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Audit for 01/04/2019

What is Blockchain Life?

It is a premium Telegram crypto signals channel that was created by professional traders and investors back in 2018. This provider does not promise to make you rich overnight and does not trick you into any get-rich-instantly schemes. Instead, the team shares great methodologies and risk management strategies that ensure consistent performance.

Why Subscribe to Blockchain Life?

The Blockchain Life team offers numerous services to its client. These include TA-based Altcoin signals, Bitmex signals, short-term signals, gems coins, TA request, periodic BTC analysis, and access to an auto trade Cornix bot with a 35% discount. This provider publishes short-, mid-, and long-term signals.

Why Trust Blockchain Life?

This team is focused on nurturing a strong professional community. They are very careful when it comes to selecting traders and members. Blockchain Life is equally friendly and supportive of beginners and experienced traders.

Blockchain Life on Telegram

Blockchain Life is working on their Telegram group, adding some exclusive features that can be accessed exclusively by the community members. These include, but are not limited to, an investment tracker, live trading webinars, professional blog links, a registration bot, a signal tracking bot, and an automated trading bot.

Blockchain Life Subscription Cost

Should you decide to join the Bitcoin Life community, you can choose between a lifetime, 6-month, or monthly subscription. Currently, you can get lifetime for $599, 6-month for $329, and monthly for $99.

Contact Blockchain Life

You can get in touch with the Blockchain Life team on Telegram, just find the @blockchainlifeofficial channel. Currently, it has 510 members. You can use the signup bot for registration after you check out the channel: @blockchainlife_assistantBot


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