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Crypto Trading Whales Review 2022 - Don’t Even Think About the Subscription! - Safetrading

crypto trading whales safetrading review

Crypto Trading Whales is a big scam crypto Telegram channel that attracts people with the help of excellent results and huge promises about earnings.
I told you a hundred times that you need to check the channel properly before buying the subscription and today I will show what can be if you don’t check it.
We received a complaint from one user who unfortunately bought the subscription to this scam channel and he wrote us a huge story about his experience.
He doesn’t remember how he managed to find this channel. According to his words, he could be invited automatically, and then he saw good results, a lot of users in the VIP channel, and decided to work with Crypto Trading Whales.

Why do scam channels have a lot of users in their VIPs?

I will tell you a secret maybe but 90% of those “users” are bots or fake accounts brought by special programs.
All the payments are made with a bot (@CryptoTradingWhalesBot).
The first thing this bot offers is to buy the lifetime subscription to the Binance bot that costs 0.65 BTC (!!!) and with every 200 users who bought this bot this price increases at 0.1 BTC.
Strange, right?
The users decided not to buy this bot and asked about the lifetime subscription.
Attention! Don’t buy the lifetime subscription at once - buy the monthly one and check the channel.
The lifetime subscription of Crypto Trading Whales costs 0.255 BTC and it is very expensive as well. 
After making the payment this user joined the VIP channel and there they announced that the next pump is going to be in 11 hours.
Before the pump, they sent a BTC address and told the user that after every pump is over they will send his investment+profit.
At first, this user sent 340 USDT and after the pump, Crypto Trading Whales sent 402 USDT.
The next time he invested 1060 USDT and after the pump got back 1280.92 USDT.
Next time he sent 1 BTC! And they sent back 1.07 BTC.
Then one more BTC and he got back 1.03 BTC. After this pump, they told him that such a small profit is because the people who wanted to promote an unknown coin blocked Crypto Trading Whales and didn’t give them money for promotion (ha-ha, scammers caught scammers).
Attention! If the channel does promo of other channels or crypto coins, avoid this channel!
As compensation for small profit they “made a discount” for users who want to buy the Binance bot.
They made a discount from 0.85 BTC to 0.25 BTC… and our user bought this bot.
And at the same time, they announced a new pump and the user being relaxed and confident sent 1 BTC again.
And they removed him from all the channels!
crypto trading whales scam

Let’s count the money he wasted:
VIP subscription - 0,255 BTC
The last investment - 1 BTC
Binance Bot - 0,25 BTC&
He gave to this scam channel Crypto Trading Whales… 1,505 BTC.
So here is the process of their activity:
They do everything possible to make you buy their lifetime subscription and the Binance bot. While you invest small sums, they send you investment and profit back, and as soon as you buy all they need and make a big investment (1 BTC for example), they will remove you from all the channels.
Please, don’t invest blindly!
If you can’t find a good channel and don’t know how to check channels, visit Safetrading, and find trusted and legit channels.
We are ready to consult you 24/7!
There are a lot of such scammers who are waiting for you to steal the money.
Below I will show you all the data and names I have from the user about Crypto Trading Whales.
This group of scammers operates on these Telegram channels:  - Crypto Trading Whales  - CTW Vip Trading Results  - Crypto Publicity Leaders - Biggest Crypto Publicity Group - Crypto Publicity Channel - Binance Unexpected trades - Binance Daily Stats and News   - TradingWhalesVip (their VIP paid private channel)
You can find the link to their private channel in the forwarded messages: - it was an invitation link to their VIP channel, but it is expired.
Their admins' accounts:
THOMAS ( Crypto Trading Whales Founder and Leader), Igor.
Their email:
Their scam bot:
Their website:
Here are the channels of other scammed users:
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 2020-05-02 23:38:46

[email protected]

 2020-05-02 23:38:46
Its a scammer Channel take care he will send u one time back and than after you sent a second time he will block you !!!Add answer


 2020-04-26 02:33:03


 2020-04-26 02:33:03

I just want to let you know that on your very useful website there\'s a ****ing scammer registered as \"CRYPTO TRADING WHALES @PublicityAndCryptoSignals\"

The owner use proxies to hide his identity and IP address, and the channel counts more than 800k user, of course all BOTS.

He promise magic percentage of profit with crypto trading activity, and then suddenly disappear after been paid for VIP membership.

If you don\'t trust me, try with your own money. Engage him and you will be scammed too.

I know him, he\'s a shitty and evil person.

Please stop him from scamming people.

Thank you so much for the support.
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