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The review was last updated in: December 2022
Dear users, this provider is scammer due to negative feedback. We have a lot of proofs of those. We don't recommend you to work with him.
The crypto world is big enough to make a novice trader confused. That is why many newcomers search for any kind of information or training to learn some tips and get through the trading algorithms. While some use crypto signals in Telegram, others try to get more fundamental knowledge about crypto. In our Crypto Crew University review, we'll focus on one of the latest options. Today, the service claims to be a real educational platform that provides novice crypto traders with helpful knowledge. Is it really so? Let's get through the matter.
About Crypto Crew University and Its Team
The brand name of Crypto Crew University is toughly bound to the name of Steve Courtney, the platform's owner, and founder. There is not much information about his personality available on the web. Yet he is considered a successful trader and known as a real guru in crypto. 
Besides, the Crypto Crew University project contains information and tutorials for those who want to get into the crypto world. Steve Courtney also gets money from his YouTube channel, which already has 100k+ subscribers. We also reviewed his official crypto Crew University Telegram. Looks like he has more than enough followers there. We are pretty sure that he uses it to catch netizens and provide them with some of the latest crypto trading approaches.
Officially, the course offered by Crypto Crew University is intended for all kinds of traders, including those who trade daily and prefer swing trading options.
Pricing Review
As for the pricing policy of that service, it looks high enough. For example, if you want to get Crypto Crew University signals for premium subscribers. You ought to pay for courses and even more. It will sound quite reasonable as the main product that the owner offers are pieces of training. 
Yet the price for all the information and all trading secrets that Steve Courtney offers is $10,000.

That includes several stages, additional modules, and charts, but we still have one question. Do you have the money to spend freely on this kind of course? We are pretty sure that not everyone making the first steps on crypto exchanges has that sum and is eager to pay it for this way of training knowledge.
Crypto Crew University Reputation Online
As for the reputation, we have analyzed several Crypto Crew University reviews to indicate that most users are not entirely satisfied with what they get from the product. Saying briefly, Steve Courtney doesn't open you to a new universe with his courses. And most of the information he provides users can be found in various open sources for free. 
So, this service is too overpaid. Still, we can’t say that Crypto Crew University is a scam and nothing more. It is a product for lazy traders, and you won't get money on crypto if you are a lazy trader. That's nonsense, anyway.
Note we do not promote the platform and take no responsibility for your experience with Crypto Crew University.
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