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Attention!!!!!!! Attention!!!!!!! Attention!!!!!!!

BlockchainWhispers Telegram group is another popular scammer that can easily trick you into believing they are legit. The administrators of this group claim that they control about one percent of the market and say they know for sure when a particular coin will grow and how it will do so. They also have a website besides a Telegram channel, which also makes them look legit. Blockchain Whispers can scam the beginners who are looking to invest money following expert advice most easily. The platform admins encourage newcomers to explore the website and make their own decisions regarding investments based on the information they receive there.

BlockchainWhispers’ Telegram channel administrator prefers to stay anonymous, which is another red flag. The owner claims to have been in the business since 2014, but the channel dates back only to January, 2018. BlockchainWhispers’ crypto team consists of four analysts from Japan who claim to have a deep understanding of how the market works. When you select a subscription plan, you receive a secret invitation to join a group on Telegram where you will be able to get signals. The BlockchainWhispers signals on Telegram pretend to help you grow your portfolio quickly and effectively, but all they do is drain your portfolio and fool you.
Be careful!!!!!!!

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