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Dear users, this provider is scammer due to negative feedback. We have a lot of proofs of those. We don't recommend you to work with him.


The Crypto Academy is a subscription-based platform where you can learn crypto trading. The Crypto Academy is supervised by a professional trader and dedicated teacher, Dr. Kia. He is a professional crypto trader who holds a Ph.D. in Statistics. Members of the platform learn everything they need to know before starting to trade from the platform.

The Crypto Academy is a community that unites professional traders who aim to educate the new community members with the help of interactive learning methods. Every beginner gets a chance to become a successful professional trader.

TAcademy has a lot of comprehensive educational materials that they share with their members. It is worth noting that their website is pretty cool and modern as well.

TA Course

TA Course, given on their channel, is unique in many ways. The team teaches their subscribers TA techniques based on the BTCUSD candlesticks chart. One can quickly learn how to set up their trades and trade different chart patterns (double top/bottom, head, and shoulders, triangles). This course will help you learn the trading techniques that will allow you to see the BTC patterns, understand them quickly, and benefit from them. At the end of every TA report, the team provides subscribers with the latest trading signals for educational purposes.

Free and Premium Groups

There are five channels for Premium members:

  • #premium-lounge (a chat room for premium members)

  • #premium-signals (trading signals based on TA and latest market updates)

  • #teaching-material (courses, handbooks, workshops, and videos)

  • #exercises (courses, handbooks, workshops, and videos)

  • #ta-questions (answers to TA questions that users have)


There is a free Telegram channel that publishes the latest market updates and most recent TA on a weekly basis. The channel is called #free-trading-signals. The chat room for free members is called #public-lounge.

TAcademy Bot – Version 2.0 Features

TAcademy launched the second version of their bot, which has the following features:

  • Provides the information on ETH pairs.

  • The bot has a successfully implemented a Zig Zag feature that allows its users to detect Zig Zag moves. The bot will turn off immediately when it detects sideways BTC movements. The bot will restart trading when it detects incoming pumps or dumps.

  • Dodge feature. The bot can discover false signals that are results of bull traps, false breakouts, bear traps, and so on.


Currently, the team is testing ADA, BCH, EOS, LTC, TRX, and XRP to explore all the possibilities of Bitmex.



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