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The review was last updated in: October 2021
Dear users, this provider is scammer due to negative feedback. We have a lot of proofs of those. We don't recommend you to work with him.


Cryptonizers is a channel that is actively promoting itself on the platform.
It consists of a free group called Cryptonizers, which has about 17,000 subscribers, and a paid channel, called Cryptonizers (Midterm calls), that has nearly 200 paid subscribers.
The administrators of the channel divide their users into several paid groups for some reason, with each group having about 200-300 users.
For this reason, the channels are called either Cryptonizers (Trade signals and advisory)1 or Cryptonizers (Trade signals and advisory)
Very often, renaming of groups and transfer of users occurs, which doesn’t look trustworthy on our opinion.
For some reason, team was deprived of the access to the paid channel. For this reason, we believe that the administrators have something to hide.


Unfortunately, did not receive complete information about the Cryptonizers team.


The channel administrator takes hold of the communication and detailed consultations within the channel. The administrator answers all questions with regard to the organization and trading.
During our communication with the administrator of this channel, they mentioned the names of the scam channels Palm Beach VIP and Cryptoland Elite. We hope it was nothing more than a coincidence and that the Cryptonizers channel is not connected to the scammers.
We will keep an eye on this channel and inform you accordingly.
cryptonizers telegram

Organization of work with the users

The main channel for attracting new users is a free channel called Cryptonizers. There is also a paid Telegram channel that is divided into several groups, each having no more than one hundred subscribers.
Every month, the channels are transformed and restructured; the administrators say that they do this to divide the paid subscribers from those users who do not want to continue their subscription.
We do not see the reason behind complicating the process this much and think that the administrators should simply delete the free users from the group and keep the same channel for those that are paid.
However, this decision causes the users to ask more questions because they want to know why they are being transferred to a new channel, and why their channel is constantly being renamed.
cryptonizers posts


The Cryptonizers channel is like potpourri - you can find a massive flow of news in it.
cryptonizers pump
cryptonizers pump

Recommendations regarding the ICO coins:
cryptonizers ico

cryptonizers ta

As well, finally, the signals consist of a piece of text in a very inconvenient format. They are hard to find and identify among all the news in the thread:
cryptonizers scam

As you can see, the signals consist of recommendations about the purchase price, targets, stop-loss, and a short technical explanation of why you should purchase the coin. The signals are usually mid and long term.
All in all, there is a lot of different, unstructured information in this channel and the format of the posts changes all the time. It seems that the data is being copied from some other channels and pasted into the Cryptonizers channel thread. We believe that it is unacceptable. You would likely agree.


According to the data from trading in January and February, we can say that the result is as doubtful as the flow of information in the Cryptonizers channel. There is +4% in BTC, which is better than nothing, or a loss, in any case. However, we cannot say that this is a meaningful result. We will keep an eye on this channel in the future, and we hope that they improve their performance.
The channel didn't live up to our expectations. These guys didn't work on the bugs. We weren't given the opportunity to create a report for a new period and were given the status "DECLINED". Be careful. Take care of your investments.
cryptonizers safetrading review


Cryptonizers is one of the middle-priced channels, with the cost of their subscription being 0.03 BTC.


Cryptonizers seems to be a relatively normal channel that cannot boast of anything special or unusual at the first glance. They post a lot of unstructured information, they give average results according to the signals, and their relation to PALM BEACH VIP could be a very negative association.
Constant renaming of channels, transfer of users between them and absurd reasons behind it don’t look very trustworthy. For this reason, we do not recommend this channel and assign a DECLINED status to it.

The Cryptonizers Telegram team want to show itself as a community rather than a channel or service that provides signals. Their "primary goal" is to help members make the best choices that result in financial growth, but the only thing they do is SCAM people with crypto signals.
The Cryptonizers crypto experts warn their users that they do not have a crystal ball with which to guarantee profit in every case, but they assure their users that they gain more profitable traders than they lose. As a result, people really want to get best crypto signals, they subscribe and The Cryptonizers just take the money for nothing.
However, the Cryptonizers Telegram group owners say that there is no single correct strategy to follow, and different people may be comfortable with very different strategies, but he is a liar - they have a strategy of scamming.
That's why we want to remind you one more time - check every provider before the subscription, becauce cryptocurrency - is a risky thing. And our platform make a review of our TOP-providers' signals in order to give you the most accurate info. So choose our trusted providers and make profite everyday.
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