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Forflies VIP or The SchoolBoy Going to Tell You about Trading [Review 2022]

Forflies vip safetrading review

Forflies VIP is a crypto channel that was opened by the 18-years-old trader who is going to show you how to build your successful trading path.
Actually, this channel reminds me of one YouTuber - Suppoman, haha.
You know, when you visit their website, you see the young guy and “his” cool car, so newcomers think:
“Oh my God, I want such a car as well, what has he done?”
And today I will tell you everything about his activity.

What is Forflies Academy?

Okay, it is written that with this guide you can learn crypto even if you don't even understand what it is.
My God, really, an 18 years old boy is going to be better in teaching than traders with 10+ years of experience?
forflies scam

One fact from his website was very funny, I will show you it:
“It was 2016. I was doing pretty well in school (thank you, come back and do your homework please) and didn’t really have anything to worry about in life...except there was a fire under my ass.
I wanted more. I wanted to level up my life and make enough money so I never had to worry about money again…”.
Okay, thank you for this short story, but let’s think.
Does a schoolboy write about losing money?
Does he write that "through costless trial and error, I finally had my breakthrough”?
It is funny.
And I’m not even going to go through his services - I just want to see the price of his “guide”. The guide is $248.50.
And now imagine that you are the trader that gained a lot of experience and you really have a lot of things to share with other people. I would not set such a price.
By the way, I found the information that this “young successful trader” has a Telegram crypto group with a monthly subscription for 1 BTC.
Hey guys, 1 BTC per month, not bad for a schoolboy, yeah?
Now, writing this review, I can believe that someone trusts him and buys all the services he offers.
Even if the guide is cheap, it isn't worth the money at all. The same situation is with his unbelievably expensive Telegram channel.
He is a typical scammer.
Oh no, I’m sorry, not very typical - I have never seen the whole website dedicated to the schoolboy who was bored with lessons.
That is why, please, avoid this website, this channel, and the stories about the prosperous future. It is not about real trading - it is about stealing the money.
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 2021-09-23 20:43:00

[email protected]

 2021-09-23 20:43:00
Forflies is without doubt one of the worst scammers out there. An amateur trader - claiming to be an analyst and trader. Terrible basic TA, No insight into the market, Just shocking behavior. The VIP group is complete trash - unfortunately I paid for a month of his VIP - worst investment in crypto I\'ve ever made. Add answer
 2021-04-13 01:53:06

[email protected]

 2021-04-13 01:53:06
Forflies is pretty much objectively the single worst person in the entire crypto space. Check out my blog to see proven facts about his tactics. It\'s being updated regularly with his bed soilings, which happen fairly oftenAdd answer


 2021-06-23 14:16:29


 2021-06-23 14:16:29
This is the worst VIP group in all of crypto. Complete scam. If you are new to this space, please avoid and safe yourself the money and pain of having to deal with Sami Loyal.
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