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The review was last updated in: December 2022

MYC Signals Review

The primary intention of our reviews is to provide you with the most updated information about the best crypto signals providers to make a choice easier for you. Today, let's get through the main offers by the MYC team. Keep reading this 2-min MYC signals review to ensure you’ll make the right choice.
So, MYC is the online service that provides relevant crypto signals via Telegram chat. Besides that commonly used communication channel, the MYC team offers its crypto encyclopedia for all users. It is called MyCryptoPedia. That's a little more than just the landing page to join the MYC community on the website. There is also an extended FAQ section where you can get answers to all essential questions each novice crypto trader may have.

About MYC Signals

The MYC team consists of successful traders that worked for over four years and created an extended community with 38,000+ members. MYC crypto signals are offered by subscription in the Telegram chat for each member in a custom manner, as MYC offers several payment packs. 
As usual, the company offers 50-70 trading calls per month based on the owners' financial analyses and trading expertise. You can get MYC signals on Telegram after registering on the website and buying a subscription plan. Besides, there are also educational pieces of knowledge MYC provides traders with.
The platform offers 24/7 support and tries to meet the trading style of each customer in its subscription plans. It works with several large exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, and Deribit.

Pricing Review

As for the MYC pricing, it is pretty flexible as there are several premium subscriptions for MYC community members. You can get MYC signals in one of the following service packs:
  • A BTC spot that is developed for novice traders. That plan costs $60 per month
  • A BTC + Alt spot offers signals for Bitcoin and a range of Altcoins for $120 per month
  • Crypto futures spot that provides signals for long and short positions, both for $150 per month
  • All-in-One Premium pack that provides all the services from these three packs. It is available for $225 per month

Besides a monthly subscription, you can also select options for three months or even for a lifetime. These will cost you less due to discounts provided by MYC.

Pros and Cons of MYC

There are both bright and dark sides to MYC crypto signals. Here they are.

  • A good website and Telegram chat to get signals
  • Works with large international exchanges
  • Provides multiple subscription options for various types of traders and trading styles.
  • 24/7 support
  • Offers trading courses
  • Prices are not as low as you want them to be
  • A BTC pack offers only 1-2 signals per week

MYC Reputation Online

We haven't found lots of negative MYC trading signals reviews. Most customers are happy with what they get from MYC. It is also a good sign that the MYC community is over 35,000 members, which shows it is a reputable service. Yet we do not take any responsibility for your interaction with MYC.
Note we do not promote the platform and take no responsibility for your experience with Signals Blue Crypto.
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