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We have an important news for you! Crypto Addicts and Cryptomedics made a new crypto channel - 4C Trading. All the links are above, so check it out.
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The Crypto Addicts team consists of Belgian and French crypto experts, financiers, and analysts who all have a wide range of experience in cryptocurrencies and innovative technologies.
This team has been working with cryptocurrencies since 2014. Currently, the Crypto-Addicts team is based in Brussels, Belgium. However, some members of the team are scattered across France, Switzerland, and Canada.
Crypto-Addicts invests many efforts in helping their clients grow their investments. Machine learning helps the team to deliver the best services to their clients. The Crypto-Addicts’ services are verified by analysts to ensure that they are the best and most accurate in the sphere of crypto consulting.
Crypto-Addicts offers the following services to their clients:
  1. Priority buying signals (long-term, mid-term, and short-term)
  2. Target calculator
  3. Trading bot
  4. VIP chat
  5. Daily market analysis
  6. Diamond Report weekly magazine
Short- and mid-term signals from Crypto-Addicts can be found on their paid Telegram channel. If you would like to access their long-term signals, you need to check out the Diamond Report (a weekly magazine issued by Crypto-Addicts).
Crypto-Addicts has a free Telegram channel as well. On this channel, the team publishes some signals and market analysis. Naturally, this channel was created for marketing purposes; you can see what the team offers for free and decide whether or not you should subscribe to their premium services.
You can get in touch with Crypto-Addicts outside of Telegram as well, which is a great benefit for their reputation. They have a Twitter profile for English-speaking (@cryptoaddicter) and French-speaking (@addicts_crypto) audiences. They also have an active LinkedIn page in English (Crypto-Addicts), and a Facebook page in French (@cryptoaddicters).

Crypto-Addict Trading Bot

Premium members of Crypto-Addicts’ services get access to the trading bot. With the help of this bot, you can easily follow the signals from Crypto-Addicts. The latest 2.0 version of the bot offers personalization and auto-traders.
When the Crypto-Addicts team publishes a signal, the bot notifies you about it immediately on Telegram. You can set up the auto-trading feature and allow the bot to buy all the positions automatically. When the trading starts, the bot will send you notifications informing you about the progress.
To set up the Binance trading bot, do the following:
  1. Set up your personal Binance API Key
  2. Install Telegram app on your smartphone if you haven’t already
  3. Subscribe to @CryptoAddictsTradingBot
  4. Send your API Keys to the bot when it requests you to do so
  5. Make sure that your Binance account is credited in Bitcoin and USDT (currently, the bot manages XXX/BTC and XXX/USDT only)
  6. Activate “Pay fees with BNB” and purchase BNB
After completing the steps, you will start getting notifications from the bot every time a signal is posted. If you set up auto trading, this bot will sell a percentage of the trade amount on every target based on your settings. The last percentage will be sold by the bot via a trailing take profit (TTP) if it is activated.
After the first target, the Trailing Stop is activated. It is up to you to choose the amount to trade. Based on your BTC balance, you can make the bot show you 1%, 5%,10%, 25%, 50%, and 100% buttons. Any custom amount can be set as well.

Initiating Trade with Crypto-Addicts Bot

When the Crypto-Addicts team publishes a signal, the bot sends you a signal in a private chat on Telegram. Next, you can either choose the signals or follow all of them. To choose the signal, click “buy” and set up the amount you have in mind. Based on the BTC balance you have, the bot will show buttons with different percentages. You can choose any custom amount as well.
The bot will send you notifications about the trading progress after the trading process starts. The bot is set up to try to buy when the price is below or equal to the buy limit +0.15% (at market price). If the price goes up and falls back once more, you can click “retry”.
If you set up the auto-trade feature, the bot will perform all the necessary actions itself. In the bot’s auto-trade menu, there are the following buttons:
  1. Buy (trading amount percentage that you set up)
  2. My trades (list of your trades)
  3. Panic sale (allows you to sell everything in one click)
  4. Max amount of trade (a limit that should be avoided)
  5. Cancel (stop the bot from trading)
  6. Retry/Buy (makes the bot try to buy for thirty minutes and then stop; if you press this button, the bot will try again)
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