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The review was last updated in: October 2021
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Trading with Invalert: Invalert Review

Let's start from here: an illustration of how things have changed over time.
Imagine what a world of difference the digital capital industry has made since its birth. For example, in 2017, blockchain and crypto-currency grew in popularity and eventually took control of the world currency markets — investors spent $6.2 billion in 875 start-up cryptographic companies.
Another one — Bitcoin soared and has earned a remarkable place in today's trading.
Amidst the massive flow of cash from these areas, cryptocurrency dealers have also got bigger: There are many new prospects willing to invest in the space, older traders are getting better at what they do, and the experts are carving out ways to make things easier for all of us.
One of such innovations is INVALERT, and now, this is what we will discuss.
I want to give you a download of the various earmarks of this group. In other words, this Invalert review covers crucial points about them, Invalert Telegram, my experience working with them.
You’ll be able to learn about their works and know whether they are right for you.
invalert safetrading review

Permit me to use key questions to highlight my points. Let’s get to it….

What Does Invalert Do?

Let me quickly rephrase that to — who are the owners of Invalert and how do they help crypto traders?
Invalert is run by a group of software developers. Through this trading portal, these guys lend a decent hand to dealers in the following ways:
  1. Invalert generates alerts based on trend changes. For instance, crypto alerts for an uptrend start and downtrend start.
  2. Invalert’s trends are built on a unique algorithm. When on-the-market changes occur, the algorithms change too, and the provider is able to pick up the pattern or trend of changes. As far as I understand, the group lets subscribers of their channel in on such changes ( in the form of alerts).
  3. The alerts contain data of crypto coins and could inform on either an uptrend or downtrend.
  4. Apart from that, there are other algorithms set on price, stop-loss price, first target price, name of investment asset, name of the market and a date, and they likewise generate alerts for you.
  5. All the alerts are delivered via Invalert Telegram and as new trends continue to emerge, subscribers are continually informed and could leverage this kind of information in trading crypto.

invalert signals example

How Does a Trend Work?

This part of the Invalert review exemplifies what you can make out of trends.
First, you have to know this - trends on Invalert have an exclusive tab dedicated to them. With this web panel, users are able to calculate the possible maximum profit from using trends.
You can check the next parameters on the panel:
  1. Success Rate: This is when a trend hits the first target

Success rate = number of won alerts / (number of won alerts + number of lost alerts)
  1. Stop Loss: This when a trend hits stop loss, In this case, a loss will be the result.

In any of these regards, the decision to wait is solely the subscribers’.

How Long Does a Trend Live?

In a nutshell, this is what you can receive on Invalert Telegram :
  1. A trend lifespan of 4 hours at minimum.
  2. Detailed provision of alert history.
  3. The success rate of alerts in the forms of coin/pair or for a time period.
All in all, this provider is good. As quoted on their site:
“Invalert has a high success rate. In a bear market, it will defend your portfolio and in a bull market, it will grow your portfolio”.
In the web panel, you will find much more than mentioned here.
Invalert team continues to improve the algorithm and functionality of the web panel.

Invalert Telegram Communication

The Telegram groups are responsive. Actually, I’ve not worked with this provider any longer than 40 days, but from what I see, the Invalert Telegram admin is quite professional and easy-going.
The perfect irony of the trading with them Invalert happened early on. I contacted them for a bit and got no reply. I felt discouraged to pursue my investment with them and literally tagged them scammers.
However, a surprise turn around period came sooner — the admin finally wrote and granted me full access to their alerts.
Since then, I’ve not had similar complaints — they are NOT SCAMMERS!

Is Invalert Signal Legit?

In September 2019, I checked crypto signals with them — did this to know how legitimate and trusted they are. The idea is that they generate signals via a unique bot. It’s fast, so, every day you can see 4-5 alerts. Working with Invalert is great if you want to unlock many trademarks each day.
As for using bots, I think it’s a very nice and unusual characteristic.

Invalert’s 3-point Manifesto

  1. Always remember that Invalert is a trend miner. It has no feelings. If it finds something different, within 4 hours, it deletes a trend or for one month, sustains one —  if it favors the subscriber.
  2. Do not put all your eggs in a basket. This means you should use all your coins to buy alerts at once. A smarter way to invest is per alert. Simply because they change, and there’ll be new ones at every given time.
  3. Always remember to use stop-loss. Changes are inevitable. So, never be a coin believer, but rather watch the market trends and trade CAREFULLY.

Is Invalert Good for Beginners?

Sure thing, Invalert is a great one for starters. However, there isn't much information besides the actual experience. The start-up process is easy. The subscriptions include:
  • Yearly: $499
  • Monthly: $99
  • Weekly: $49
There’s also a referral system in place.
invalert referral system

This is how Invalert’s referral system works:
  • The Referral program functions when the customer is an effective subscriber.
  • A distinctive referral URL will be produced after the client registers.
  • The user earns 10% of the first level referrals and 5% of the second level referrals. Third and higher concentrations are meaningless and have no impact on calculations.
  • If a user is a subscriber, the user can be paid from his / her referral user's subscription renewals. This implies that the customer can always get compensated for the referral program.
  • Referral charges will be made within 24 hours of the request of the customer.

Pros and Cons of Trading With Invalert


  • Up to 50 crypto coins
  • Highly accurate alerts and alert history
  • Active Invalert Telegram
  • Referral system works well


  • Too young to predict their future
  • Subscriptions are a bit pricey

Let’s Sum Up

  • Finally, I’d like to reassure you that Invalert is not a scam!
  • As mentioned earlier, I checked alerts for September - all of them are profitable.
  • Considering the advantages, it’s recommended.
  • And I’m hopeful this Invalert review would be useful to the many curious traders out there and yourself, of course.
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