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VIP CRYPTO-ADDICTS Crypto Signals Group Description

The Crypto-Addicts team unites Belgian and French analysts, experts, and financiers who have comprehensive experience in new technologies and cryptocurrencies. The Crypto-Addicts analysts have been working with crypto since 2014. The team started with only two people, Benjamin and Julien. Currently, there are six members behind the Crypto-Addicts services. The Crypto Addicts are based in Brussels, Belgium, but some members of this team are currently located in Canada, France, and Switzerland.


The mission of Crypto-Addicts is to help their clients recoup their investments in the best way possible. These experts use machine learning to offer the most reliable and accurate services to their clients. They also use analyst verification for the same purpose. Their goal is to become a reference in portfolio management and financial advice.


Crypto-Addicts offer a wide range of services and tools to their clients, the most significant of which are priority buying signals (short, mid- and long-term), a trading bot, a target calculator, daily market analysis, a VIP chat, and a weekly magazine called Diamond Report. The signals that the group provides are mostly on Binance for the Binance Pack, and BitMEX for the BitMex pack.


You can find short-term and mid-term signals on Crypto-Addicts’ premium Telegram channel. Long-term signals from this provider can be found only in their weekly magazine (Diamond Report). There is also a free Crypto-Addicts Telegram channel where you can find some of their signals and market analyses. Naturally, this channel is meant to market the Crypto-Addicts services to those traders who have not yet decided to sign up for the paid group. It is worth noting that the team has a lot of contact points outside of Telegram, which is certainly a plus. You can get in touch with them on Twitter (@cryptoaddicter (English) and @addicts_crypto (French), LinkedIn (Crypto-Addicts (English)), and Facebook: cryptoaddicters (French).


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