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The review was last updated in: October 2021
Dear users, this provider is scammer due to negative feedback. We have a lot of proofs of those. We don't recommend you to work with him.

Crypto Kirby Earns 2,7 BTC For One Person Per Year With The Help Of Scam!

Crypto Kirby is a team of crypto traders with fake knowledge of technical analysis and understanding of all crypto market mechanisms.
They surely stand out from the rest of similar providers and all of it due to a highly popular YouTube channel they have.
Their team has gained a bad reputation after a year of providing scam investment tips, high prices and changing channels and admins all the time.
There is a Crypto Kirby VIP channel with a paid membership – 0,85 BTC for three months or 1,85 BTC for a year!
It seems quite a lot, right?
We also had such a thought that is why we decided to write a Crypto Kirby VIP Elite review and give our subscribers an unbiased and honest opinion whether this provider is worth the price.
Are you also excited?
Then let’s get to the point right away!

Why Does Crypto Kirby Choose YouTube?

crypto kirby scam crypto signals channel

While most of the providers offer their services on Telegram, you may think what’s the point for Kirby Crypto to share their knowledge for free?
Actually, their YouTube strategy proved successful because there are more than 56,000 subscribers and tens of thousands of views of every video!
By using the YouTube platform, Cryptokirby posts “forecasts”, diagrams and graphs, attracting new users to their Crypto Kirby VIP Elite channel on Telegram.
Videos are uploaded on a regular basis and are usually 20-25 minutes long. Titles of the videos are quite common for scam services:
crypto kirby scam youtube videos

Crypto Kirby Telegram

I can’t tell you exactly how many channels they have, but I know for sure that there is one free named VIP ELITE (7880 users) and one paid, where they share “ideas, insights, strategies etc”.
Let’s think together- why do providers make a free channel?
To share news, to show results, to show some signals and TA etc.
What does Crypto Kirby have?
Two scam posts and that’s it.
Prices. The most interesting part of the review.
1 month - 0,15 BTC
3 months - 0,85 BTC
Lifetime - 3,5 BTC
crypto kirby vip signal scam group

VIP Service

crypto kirby vip scam offer

The admin promises that you are going to have a lot of useful info about trading in Crypto Kirby VIP Elite.
Let’s find out.

Analysis of the market and risk management

At first, it seems that Crypto Kirby trading signals are perfect, which is backed with quality technical analysis.
But most likely it is just a leak service – they take signals from other providers and upload them to their channel.

The team shares their own trading positions

The owner of the channel always tells subscribers about the trades he has: the coins and their price, how much he paid and for how much he sold, what the profit was, how long he held the position, and so on.
But who can guarantee he didn’t steal those strategies from other channels?

Technical analysis

It remains unclear whether Kirby Crypto admin is a great trader that is accused in frauds for weird reasons or whether he is a scammer and leaker, who only steals signals from other traders pretending to provide Crypto Kirby VIP leaks services.

Does Crypto Kirby Scam People?

On Reddit, you can find multiple suspicious reviews hinting that Crypto Kirby are scammers.
For example, one of them said that the VIP channel is nothing but a fraud and hundreds of members have already lost their money, and the only thing that keeps the team safe is anonymity and disclaimers. The same author recommends users to save money, time, and nerves, and to stay away from Kirby Crypto.
And there are many similar comments out there.
However, there are still many positive reviews.
We would be happy to inform our readers which one is true – that the channel is honest or fake.
But unfortunately, admins of the channel didn’t give us a chance to conduct an independent audit.
Does this mean that they have something to hide and don’t want others to know about it?

Crypto Kirby Trading Exposed for Scamming People

On 17 March 2019, the article with such a title was published on Medium, which allows us to assume that our doubts on Kirby Crypto are not unfounded.
An anonymous subscriber claimed to have an awful experience with this group while being a VIP member.
This subscriber wanted to enter the group using a discount and the team obliged for 0,1 BTC even though his fees equaled 0,45 BTC for two months.
It’s easy to calculate that if every member pays a regular 0,45 BTC price every two months, Kirby Crypto earns 2,7 BTC for one person a year!
That is tens of thousands of dollars!
Isn’t it too much?
And when the anonymous user paid 0,1 BTC, the only thing he received was a link to a telegram chat.
Moreover, he was kicked out of that group in three weeks without any reasoning or warnings.
This subscriber sent multiple messages to Kirby Crypto trying to find out what has happened and how the situation could be solved.
As you may guess, they never answered back.
user was scammed by crypto kirby


The question we were answering today sounds ‘Who is Crypto Kirby?’ and if you conduct your own research, you’ll see that this provider has both supporters and opponents.
But is it possible to trust comments on social media that are not backed with reliable information and facts?
Unfortunately, at the moment we can’t recommend Crypto Kirby.
Based on multiple sources it is evident that these guys are real scammers.
This doesn’t mean that we are 100% sure but Safetrading will never risk money and nerves of subscribers if we are not able to give firm guarantees.
So if you want to learn how to trade with the help of providers, and prefer keeping your money safe, we recommend paying attention to trustworthy traders we publish.
Unlike Kirby, they agreed to pass a series of audits and gave us access to all the necessary details.
If in future Kirby decides to cooperate and provide our team with necessary data, we may change our mind.
But for now, we don’t recommend them to our readers and strongly ask choosing another trader to cooperate with.
Safetrading stays on guard of your safety and we guarantee that with us your trading experience will be as safe as possible!
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 2021-07-02 05:48:19

[email protected]

 2021-07-02 05:48:19
Sounds like a scam to me after reading about investigations into this team of cryptotraders.Add answer
 2020-05-06 01:47:40

[email protected]

 2020-05-06 01:47:40
Terrible trader. 95% of his trades will result in stop losses to your account. As of May 2020 he\'s had 7 from 8 losing trades. At a stop loss of 5% each time, he\'s already down 35%.

Its obvious he makes his living from relying on average Joes\' vip subscriptions. At 1.5 btc per Joe he should be a multi-millionaire already and sailed away into the horizon. However he\'s still producing youtube videos, so I suspect he actually has been following his own trading advice and has blown his stack many times over. Hence the need to con more Joes by producing mickey mouse videos, promising vip profitable trades, shadow banning all negative comments in his channel, and hiding his identity and ignoring vip Joes after they\'ve subscribed.

Please do not subscribe to Kirby VIP! Report his videos to YouTube so hopefully Kirby will be banned. You\'ve been warned! Add answer
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