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DeGRAM - Have You Heard About Them? - Safetrading [2020 Review]
degram review safetrading
DeGRAM is a team of experienced traders which offer very good and profitable crypto trading signals. 
Cryptocurrency market is very active now, that is why every day we have more and more trading channels that offer crypto signals.
But how should users find really legit traders?
If you didn’t manage, don’t worry! will help you to choose.
Todaym, in this DeGRAM review, we are going to talk with you about one more crypto provider we reviewed some time ago.
Let’s go!
What Is DeGRAM?
what is degram
As I told you before, they are very experienced traders from Poland.
They have around 11 years of experience in trading financial instruments.
Today we will talk about their crypto trading signals.
By the way, it is the first approved provider who is in “TOP Authors” on TradingView. 
I like such traders. 
You can see that their cryptocurrency signals are really professional and they give users every opportunity to know the channel better.
And below we will tell you a bit about their features.
Yes, this is one of the main features.
As I know, their website has been active for a couple of months, but still it is quite well developed.
Here you can find everything about prices, cryptocurrency signals, their examples, contacts of the support, etc.
By the way, design is on a high level as well.
degram blog
I think this feature is still in development, because I can’t see any articles, let’s give them some time.
degram faq
Also, you can visit the section with frequently asked questions and read everything important for trading with DeGRAM.
Crypto Signals
degram crypto signals example
You can find some info on the website as well, but here I decided to discuss their crypto calls according to the results of our independent review.
We will talk about them later :) 
As we talk about crypto in this DeGRAM review, I need to say that on the website you can’t see crypto results, only Forex ones.
But, you can find all the results you can find in the DeGRAM Telegram channel, and we will provide them as well.
Crypto Signals
And now it’s time to discuss the most important question!
We did the DeGRAM review for January-March 2020, and I need to say, that…
We are glad that we have one more good provider!
So, we checked around 100 signals, and only one of them was unprofitable. So, you can see that their accuracy is on a high level.
The best thing I saw is that this provider works with 10-15 main coins, and you can be sure he is not going to promote any scam coin.
The Best Crypto Signals during the Period of Review
So, we discussed the general situation with DeGRAM Telegram crypto signals.
Now I want to tell you about the most successful trades. 
FUEL coin price increased by 19,35% and was the most profitable in our period of review.
degram profitable signals
Then, the same coin (he-he) brought 17,24% of profit at the end of March. 
degram profitable crypto signal
And DOCK brought 17,14% in the end of March as well.
degram profitable cryptocurrency signal
I told you that there was only one coin which was unprofitable. This was OAX and it went 2,87% down at the end of February.
degram unprofitable signal
Pros and Cons
Okay, now it’s time to discuss my favorite part of the review.
I think this provider has more advantages than disadvantages.
Let’s start from pros:
  1. Good and understandable website;
  2. Affordable prices;
  3. Profitable Binance signals Telegram;
  4. Good support;
  5. Top Author on TradingView;
  6. 1-3 signals per day;
  7. 3 website languages - English, Russian and Spanish.
But, there are some things should be developed ( I hope they will do it in the future):
  1. There are no crypto results on the websitem, only in DeGRAM Telegram channel;
  2. Blog is active but it has no articles.
Final Thoughts
Well, it’s time to make some conclusions in our DeGRAM review.
And they are definitely good!
This provider is going to provide you good crypto trading signals at the affordable price, so subscribe to the DeGRAM Telegram channel.  
degram prices
If you have any questions, feel free to contact the admin
Safetrading is here for you as well if you need any consultations on crypto providers, bots or wallets.
Have a good day!
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