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The review was last updated in: December 2022
While discovering top crypto signals providers, we found several mentions of SmartMoney. Thus, in today's SmartMoney review, we'll go above and beyond to show you everything that is important to know about that crypto trading calls provider.
SmartMoney regularly appears in trading software ratings and gets relatively medium positions. This platform was developed in the US yet works worldwide to help traders to cope with market fluctuations. What is it, and how to use it? Let's take a closer look.

About SmartMoney

SmartMoney is a service that provides relevant information for trading cryptocurrencies and Forex assets. It is based on the instant tracking of the situation on large exchanges and financial analysts' insights. The platform was established in 2015, and since then, it has offered SMS signals to traders. There is a SmartMoney website where you can get more information about the provider. Yet it is still not as user-friendly as it can be.
The service offers several signal packs for traders, which you can buy directly on the website. After getting the package, you will receive automated signals, alerts, and indicators. The service can be integrated with your own bots, or you can use it for your backtesting.

Pricing Review

All SmartMoney prices are indicated in the shop section of the website. Here you can get signals packs, individual indicators, and momentum signals.
The cost of SmartMoney packs starts from $49 for SMS Naked PoC and comes up to $99 for daily SMS signals. Besides, there are single signals to buy. For short-term momentum signals, you have to pay $53, and for counter-trade momentum signals, it is $13. All the options can be simply bought on the website, just like in a standard e-commerce store.

Pros and Cons of SmartMoney

Let's highlight the main pros and cons of the SmartMoney signals we have noticed when exploring that service.
  • Lots of calls are available for purchase, including momentum signals for long-term and short-term trading experiences
  • Reasonable prices
  • The company has worked in the market for seven years

  • The website is not convenient for navigation
  • Only SMS signals are available

SmartMoney Reputation Online

Analyzing the reputation of that crypto signals provider, we have faced two main features. On the one side, SmartMoney is quite reputable and has worked for seven years already. On the other side, few positive SmartMoney reviews are on the web. 
That can be explained in two ways: the company strictly monitors reviews, or there are just not as many users working with it. In any case, it can be a  good choice to try SmartMoney's services using its momentum signals to appreciate whether it is convenient for you to work with trading signals provided in this way. We cannot say anything against SmartMoney, yet there are still not as many arguments in its favor too.
Note we do not promote the platform and take no responsibility for your experience with SmartMoney.
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