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The review was last updated in: June 2022
Dear users, this provider is scammer due to negative feedback. We have a lot of proofs of those. We don't recommend you to work with him.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a show worth seeing. You will be truly amazed by the dexterity, craft, and fakeness of this example of a fraudster channel in the world of cryptocurrencies. Here come CRYPTOLAND and CRYPTOLAND Elite.
These guys are a perfect examples of rascality. One article or audit is not enough for them; their schemes deserve a book or a movie!
cryptoland elite admin

In a way, I’m thankful for these fraudsters, because my experience with them inspired me to create the platform. However, we did still lose a lot of money because of them.
A part of our assets is lost for good, and another part is frozen and without any hope to obtain profit from the Cryptoland Elite coins. You can get more details on how I lost my portfolio to a scam here.
Let’s have a closer look at CRYPTOLAND.
The Cryptoland channel has about 62,000 users in a free group on Telegram and 800 paid users in the Cryptoland Elite Telegram channel. Cryptoland signals look like the following:
cryptoland elite scam signals

If you see this kind of signal  format in any other channel, be careful!
Apart from creating the Cryptoland channel, its administrators own the Palm Beach channel and many other fraudulent channels. This way, they have unlimited opportunities for cross-promotion and for tricking their users into subscribing to more and more scam channels.
The administrators make a profit by attracting and fooling more and more users every day. Perhaps they might change the names of their groups, or create more new ones. We will keep an eye on these guys so that we can warn you about their fraudulent behavior.
Let’s talk about their prices. Earlier, a subscription came at 0.05 BTC/Lifetime and 0.030/Monthly. Later on, the administrators lowered the prices several times, for no reason. Eventually, the price stopped at 0.025/Lifetime and 0.015/Monthly.
A channel that does not have a consistent pricing model, and whose subscription price fluctuates ‘just because,’ should not seem trustworthy to you.
There is one more reason why this channel is so popular and considered to be trustworthy by many. You might be shocked by it, but there is fake information and a phony audit of an anonymous user in a top blog,
The audit contains a very believable description of profitable trading according to the CRYPTOLAND signals. Unfortunately, this audit is a fabricated report made for dirty advertisement purposes. There are many pieces of proof of this.
First of all, the audit analyzes the signals over a period of only one week , which is an incredibly short period for a thorough analysis. What’s more, there is next to no real information in this article; it is just a dirty advertisement.
Why is it dirty? Well, it is dirty because the owners of did not respond to our emails or to emails from users who became victims of this fraud.
Every day there are users claiming the fraudulent channel, but the administration of the website does not react to this situation, nor does it respond to the emails from users who ask for help daily.
So far, nearly twenty users have contacted us to report that they wrote to support and were ignored. For this reason, we advise you to double-check any information you get from any external sources.
We’ve written another article about this that will equip you with the knowledge necessary to check the quality of the trader signals and uncover the scammers on your own.
You can read the article here. Remember, in the world of cryptocurrencies, you can only rely on yourself!
Fake reports, chat bans, 80% of coins reaching the stop loss order, commonplace TA - you can read about all of these things in detail here. As well, of course, a piece of definitive proof against the trustworthiness of the CRYPTOLAND ELITE channel is a report of their signals for January and February. It’s all in the red!
Below you can find examples of emails from users who became victims of this scam, some of whom turned to us for support regularly.
cryptoland elite safetrading results

How do you like these results? I believe that any beginner in the cryptocurrency market could show a better result, even if they had no experience at all.
To support our statement with facts, we have attached the messages from users who turned to us for help after becoming victims of fraud.
users' feedback
cryptoland elite scam
cryptoland elite scam admins
cryptoland elite scammer

Check out more proof in the discussions found on external resources.
Be careful at all times! These guys own about ten different channels and change their looks from time to time. Stay alert and don’t get caught in their net!
For example the channel Cryptoland Elite changed its name to Crypto Consulting once again . Pay attention and remember - it's scammers. Take care of your money!
cryptoland elite new logo

If you have faced other scammers, or have any additional information about the Cryptoland Elite fraudsters, please contact our support and tell them about it. - don't trade with scammers, earn with traders.
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