading for their clients. Unfavorable market conditions has got nothing on TorqueTrading, it seems not to affect them in any way.

How Leveraging Works with Bitmex

What does leveraging mean to a trader? As a trader, if you put in a greater amount than your initial capital with the hope of making more profit in return then that is leveraging. It could either increase one’s profit or increase your loss but the purpose of using leverage is so you can control your risks. Understanding how to leverage in the trading world is extremely important because you have to be careful about your decision.
Usually, Bitmex users are given the opportunity to leverage up to 1 to a ratio of 100(1:100) which goes beyond the normal leverage level of other digital currencies. Torque traders make use of high leverage and it works pretty well for them and that is why I said these guys know what they are doing. The higher your leverage doesn’t guarantee higher level of profit, like I said it only helps you control the risks involved.

How to Work with Crypto Signals Provided by TorqueTrading? 

First off, what are crypto trading signals? The purpose of crypto trading signals also known as crypto calls is to help you decipher which cryptocurrency is guaranteed to bring in huge profit or is most profitable. As a trader, you need to know how it works. Like i said before, you receive these crypto signals at different hours of the day and despite the low entry of trading signals they are of great quality.
This only means that these guys take their time to trade and are very careful.  As your provider, TorqueTrading would send you these crypto trading signals. For instance, if you get Bitcoin signals the signal will tell you whether or not you should buy Bitcoin. The signal lets you see their entry including the cost for stop-loss.
For proper understanding of how cryptocurrency signals work, check out our platform to read more. In no time, we would provide you with a report in regards to crypto calls and let you know how these guys function.

Subscription Plan

Here are the pricing terms:
  • For monthly subscribers, you get to pay 0.03 BTC
  • If you choose to subscribe for three months straight you are charged at 0.08 BTC
  • Half a year subscription amounts to 0.13 BTC
  • Per annum 0.20 BTC
  • For a lifetime subscription 0.40 BTC

Advantages of Working with TorqueTrading

  1. They are master traders who are very up to date with their market analysis and provide their users with crypto news on TorqueTrading telegram.
  2. They are risk-takers as they are not troubled by unfavorable market conditions.
  3. They provide quality cryptocalls.
  4. Client satisfaction is a top priority for them.
  5. Their main goal is to make a profit which they take very seriously.
  6. They are quick with response.

Disadvantages of Working with TorqueTrading

The main disadvantage to me is the non-existence of user chat room or maybe you might perceive it to be a great disadvantage. As a user, you want to be able to follow up with your provider. I think the reason behind this is for the team to be able to focus on trading without any distraction and that is why they are able to provide good results. This only proves that they are master traders. I cannot necessarily say that the absence of a chat room represents inadequacy.
This provider might be new but they are a team of highly experienced traders. The most important thing to me is the accuracy of their signals. Another thing that could appear as a defect is the absence of trade bots, but in my opinion, it is not a flaw as they pay undivided attention to market analysis and customer satisfaction.
Getting signals for clients is a top priority for them and this goes to show how dedicated they are to their clients. In a nutshell, it is safe to say that this provider has no shortcomings. In any case, if any of these changes in future be assured we will be the first to let you know.

Final Judgement

Overall, this TorqueTrading review has proven that TorqueTrading are exceptional with their trading and shows commitment. They are new traders but very consistent and their clients are top priority to them. As a trader, the most important thing is that you make a profit and that is their utmost focus.
I know you are most definitely worried about the absence of a user chat room but in all honesty, I do not consider that a fault. Although there is no trade bot available to users yet, they are working towards putting that in place. They work tirelessly and deliver to their clients. With the progress they have made as a team despite being new is outstanding like I said and it only shows they are masters at what they do.
Moreover, they give a proper analysis of the market and regular crypto news on TorqueTrading telegram. I suggest you go online to read any TorqueTrading review you can find to do your own findings about them.
I hope this TorqueTrading review has provided you with enough information you need. For the best crypto telegram groups visit our platform. There we have a list of approved telegram groups and information that might be useful to you.
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