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The review was last updated in: December 2022
When you decide to invest in crypto, there are several ways to do that. There are lots of exchanges that offer crypto deals. Still, the most interactive and easy way to get something valuable is by using blockchain-based platforms and podcasts, also available with their crypto signals on Telegram. Crypto Island is one of that kind. Let’s get through its peculiarities in our Crypto Island review.

About Crypto Island

That name refers to several projects provided by the famous founder of Reply All. The first option is shaped in a kind of blockchain-based game with the same-name token. In general, Crypto Island is a token that resembles a tropical Bahamas island that each participant is able to purchase. The second part of the project is a podcast that offers multiple stories about crypto and people who contribute their ideas to the development of the crypto community.

The owner of the podcast channel PJ Vogt shares information with subscribers on a paid base. You can also get that podcast on multiple platforms and contact about new issues on Crypto Island Telegram. Here he focuses on various sides of crypto and engages famous lectors to join his podcast episodes to make the information even more valuable for listeners.

Pricing Review

PJ Vogt gladly encloses the world of crypto trading in his podcast. Of course, the monetization of his work is not limited by the number of subscribers only. The podcast Crypto Island is available on a paid basis. When you become a subscriber, you can pay to get access to all its episodes. The price is reasonable enough as you have to pay only $5 per month. Besides, there is a curious fact PJ Vogt who runs the podcast calls his subscribers “My Bosses.” Thus, when you want to learn more about crypto, the Crypto Island price to pay is only $60 per year.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Island

Let’s talk about Crypto Island signals and highlight their pros and cons.
Pros are as follows:
  • It offers comprehensive information about different aspects of crypto investments
  • It is available on multiple platforms
  • It is cheap enough, yet the info it provides comes with value.
As for cons, there are not lots of them:
  • It lacks visual information like charts or videos.

Crypto Island Reputation Online

We have also analyzed a pack of Crypto Island reviews to make truthful results. Almost everyone who takes advantage of listening to PJ Vogt’s podcast episodes claims the information they get to be valuable and profitable. Almost everyone says that he provides information in an easiest-to-comprehend way, so even a user with zero skills in trading can evaluate it. That is a sign of a good reputation. We can say that is logical, as Crypto Island is an ancestor of the well-known Reply All project that had proven its good reputation years before. 
Note we do not promote the platform and take no responsibility for your experience on Crypto Island.
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